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Disclaimer: I don’t own the Alien, Predator, nor Alien vs Predator as they are the properties of 20th Century Fox, Dark Horse Comics, Titan Books, Marvel Comics, and Disney Corporation.


This fanfiction will not include the following movies in its canon: Alien vs Predator (2004), its 2007 sequel Alien vs Predator Requiem, nor Shane Black’s The Predator (2018)


Creative feedback is appreciative.



February 17th, 2192

Earth, New York


Deep within the resin encapsulated university, a young woman of mixed american and japanese descent was running through the metal corridors when she spotted a locker. She opened the locker and quickly stuffed herself inside as she slowly closed the locker behind herself. Sweat ran down from her short spiky raven hair down her light tan face as she waited for the beast that was following her, through the locker vents she saw a massive cigar-shaped eyeless head comes into her view, its perpetual drooling grin gave her shivers down her spine as the rest of it came into view, humanoid and biomechanical in nature with four tubes and a lone spike jutting out of its back. When the beast walked by she thought It hadn't noticed her. The young woman sighed in relief. Then the lone drone impaled the locker with its tail, she felt pain coursing through her collar, she was in too much shock to notice she was bleeding. The creature moved back around to the locker, the beast peeled back its thin lips baring its fangs at the locker, before proceeding to tear open the locker door from its hinges. She tried to scream, but not a sound could escape from her throat, she realized too late that she was paralized by the xenomorph’s stinger as it reached in to collect her. The drone drooled all over the floor as it carefully pulled the paralyzied woman from the locker, she tried desperately to scream but all she was doing was making choking sounds. The xenomorph drools on her wounded collar, its saliva cauterizes the wound. The xenomorph picks the collage girl up like by the ribs before throwing her over its shoulder before returning to the hive.

Her dark eyes were the only things she could move at the moment but the only thing she could see was the ceiling, then came the second phase of the xenomorph’s venom, she started to lose consciousness as her eyes grew heavy. She struggled to remain alert but her eyes closed shut as her mind went blank. She slowly awoke but saw nothing but darkness, no light was able to penetrate through the resin encrusted walls. As vision was rendered useless, she heard breathing from the other college students followed by weak howls that were immediately silenced. A new sound caught her attention, it was close, real close. It sounded like something had peeled open followed by some gurgling noises. Her heart pounded in chest, she didn’t know what it was but she knew it was something bad. She struggled to move, she was able to move her fingers and toes, her excitement was short-lived when she slowly felt the sticky resin, realizing she was glued to something as the resin covered her arms, legs, chest, and head. The gurgling noise came back but was quickly replaced by creepy crawly noise, something is moving in front of her, something bad! “Come on… Valerie… move…” she muttered to herself. A sharp inhuman scream echoed from within the chamber as it cut Valerie’s mutters short. Valerie felt something wet slam into her face, legs grip on to the sides of her head pinning it further into the resin. Smooth tail rapidly wrapped its way around her throat forcing her to gasp for air as the creature inserted itself down her throat. A tear rolled down her face as the creature pumped its essence into her, soon she fell back into an unconscious state.

Nightmares fill her dreams, suffocation and violent deaths haunt her as she sleeps. Images of a queen xenomorph become a recurring element in her dreams, usually taking the form of loved ones before reverting back into xenomorphs. Gunfire echoed across the dark room, soon came light before darkness then light again. The sounds of xenomorphs squealing as they fall to the ground ripped to shreds by gun fire. A Berserker team checked on the state of the cocooned college students, most of them had a hole burrowed out from their chests except for one. The marines spotted Valerie, who was barely clinging to life. The Berserker exo-suit clumsily stomps its way towards the girl, it uses its blow torch to sever the hardened resin from the girl’s body. A quick bio scan detects a xenomorph embryo not only developing inside her chest but it's almost ready to “hatch” the berserker team quickly radio in the situation, “Sir, she too far gone. The thing is about to hatch!” “You have your orders lieutenant, proceed with extraction. We have issued you a lifepod incase of situations like this. USE IT!” They quickly radio in for the emergency cryopod ensuring she would survive the trip back to gateway station.

In high orbit above Earth, Gateway Station.


The UA dropship rushed into the hangar bay, the marines escorted the lifepod to the medbay. The automotive surgeon quickly removed the woman from the lifepod into the auto-doc. The robot doctor moved its multiple arms into position, injecting her full of pain killers and other drugs to pacify the parasite. The chestburster grew agitated as the drugs entered its system, refusing to submit to the drugs the chestburster began to smash into Valerie's ribs before the drugs kicked in to temporarily pacify the parasite. “I’ll prepare for the surgery,” the doctor announces, “she is too far gone, the parasite will awaken,” the nurse protested, “That is not what we are extracting, prepare the brain-case. It's the only way to save what's left of his daughter” the doctor ordered the nurse. The auto-doctors quickly began making precise incisions to Valerie's skull as her scalp was quickly removed and her brain was delicately removed from her head into the brain-case as well as some of her blood. The chestburster sensing its host's vitals were in flux quickly began to wake up from its drug induced coma. Once the brain-case was secured and retrieved from the room, the room was then sterilized before being set ablaze. “How's the patient?” the nurse asked, the doctor does a quick read of the vital scans, “She is doing perfect, we will place her in cryo-hibernation until we manufacture her a new body until then its a few months of sleep” The brain-case is then placed in cryo hibernation. “Hopefully the earth will be reclaimed by then,” the nurse added. “Who needs that old planet, we have plenty of worlds in reserves” the doctor smirked.

