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J.J. Abrams says Star Wars is all about the “Mystery Box”

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Jan-31-2013 10:07 PM

In this clip, filmed in 2007 and posted on Reddit yesterday, Abrams argues that Star Wars was always about the "mystery box" because it maintains suspense by withholding information from the audience. [Center][url=][b]J.J. Abrams says Star Wars is all about the “Mystery Boxâ€[/b][/url][/Center] [Center][IMG][/IMG][/Center]

8 Responses to J.J. Abrams says Star Wars is all about the “Mystery Box”


Feb-01-2013 4:08 AM

I dont know if i would class star wars as a' mystery box'.....if you compare it with the likes of alien and prometheus. It doen't seem like its one of the main driving points of the movies.

"how do you feel?"-" great, next stupid question"


Feb-01-2013 6:11 PM

I would NOT AT ALL think of Star Wars as belonging to his F*%KING "MYSTERY F%@KING BOX!!!!" DO NOT EVEN THINK OF DOING THAT TO STAR WARS ABRAMS YOU WILL BE CRUCIFIED! OK I think I can post a bit more calmly now, but Star Wars has NEVER had anything like that at all. By the end of Empire Strikes Back, we knew Darth Vader was Luke's father, and by the end of the trilogy we had closure on that. Then, we saw the events that lead up to that point, that we had heard about previously, the Clone Wars. We saw that. We saw Anakin Skywalker become Darth Vader, even if it wasn't what most of the fans hoped it would be (hint: much better, less cheesy.) No mystery. No ambiguousness. Closure. Do. Not. Do. It. Abrams. Star Wars fans will absolutely hate you the world over. This is not Lost or Super 8 or Cloverfield. This is Star Wars, man, and many people see it as their religion. It would not be wise to do. I can foresee it.

[url=][img][/img][/url] "Is it dead this time?" "I dunno, poke it with this stick and see."


Feb-01-2013 6:33 PM

i love the original star wars (IV, V, VI), they were good films. But the later ones are just ( being polite here) plain boring. The only one that ahd any interest was the last one (III) . In saying that, i hope JJ abrams ( cool name too, sounds like a tank) does a better job than the later 3 movies. personally i wish him all the best. I will watch those movies on the grounds that some else made them. If he focuses on storyline rather than special effects, i think he will succeed.

"how do you feel?"-" great, next stupid question"


Feb-01-2013 6:58 PM

LOLOLOL omg poor Cypher. Awwww! Keep in mind he did successfully reboot the Star Trek series, it just might work.

NCC 1701

Feb-02-2013 10:23 PM

watch out ,,,,,,,, [img][/img] lol,,,,, [img][/img]


Feb-03-2013 5:07 PM

haahaaha Cypher, now u know how i feel about Prometheus...

The world will spin well past our last breath, but I will always care about you


Feb-03-2013 8:47 PM

well I guess that only Spock can bring balance to the force :p

NCC 1701

Feb-04-2013 4:00 PM

LOL,,Shaman i think Cypher is going send the dark side over our house

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