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Jurassic Park for real...... or just Crazy Clive?

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Aug-19-2012 8:05 PM

thought this was a fun read..... [url=]Click Here Please[/url]

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4 Responses to Jurassic Park for real...... or just Crazy Clive?


Aug-19-2012 9:21 PM

OMG, the took everything you were supposed to learn from the first book by Micheal Chrichton and said f-you, let's do it anyways. In a few years, when you can't go outside because of raptors, i'll say "i told you so".


Mar-17-2013 9:24 PM

I hope he is lying and just keeping it a secret.

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Mar-18-2013 8:52 PM

well... um....erm oh yes the fact of a real jp is fascinating (it could eb real billionaire have nothing better to do with there money) we have the technology we just need the financing thats all he could be lying about it or covering it up hammond was HIGHLY secretive about his jurassic park and see how this guy is already building the 2nd titanic i think we may see one in the next five years so if your watching the news and it says "costa rican worker viscously mauled in "backhoe" accident at costa rican resort" if this jp is real id be highly interested in getting a job there :)

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