Valerie felt weird, she couldn’t talk, couldn’t see, couldn’t feel anything but she knew she was alive somehow. Her blood was being artificially circulated inside the brain-case as well as fluids being pumped into her bloodstream to supply her with food and water. Months went by as the nightmares plagued her dreams, she had no mouth and wanted to scream. Her father purchased a prosthetic body for her since cloning was illegal in the core systems. The synthetic body was custom tailored to support a human brain configuration and was designed in the likeness of Valerie Armstrong right down to her spikey raven hair and tan skin. Once completed the body was sent to the alexandria colony along with her brain. The auto-doc carefully inserts Valerie’s brian into her new synthetic body, after the head closes up and the synthetic skin is reapplied for a perfect seal. A quick diagnostics to her systems to make sure everything is working before setting her systems to live mode. Valerie slowly awakes in a room resembling her room back on earth. She slowly stands on her feet but finds moving difficult, she trips and falls cutting her hand on a broken light bulb. To her horror she bleeds white, memories flood into her mind of the hive and the nightmares. She briefly hallucinates a xenomorph on the ceiling smiling at her before curling up in the fetal position. Her Dad barges into the room to comfort her, “They’re Gone, sweety, they're gone” she hesitates to look back at the ceiling, only to see the xenomorph have disappeared.

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On the Ti’amag’ai, Setsunde and Youma returned to the armory to drop off their awa’asa and weapons. Youma headed off to her quarters, while Setsunde headed off to the elder quarters. Clan Leader Shiro’katan turned his gaze towards the young female yautja. His dreads were pale light grey, his ice blue eyes were sunken deep into his skull. The tusks of his mandibles were decorated with adamantium rings.

“Setsunde,” he clicks his mandibles, “Before you pursue the oomen carrying the kainde amedha’s spawn. There is a matter of our kin mysterious disappearance on this desert world” he tabs at the console. A holographic image of a desert planet materializes in thin air.

“The oomens call it Aveda. Back in ancient times, our ancestors the Hish-qu-Ten used this world to bury their honored dead. The oomens soil our ancestral burial grounds with their unholy arrival, yautja are turning up missing. Setsunde, I ask of you to investigate this matter”

“Yes, Clan Leader” she bowed before heading off to prepare.

The yautja ship had lost interest in the prison ship departing LV-426. The predator clanship enters light speed towards their new destination, the former Hish-qu-Ten grave world of Aveda.

Setsunde studies the topography of Aveda. An arid planet covered in deep canyons, towering plateaus, sprawling deserts, and winding rivers. She scans the surface for any artificial structures; several settlements appear on her computer’s scans. All of them leading to a larger facility that's buried under the canyon. Setsunde gathers her awasa (armor), her weapons include a combi-stick, a plasma caster/shoulder cannon, 10 disk bombs and wristblade gauntlets as she heads off to the drop-pods. The Ti’amag’ai fires a drop-pod towards Aveda’s atmosphere before leaving orbit. The drop-pod cuts through the clouds as it races towards its destination. The pod smashes into the dusty desert rock. The side of the pod slides open as Setsunde reaches her clawed hands to grab the sides of the pod.

Locale: July 31st, 2180. Planet Aveda, Guard Shack

She clicks her mandibles in anticipation. She slowly makes her way down from her perch. She spots a few oomens down below. Colonial Marines, about 2 of them are on guard duty. She activates her cloak before carefully moving in closer to the marines. Setsunde dispatches the first marine with her wristblades before sprinting towards the other marine hiding in the niche beside the stairs. Setsunde jumps onto the stairs before making her way down to the next level. She makes a turn around the hallway. More marines were patrolling around the guard shack.

“Unit 2, report in. Report in Unit 2. Unit 2, do you copy? Damn! His com must be down” the commanding officer curses.

Setsunde sprints down the hallway, deploying her combi-stick as she impales the first marine before pulling it out of his lifeless body. She slices down the second marine before making her way to the third. She reaches a dead end, Setsunde clicks her mandibles as she turns around and sees an alternate route above her. She leaps onto the ledge as she makes her way out of the guard shack. The door swings open as two marines rush into the shack. Setsunde flashes her optics at the two marines and they begin firing on her cloaked form as she flees the guard shack. Their bullets nicked her arms and legs, droplets of green glowing blood sprinkle onto the floor.
She leaps onto the guard shack’s roof, she peeks her head into the window then targets the two marines, locking on to both of them, her shoulder cannon or plasma castor punches holes in both marine’s midsection.

Setsunde moves back into the guard shack, into the next room where two more marines were stationed. She is shot by the first marine with a shotgun. Her cloak began to short out, revealing herself to the first marine in the room. He reloads but Setsunde fires her plasma caster, the marine’s head explodes like a pimple. The second marine, having witnessed the carnage from on the ledge, arms himself with a missile launcher.

“Eat this you ugly freak” the marine fires off a missile. The missile destroys the room down below him. Concrete, metal, and body parts are sent flying from the dust and smoke. “That was for Richy, you son of a bit…” he is silenced by a pair of blades jutting out of his throat.

