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Blade Runner

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Indy John

Dec-11-2012 6:33 AM

I didn't like the movie Blade Runner the first time I saw it in theaters. Many tears later my son mentioned how great the movie was and I needed to watch it again. I ded and found the dark mood of the story and scenery depressing,,but there was some intrigue about the story, Finally after 3rd time through I really got into the movie and could better understand why peopler eally enjoyed the film.. I( have seen the version with the voice over and it was OK, I prefer no voice over now,, A robot that doesn't know it's is a robot is a strong storyline..not one that is easy to forget.

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2 Responses to Blade Runner


Dec-11-2012 10:25 AM

@ Indy John, for more detailed and talk of Blade Runner with fans of the 80's sci fi Classic why not head to Scified's [url=][b]Blade Runner 2 site[/b][/url], which you can also reach by clicking on the Roy Batty icon on the right hand side of the screen, found underneath SCI FI MOVIE FORUMS.


Dec-12-2012 3:02 AM

There are a few versions of the movie. I run the Blade Runner 2 site and there is a wonderful documentary about the production of the movie. You or your son might really enjoy it! Please feel free to visit! Click link-->[url=]Blade Runner Documentary: "Dangerous Days: Making Blade Runner"[/url]

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