Popular vs Scientifically Accuracy in Media

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2KMember3193 XPMay-15-2021 3:36 PM

I like dinosaurs. But I don’t really watch many dinosaur movies. Now the reason is, they aren’t realistic. Best example is Jurassic Park, which I love, but it isn’t realistic at all. The public and popular opinion of a dinosaur seems them to portray them more as monsters and not animals. Always fighting and savage and brutal. At least until recently. In recent events I’ve noticed people trying to make an effort to portray them differs than expected. While this is good, it isn’t always accurate and sometimes tries to appeal the public. There was a movie can’t remember the name, but it had dinosaurs with feathers. This is accurate but it seemed to do this for shock value, now I could be wrong, but I refuse to believe that the T. rex looked like a Dinosaur crossed with My little pony. I say shock value, because it seemed to sell that the T. rex was a rainbow feathered chicken, and despite trying to be “accurate” it still makes dinosaurs seem like horrible monsters killing humans, which is what is popular.

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst
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ConversationalistMember1443 XPMay-15-2021 4:14 PM

Dinosaur Island I assume you mean?

but yeah, that'd be nice to have a piece of media with feathered, more neutral-demeanored dinosaurs. i've been thinking about making something like that in the future...



2KMember4037 XPMay-16-2021 11:58 PM

Dinosaur Island 2014 to be précised. The 1994 Dinosaur Island is an Adult Film



ConversationalistMember1443 XPMay-17-2021 5:48 AM

yeah that



ConversationalistMember1282 XPMay-17-2021 8:18 AM

I have a lot to say about this subject (too much to fit in one comment) so I'll probably make a response topic.  

As far as the "rainbow" feathered rex in Dinosaur Island (2014) goes, it's now considered inaccurate as there have been multiple fossilized skin impressions of later tyrannosaurs (mainly T. rex, Tarbosaurus, Albertosaurus, Daspletosaurus, and Gorgosaurus) that show that they were mostly, if not completely scaly (despite what some feather obsessed people in the paleo community try to claim). 

"Neither beast nor man. Something monstrous."


2KMember3193 XPMay-17-2021 8:38 AM

Again, Feathers not used for scientific or logical reasons but to try to say something new, which is basically again trying to appeal to the masses

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


InitiateMember101 XPMay-21-2021 5:36 PM

Remember, we still don't know for sure what dinosaurs looked like. Fossils of preserved skin on a Tyrannosaurus rex suggested that it was rather scaly. It’s possible that the giants didn’t need feathery thermal insulation, as their bodies were better able to retain heat, similar to modern elephants and rhinos.

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