Setsunde pulls upwards, claiming his head as a trophy. Setsunde sits down, green glowing blood seeping from her wounds. She pulls out her medkit, she opens the metal box filled with assortmented healing tools. First she injects herself with a numbing agent then she uses tweezers to pull out the bullets from her gunshot wounds. She growls in pain with each bullet’s removal. Next was the shrapnel fragments embedded in her arm and upper torso. She howls even louder from removing the shrapnel than removing the bullets. She crushes some debris in her clawed hand, while placing them in a small dish. She pulls out a large vial filled with a special solution. She carefully mixes the debris with the solution with butterknife-like utensils. She applies the solution to her wounds to burn them close while howling in pain. She then taps at her wrist computer, she connects the syringe to a power cord. She pulls out a small vial, she locks it into a small compartment on her wrist computer before adjusting the dosage on the console. She then injects the syringe into her body, she shrieks as the medicine kicks starts her regeneration.

“All units report casualties. Repeat, all units repeat now! How bad are the casualties, people?” a marine barks into his com unit. Setsunde opens the door to the next room, she spots the marine attempting to contact his deceased men. Setsunde sprints down the hallway with her combi-stick out, impaling and slicing into the two marines patrolling the area. “Oh ****!” The commanding marine is sliced open by Setsunde’s combi-stick.

“Okay Marines. There is an assassin on the loose, possibly UPP. Patrol in groups. Do not allow yourselves to get separated. We handled the last one and we can do it again. Stay frosty” a commanding voice spoke through the com unit, Setsunde crushes the communicator with her foot, she growls in excitement; alerting the two marines nearby.

She plays back a sound snippet of their commander, “Okay Marines. UPP…assassin on the loose.” The marines stare at each other confused, “Do not allow yourselves to get separated” she replays his voice. She picks off one of the marines, “Patrol in groups” and again uses the commander’s voice. She drops down to snap the last marine’s neck. She grabs the keycard of the dead oomens, she glances over at the door nearby.

Locale: July 31st, 2180. Planet Aveda, Area 52

The double doors burst open as Setsunde makes her entrance. The alarm blares its warning alert the corporate troopers residing within the facility. The troopers rush from their quarters bearing the Weyland-Yutani Corporation logo patch on their shoulders. “Intruder alert, Intruder alert!”

Setsunde growls as she cloaks herself before switching her biomask’s vision mode to electronic vision, she pulls a disk bomb as she hunts for the alarm systems. The corporate soldiers arrive in an empty lobby. A shimmer of bending light runs past them. Seeing the shimmer, the soldiers open fire at her. She sprints into the room nearby, she hurles a disk bomb at the alram. The corporate soldiers followed her, she clung to the ceiling waiting for the corporate mercs to distance themselves from the doorway. She drops down on all fours before standing back up, her cloak fails, she then growls at the corporate soldiers. She steps back, closing the double doors in front of them. She shines her tri-laser sights onto the door handle, slowly heating the metal handles to its melting point.

She swiftly turns around to make a run for it in an adjacent room, as the room behind her, explodes in a hail of shrapnel and electricity as the alarms are rendered silent. A Corporate trooper shoots her in the shoulder, she growls painfully as she spun around to slice open his neck before he had time to react. She skins the Trooper’s corpse while stringing him up onto the high ceiling.

“Kshhhk…Attention all personnel! An intruder has infiltrated the installation. Now it’s up to us. Keep it cool and watch each other’s backs” the corporate commander ordered via the intercom.

Setsunde takes the elevator down to the lower level. She sprints across a catwalk that hangs above the computer labs below. She jumps down into the computer cubicle sub-room below, making a loud thud she quickly cloaks to avoid any further confrontations with the oomens. She opens an electronic door with another keycard before tossing it aside. She stopped to take a quick breath. The pain from her wounds are bothering her but not enough for her to call it quits. She enters the base’s security room, she sees a large gap between the initial platform and the walkway beyond, the extendable bridge is disable, Setsunde leaps over the large gap.

“Kshhhk… Security Force! Security level 2 has been breached! All doors are being sealed. Stand your group, men, let’s bag this thing.

Setsunde finds herself in the base’s kitchen and mess hall, she spots several corporate troopers enter into the mess hall. They were searching for her. Setsunde forces the kitchen door open, she charges her plasma caster, the corporate guards begin entering the firing positions; Setsunde reduces them all to a red smear along the floors and walls.

“What the hell’s going on in there?” Said the corporate guards outside of the mess hall. They barged in, immediately they recoiled outside, emptying their stomach contents onto the floor.

“What in god’s name is going on up there, Sanders?” asked a voice on the other side of the com unit.

“We’ve lost sight of the intruder” Sanders dry heaves.

“Tell your unit to fall back, report back to me immediately” orders the voice.

“Yes sir” Sanders replies.

Setsunde digs herself out of the pile of dirty clothing, and realizes she must have fallen into the laundry chute. There it was the door to the vaults. Setsunde smashes the door’s control panel as she begins to rewire the door to open, having grown tired of looking around for keycards. She steps foot into the Vault, the intercom crackled, “Attention All Units! Intruder has access level four. All doors have been secured. Stay on maximum. This thing ends now!”

