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"Man of Steel" Trailer #2- First look

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Dec-12-2012 2:37 AM

OMG this looks amazing!! I am not a huge fan of Superman but this makes me want to watch the movie. [Center][url=][b]Man of Steel - Official Trailer #2 [HD][/b][/url][/Center] [Center][IMG][/IMG][/Center]

11 Responses to "Man of Steel" Trailer #2- First look


Dec-12-2012 3:21 AM

Looks solid! Hopefully epic!!!

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Dec-12-2012 4:48 AM

It does look solid. Finally a Superman movie where he is not battling "Nuclear Man" or a giant rock. Zack Snyder is a good choice for this, and aside from Sucker Punch his movies have been solid. Christopher Nolan is producing and brother Jonathan Nolan penned the script. I can't wait.

NCC 1701

Dec-12-2012 8:59 PM

i like the line up of stars ...Kevin Costner ,,,Russell Crowe ,,Diane Lane, ...Laurence Fishburne,,,Perry White ??? ,,,,Christopher Meloni just to name a few


Dec-13-2012 3:38 AM

Being a long time supes fan I'm defo looking forward to this, the British are the new superheros - Kate Beckinsales Selena, Christian Bales Batman, Patrick Stewarts Professor X, Ian McKellan/Michael Fassbenders Magneto and now Henry Cavill's Superman. Is it a bird, is it a plane, no but its gonna make a billion easy.


Dec-13-2012 10:05 PM

never warmed up to justice league characters(except batman) but this another promising trailer the movie seems solid at least

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Albert West

Dec-14-2012 7:20 PM

The quality of Super Hero movies just gets better and better. Xmen, Batman, Iron Man, Spiderman, The Avengers and now Superman... I have never been a Superman fan but this trailer has certainly got my attention. Especially with Christopher Nolan as producer...


Dec-15-2012 11:08 PM

Being one who has seen my fair share of superman films, I seriously wonder how well this will be. The trailer does look quite appealing, though the last Superman film proved not so good, let's hope they can make a comeback with this film. I agree with you Albert that yes Christopher Nolan is a fine producer so that raises my hopes even more for the film.


Dec-16-2012 3:09 AM

I'm pretty "meh" when it comes to Superman. I hope Nolan does a good job with it. I really enjoyed his take on Batman, so I think it'll be good.


Dec-16-2012 12:01 PM

lol snorkel Magneto is not a superhero..and u forgot the queen in ur list.. :D I like superman story and I hope this one will be better than the last one, definitely I will go to watch this movie.

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Apr-19-2013 3:09 PM

I will see it, moreso a Green Lantern fan than a Supes fan, but he's up there. Now how about if Supes fought, say, Braniac...? Mongul? Or.....Darkseid! If this franchise is to continue one of those baddies HAS to be pitted against Supes.


Oct-16-2017 5:01 AM

I just watched the full series of star wars and superman movies.

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