Setsunde targets the mainframe with her plastor castor, the mainframe control system is reduced to metaling metal and smoke. The power fluctuates before turning off. Emergency water sprinklers activate despite no fire being detected. Setsunde’s cloak begins to short out. A corporate trooper rushes at Setsunde, she backhands the oomen into a wall. She picks up the oomen guard before bashing his face against a glass door before throwing him into it. Setsunde enters the mainframe room. She tosses a diskbomb into all four mainframes before leaving. She clicked her mandibles, snarky before tapping at her wrist computer. The disk bombs explode, taking the mainframes with them. The doors clicked as they unlocked due to low power.

Setsunde pushes the unlocked electronic doors open, she spotted several advanced plasmic shield glass enclosures for something big. She spotted another cage and another until realizing this place was some sort of animal lab. She spots the heat signature of a recently deceased oomen laying on the floor. She reaches over to his leg, but her hand touches slime covering it. Setsunde retracts her hand, smearing the slime between her clawed fingers before flinging the slime away in disgust. “Kainde Amedha” she whispers to herself.

“Kshhhhk.. All units! We have a system error. Xenomorph specimens are on the loose! Get to the ops area now! Oh ****, they're in here!” the intercom blared.

Slime lands on Setsunde’s shoulders, the veteran huntress snorts exhaustingly before leaping away from the xenomorph warrior above her. Its tail stinger impales her through her shoulder armor before the xenomorph pushes its entire body down from the ceiling. She switches her biomask vision from the blue heat vision to the red electrovision. The xenomorph warrior drops to all fours like a monkey, its double towards her at alarming speed. Setsunde plays a deadly game of chicken before leaping out of the xeno’s path, she quickle extends out her wrists blades. The xenomorph turned on a dime; drooling profusely. Setsunde targets the kainde amedha with her plasma caster, the xenomorph explodes into a puddle of acidic mist.

Setsunde swung herself back around and knew if there was one kainde amedha, there was bound to be more. The entire back wall lit up like a christmas tree, silver silhouettes of the xenomorph manifested everywhere. Setsunde roars in anticipation as she charges towards the xenomorphs.

The xenomorphs “smile” as they leap towards the yautja. Setsunde’s biomask targets the closest leaping xenomorph, her plasma castor makes short work of the creature before switching to its next target. A warrior stumbled a tad too close to Setsunde, she deployed her wrist blades then extended them to their fullest extent. She slices open the xenomorph’s segmented hose-like throat, spilling its acid blood onto the floor. The xenomorphs quickly outflank the huntress as they now have Setsunde surrounded. Distracted, a xenomorph manages to strike Setsunde with its tail. Venom courses from the stinger, Setsunde slices off the warrior’s stinger. Her plasma castor overheats from continuous use, the mechanism ceases to work as the shoulder cannon barrel melts into a twisted mess. Setsunde discards her plasma castor for the time being. The shoulder cannon and its power supply collide into the floor.

Setsunde roars in defiant rage as the xenomorphs begin piling on top of her. They pin the huntresses arms and legs down as the xenomorph warriors chatter their teeth in murderous excitement. They slowly widened their jaws, Setsunde could see their inner jaws tucked inside their gaping mouths. Their collective saliva drips on her biomask. Setsunde attempts to look away at her wrist computer, if only she could preserve her honor in ritualistic self detonation. The lead warrior grabs her by the dreadlocks, Setsunde refuses to budge, angry the lead xenomorph rips some of her dreadlocks out to force her head back to the gang of xenomorphs. Its claws dripping in green glowing blood from the pulled predator dreadlocks, the lead xenomorph discarded her dreads as it quickly grabbed setsunde by the biomask. The lead warrior pulls and tugs until the biomask is ripped from Setsunde’s face. The electrovision is quickly replaced with her natural red heat vision. The xenomorphs seemingly disappear from her sight, she knew they were still there, they just now blend in with the background but if she looked carefully she can somewhat see their shapes.

A jet of fire disperses the xenomorph pile into a retreat. The lead warrior retracts her inner jaws, sensing the uncomfortable heat. Her instincts tell her to flee but they also drive her to stay and fight. The lead warrior refuses to flee, now that she has obtained a potential host for her progeny. The warrior hisses defiantly, she raises her claw up ready to end Setsunde’s life. A smart disk slices off the warrior’s arm from her shoulder. Then came a flying spear-tip to shove the warrior backwards, redirectly the flow of her acid blood away from the down huntress. Three fellow yautja stepped into the room, one of them quickly caught the smart disk and placed it back onto their hip. The lead warrior stumbles backwards but her tail allows her to maintain her balance. The warrior snarls as she feels being thrown from her feet into the nearest wall. Her claws grip around the naginata’s shaft weakly before suc***bing to her wounds. The huntress reveals herself to be Youma.

Youma roars triamptanly as she tugs the naginata out of the dead warrior then kneeling down to her eldest sister. The only male yautja in the room reclaims the broken plasma caster and its power supply from the ground. Setsunde reattaches her grey biomask, the vision modes aren’t working as well as they used to. But it's working enough for her to hunt the kainde amedha. Youma hands Setsunde a plasma pistol. The four yautja hunters head off after the fleeing xenomorphs. But they failed to catch them as the xenomorphs were nowhere to be found. A lone human is seen being pulled up into an air vent by a young Drone caste. Setsunde, Youma, Kashide and Yomi ignore him to his fate as they push on deeper into the facility.

Youma, constantly shifting between the different vision modes, detects a yautja in the next room. Setsunde attempts to hack the door but Yomi uses her shoulder cannon to blast the security terminal open. Setsunde and Youma give Yomi an annoyed stare, Yomi shrugs her shoulders as they both enter the laboratory; While Kashide remains stoic.

“Hello? Hello?” a Human voice calls out from behind the server units and stasis pods. “Is anyone alive down there? Well we’ve shut down the power and we think we can stop them if we… Oh merciful god!” The oomen quickly runs back to the maintenance room later to escape the four alien hunters. The maintenance shaft shuts and locks after the fleeing human.

A lone xenomorph sneaks out of Lab 2’s hallway into the main hallway to the current laboratory room. It was immediately dragged back into Lab 2, its screams were quickly silenced. Youma, Setsunde, Yomi, and Kashide slowly approached Lab 2’s entrance. Youma detects a high energy reading from Lab 2. Setsunde blasts open the door with her plasma pistol, shocked how such a small weapon could have so much fire power in it. The four predators now enter Lab 2, it would be seemingly abandoned had there not been so many dead xenomorphs littering and melting its floors. Two big double doors slide open. A single red laser peers through the shadows at the four yautja junters. Three of the yautja hunters immediately took to the floor as a massive bolt of plasma zooms passed them. Yomi takes a direct hit, showering the floor with green glowing blood. She falls to the floor now missing her right arm, her smart disk now on the opposite end of the room from her. She quickly pulls out an injector, she jabs it into her severed arm stump to stop the bleeding; Yomi howls.

“What was that? Are there bad bloods working for the oomens?” Setsunde asks.

“No, sister. Oomens tame kainde amedha with a scalpel and machines” Youma observed the partially mechanical creature.

“Scanning…scanning” the computing device surgically mounted on the xenoborg’s head speaks aloud as the xenoborg searches for more targets. It spots some xenomorphs crawling in through the vents of the adjacent rooms. The xenoborg reduces them into puddles of acid and chunks of fried carapace. Setsunde leaps from behind cover and fires a plasma bolt into the back of the xenoborg. The xenoborg leaps out of the way. It spots the two huntresses and begins to fire its arm plasma cannons at the two yautja. Youma and Setsunde do their best to dodge its attacks until they find cover behind a collapsed platform. Youma gestures her plan to her big sis, Setsunde tilts her head confused on what her sister is about to do. Youma decides to leap in front of the xenoborg to catch its attention. The xenoborg charges at the young yautja sister, the xenoborg rams its bulky cannon arm into Youma’s stomach. Youma’s body goes limp when the xenoborg starts beating on her. Kashide stabs the xenoborg with his glaive, the xenomorph thrashes its tail, a mechanical claw at the end of its tail grabs a hold of Kashide’s neck as it lifts him up.

Setsunde unleashes a rage filled roar as she leaps out from her cover to plunge her spear deep inside of the xenoborg. However the xenoborg's faster reflexes allow it to dodge the spear head. Kashide is thrown into the two huntresses. Yomi throws her smartdisk at the xenoborg, the xenoborg deflects the smartdisk with its own version; the Clever-disk, sporting the Weyland Yutani logo. Yomi used the smartdisk as a distraction, the young blood yautja sprinted up to the xenoborg. She commanded three plasma caster bolts to be fired, the plasma balls bent around the xenoborg unit. A Shield! Yomi growls as she continues to fire her plasma caster at the xenoborg unit. Youma and Kashide joined in on the firefight.

The xenoborg’s shields held together long enough to make its own counterattack. The xenoborg trips Setsunde while it fires its bulky cannon arms as a means to propel itself forward towards Yomi. Yomi attempts to retrieve her smartdisk but she is shoved to the floor by the xenoborg. The smartdisk comes flying back as it strikes the xenoborg in the back. Sparks and acidic blood fly everywhere. The xenoborg instinctually raises its head to scream out in pain. Yomi flipped open her wrist computer to activate her self destruction sequence. Yomi removes her biomask to face the xenoborg with her naked red eyes. She roars in defiance as the static sparks dance across her wrist computer.

The three yautja hunters quickly flee into the next room, as a ball of blue light can be seen being generated in the near-distance. Kashide quickly shuts the blast door behind them. Kashide, Setsunde and Youma quickly sprint down several flights of stairs when they feel a loud KABOOM overhead. The stairs began to crack before buckling as the three yautja fell into the abyss. They awaken from the rubble, banged up but unharmed. They enter a massive warehouse-like chamber filled to the ceiling with cages large enough to contain several humans. Acid burns cover the floors and even blemish the cages.

“Is this where the oomens caged the kainde amedha,” Youma asked as she observed the large cages, “Are the oomens attempting to tame the kainde amedha?”

“Creation like creators. It is said that the Mala’kak created the first kainde amedha, once a subservient beast used for war. It was also said the kainde amedha gradually grew stronger with each passing war, devouring and assimilating their foes till one day the kainde amedha were strong enough to ignore their master’s call” Setsunde recited from memory of the Mala'kak Wars taught to her by the clan loremaster.

They entered an adjacent room where the oomens would analyze their query, an “office” this chamber was called. A partially eaten ooman laid butchered underneath his desk with his keycard laying outside of his grasp. Setsunde grabs the keycard as she looks up at an enclosed hall surrounded by glass windows leading to a massive circular door in the center of the enclosed hallway. Youma and Setsunde carefully approached the circular door. Setsunde reluctantly places the keycard into the key reader. The circular door turned to unlock itself as the door slid open.

Beyond them was a dark claustrophobic chamber, a massive orb-shaped fish tank illuminates the room with a subdued shade of blue. There was a single creature inhabiting the tank… it was certainly no fish. It was a kainde amedha mother, a xenomorph queen… but with yautja dreadlocks and mandibles.



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Setsunde, Youma and Kashide ready their weapons, as the computer system MU/TH/UR takes notice of the yautja huntresses intruding on its secret project. INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT! MU/TH/UR blared alarmingly. Above the tank was a glass pane window looking into the cramped chamber. A burnette man stood there dressed in a white scientist lab coat. Above his left breast was a name tag “Kadinsky”. Dr. Kadinksy grinned as he took a step closer to the glass pane. He holds the intercom button.

“A beauty ain’t she? The DNA reflex, how remarkably… flexible” Dr. Kadinsky admired his creation.

Youma targets Kadinsky with her biomask, three red dots materialize on Kadinsky’s chest. The huntress’s plasma caster roars, a blue burning ball of plasma escapes from the shoulder cannon. The intense energy ball hits the glass pane, only to dissipate and the energy absorbed into the window pane. Youma roars angrily.

“Nice try, toots,” he laughed, “This glass is coated with a reactive plasma field, not that you can understand me”

He began tapping into the console; a message pops up on the video screen. “RELEASE?” Kadinsky presses “YES”

The fluid enveloping the Predalien Queen began to drain from the stasis tank. The hulking form of the creature slowly stirs awake. She flares her mandible, releasing an unholy fusion of the xenomorph’s screeching hiss with that of the bellowing roar of a yautja. The Predalien Queen uses her crown-like head crest to smash the tank walls into shattered glass.

“Abomination!” Youma angrily clicks her mandibles.

“Z’Ab’z’nim’z’aon” The queen clicks her mandibles in an attempt to mimic Youma’s voice.

Setsunde glances around the room, searching for anything harmful to the predalien queen. Setsunde’s biomask targets a power unit near the predalien queen’s feet. Setsunde aims then fires her plasma pistol at the power box. The box swells into a black smoke cloud; the queen painfully hisses as she is engulfed in the fire and smoke. Setsunde signals Youma and Kashide to flank around. Her biomask reads the predalien queen’s bioelectric signature, Setsunde has to time this right, one false move can end her here and now.
The queen threw her massive segmented tail towards the yautja huntress. Setsunde turns her shoulder first, then arm, then torso away. She swings her combi-stick to deflect the tail away. The tail curls, Setsunde dodges her bladed stinger tail. The queen retracts her tail.

Youma leaps on to the Predalien Queen’s thorax. She twirls her naginata to show off to her sister. Kashide jabs his combi-stick at the queen’s underbelly, while avoiding getting stomped on. The queen redirected her stinger tail towards Youma. Her naginata blade clashes with the queen’s blade-like stinger. The queen shoves her stinger, causing Youma to lose her footing and fall from the predalien’s back. The queen’s smaller arms attempt to maul Kashide but it twirls his combistick to deflect her scrawny chest arms.

Setsunde takes advantage of this distraction as she charges directly towards the Predalien Queen’s head. She extends her wrist blades to slice off the front most segmented dreadlocks before plunging them into the predalien’s skull. The predalien flares her mandibles as she raises her massive head in the air, Setsunde grappled on for dear life.

Youma, having returned to her feet, casts her tri-dot laser at the base of the Predalien’s crown. Her plasma caster hums, the predalien queen wraps her massive tail around Youma like an anaconda. Youma gasps for air as the segmented tail grows tighter around her frame. Youma does her best to resist the constriction by flexing up her biceps. Youma quickly targets the predalien queen’s primary left arm, she charges up her plasma caster, white-grey smoke begins to radiate from her shoulder cannon. Her biomask flashes her a warning that her shoulder cannon is overheating. Youma growls, hoping that her plasma caster could hold out a little longer.
Kashide rolls between the Predalien’s legs, slicing away at her underneath. He slides on his knees, he thrusts his combi-stick into the base of the Predalien’s tail. The Predalien Queen hisses in pain, her tail loosening up a bit.
Blue streaks of light begin gathering near the muzzle of her cannon, Youma roars, she fires her plasma caster. The Predalien queen’s left arm is hit by the plasma bolt. Her grey exoskeleton around the shoulder burns from the intense heat before Kashide sees his opportunity, he bolts back to the predlaien’s midsection, he leaps into the air to slice it off her burning arm.

The predalien queen rams her head against the entrance door, desperate to rid herself of Setsunde. She releases a deep roar followed by a series of low and high hisses. She hurles Youma with her tail against the plasma shielded glass. Youma slides from the glass pane before falling flat on her face. Dr. Kadinsky turned his gaze towards the adjacent door in front of him, the sounds of pounding and scratching gave him a shiver down his spine. Weyland Yutani security arrive from the door behind him, the combat synths pick him up like a child before taking him away. “HEY WATCH THE ARM, YOU BRUTE!”

“We-apologize-for-any-discomfort” the combat synthetic answers.

The main entrance begins to bow and buckle from the angry specimens from outside. The xenomorphs suddenly are in retreat, the main doors begin to glow a bright red. While the front lab door in front of Kadinsky begins to melt. Several combat synthetics position themselves between said door and the synths carrying Dr. Kadinsky away. They train their smart guns and M41A Pulse Rifles at the door, awaiting for the threat to come to them. Setsunde biomask quickly saves Dr. Kadinsky’s face to it’s memory banks. The two combat synths escort Dr. Kadinsky to a private shuttlecraft.

The xenomorph spitters smash through the computer room door. They are dispatched by the combat synths. The predalien queen bellows a sharp hiss as she instinctively retreats from the big door, Setsunde loses her focus and drops her plasma pistol on to the floor. The main doors explode open sending shards of metal and concrete everywhere. The queen gets impaled by the full brunt of the shrapnel and debris; and to a lesser extent so does Setsunde. The massive predalien trips over her own feet before falling sideways on to her severed limb. Her massive head pins Setsunde to the floor. Setsunde slowly awakens to find her mask is completely non-functional now and becoming a hindrance to her breathing. She grabs her dull grey colored biomask and rips it off to breathe. She coughs up some of her green blood, the fall left her lower left tusk broken.

A red beam shines through the dust and smoke, a familiar adversary enters the chambers. The Xenoborg survived Yomi’s sacrifice. The xenoborg scans the chambers looking for the yautja. Kashide hides behind a pillar, planning his next move. While Youma collapsed onto her stomach, she slowly started crawling over to her sister. The xenoborg slowly encroaches on the yautja sisters. Youma glance up to see the cybernetic hybrid approaching them. She targets the xenoborg with her biomask but the xenoborg blasts away her plasma caster. The biomask signals its status report of her damaged weapon system. Youma tries her best to stand but collapses to one knee, she still hasn’t recovered from her tussle with the Predalien.

The predalien’s mandible click, then its massive head lifts off of Setsunde’s midsection. Setsunde and Youma, too weak to move, just stare off in horror at the Predalien Queen's quick recovery. The Predalien Queen ignores her wounds, she bellows a loud commanding hiss. The xenoborg ignores her orders, the Predalien queen releases another commanding hiss but this time to the xenomorphs beyond her chamber and the ones fighting the combat synthetics, she then lunges towards the Xenoborg with her massive jaws and mandibles.

The xenomorph acidspitters redirected their acid spit on to the glass pane to provide their queen with reinforcements. Allowing the combat synthetics to make their escape. The xenoborg fires a rocket from its shoulder mounted platform. The rocket smashes into one of the acidspitters, the explosion further destroys the rest of the glass pane window.

Kashide, being rather large even for a yautja standards, drags the two female yautja onto his shoulders. He hauls ass out of the chamber by climbing up the side of the wall into the destroyed computer room, while setting his plasma caster to passive targeting. He follows the combat synthetics trail. He grabs some of setsunde’s diskbombs, he hurles four behind himself. He pushes his body to sprint away to gain some distance from the bombs, the kainde amedha, and that chamber. He taps at Setsunde’s wrist computer to detonate them. The bombs explode, collapsing the hallway in on itself.

Locale: Outside, Valley of the Ancestors.

The three yautja hunters emerge from a waterfall that hides the secret area 52 from the private landing pad. Which looked like an open valley of sand and rock. Beyond the concrete pad, the canyon walls were decorated with ancient Hish-qu-ten sculptures and murals carved into its rockface. The ancient Hish-Qu-Ten resembled the modern Yautja, however they were far much taller and were covered in elaborate armor. The murals depict several Hish-Qu-Ten warriors battling hordes of bug-like Amengi. These murals were actually the doors to the Hish tombs. Several of them were broken into with their contents pillaged.

Kaishide taps at his wrist computer, summoning their scoutship to their location. The hissing of the kainde amedha can be heard just beyond the secluded waterfall. Then yautja heard strange hissing and clicking originating not from the waterfall but from the burial grounds. Several Predaliens emerge from the Hish Tombs, their heads surgically grafted with bulky head units. All bearing the CHIGUSA CORPORATION logo. Kashide counted the predaliens to at least five. Kashide readies his plasma castor, as he targets the rocks above the waterfall, with a flash of light the rocks explode covering the hidden passageway for good.

The predaliens leap from their vantage points as they approach the predators. Kashide targets the one he designated as their alpha due to its large size, he fires his shoulder cannon at it. The Predalien alpha dodges the attack. Bellowing at the yautja, it clicks its mandibles mockingly. The alpha predalien gets dangerously close to kashide, his biomask warns him the kainde amedha is too close to use his plasma caster. He blocks the alpha’s advances with his combi-stick. The alpha predalien grapples the combi-stick in an attempt to wrestle it out of his arms. The Predalien flared its mandibles as it fired out its inner jaws at the yautja. Kashide dodges the small mouth from connecting.

The second and third Predalien attempt to grab the weakened sisters. Kashide’s plasma caster spins around to target the two Predaliens. The alpha predalien thrashes its tail spike into the plasma caster, both disarming Kashide and destroying his shoulder cannon. Kashi, enraged, shoves the alpha Predalien as far back as to one of the Hish-Qu-Ten’s tombs. The two other Predaliens start dragging away the two yautja sisters by their dreads. When Youma awakens, she deploys her wristblades to slice away her dreads. Bright green blood spews out from the severed dreads. She tumbles and rolls away from the kainde amedha. The third Predalien hisses furiously as it discards the severed dreads. She rolls over to the dropped plasma pistol. The fourth Predalien smacks her away from it with its tail. The fifth Predalien lunges at her with all of its might, Youma rolls out of the way, the predalien snapping its inner jaws at her.

The waterfall suddenly explodes into dust and flying rock. The rocks smash into the third predalien, squishing it. The second, fourth, and fifth Predalien turned their attention to the explosion. The Predalien Queen is seen rising from the dust cloud, covered in its own acidic blood. Missing several of its fangs and half of its mandibles. A red beam dances through the dust cloud, the predalien queen howls before being eviscerated by the red beam. Chunks of carapace are sent flying everywhere. The xenoborg then emerges from the dust cloud. Damaged but still ticking. The three predaliens roar at the cybernetic abomination. The predalien lumbered over to the second predalien and crushed its skull with both of its bulky arm cannons. The acid blood eats away at the already nonfunctional cannons, small fuses explode from the bulky cannons, freeing the xenoborg’s claws.

The xenoborg reaches its claws to its own face, ripping off the jaw constraints. Trickles of acid blood drips on the dusty ground. The xenoborg begins to move faster than it was earlier. It leaps at the fourth Predalien, the augments in the xenoborg’s arm provide it with extra strength to pry open its target’s jaws to their breaking point. Youma sees her chance to snatch the plasma pistol. The fifth Predalien lunges at her, its large head shoves the yautja female to the floor. The xenoborg targets the fifth predalien, its mechanical hand closes in on itself into a sharp blade. The Xenoborg plunges its tail blade into the fifth Predalien’s chest cavity.

Now all that is left is the three yautja hunters, the Alpha Predalien and the Xenoborg. Kashide during his struggle managed to free himself at the cost of losing his biomask from the Alpha and has seemed to have lost the xenomorph. Kashide wanders the Hish tomb, searching for the alpha. The Alpha Predalien appears behind him, it thrusts its stinger towards Kashide. Its stinger is deflected by the yautja’s shoulder armor. He throws his combi-stick into the stone floor as he pulvaults away from the Predalien. The last predalien sneaks off into the dark recesses of the tomb. Kashide can barely make out anything without his biomask, the predalien lacked a heat signature for his naked eyes to discern from the environment.

He looks around the tomb for anything useful. He spots an ancient biomask that resembles an Amengi skull. The fifth predalien bursts from the dark recesses to bear hug Kashide. Kashide tosses his combi-stick into the Alpha Predalien, the creature dodges the thrown spear as it leaps on to the tomb walls. Kashide bolts towards his combi-stick. The predalien crawls unto the ceiling awaiting for Kashide’s next move. Kashide removes his plasma caster power supply from his body. The Hish Biomask locates a plasma rifle in the adjacent chamber. The Alpha Predalien awaits its orders from Chigusa, its order into stand-by.

Kashide slowly makes his way into the chamber. He smashes the wall to retrieve the Hish Plasma Rifle. Kashide leaps out of the small chamber, The Alpha flares its mandibles as it ignores its standing orders. Kashide pulls the trigger, the rifle lights up like a christmas tree. The Alpha Predalien at the last second dodges the plasma fire. The orders to retreat temporarily override its desire to kill.
Kashide sprints towards the Alpha Predalien, the predalien slices into the Hish plasma rifle with its natural wrists declaws. It became clear to Kashide that this Predalien was genetically modified. Kashide jerks the plasma rifle back and attempts to fire into the thing point blank. The predalien takes the hit, it then falls to the ground dead.

Meanwhile outside of the tomb,
Youma was dodging the xenoborg’s tail, the xenoborg bites into Youma’s arm, then twists it to its breaking point and impales Youma in the ribs. Youma coughs up precious green blood onto the ground, wheezing for air. When Xenoborg was about to finish her off, a single red beam appeared on the xenoborg’s faceplate. Setsunde fires the plasma pistol into the damaged xenoborg’s skull. The xenoborg rises from the dust cloud, its faceplate suffering from the plasma damage. Setsunde struggles against the pain and her wounds as she fires again. The xenoborg leaps in front of Setsunde, the cybernetic xenomorph grabs the older female yautja, lifts her up like a doll then throws her towards the tombs.

Kashide materialized from the dark recesses of the tomb, his plasma rifle now secured on his back via a leathery bandolier. He leaps into the air to catch Setsunde from falling to her death. He lands on both of his power legs while sliding backwards into the Hish-Qu-Ten statues. The xenoborg charges at Kashide, he reaches for his plasma rifle. He quickly aims it at the charging cyborg kainde amedha. He pulls the trigger, the xenoborg is enveloped in the plasma. Its body explodes, sending its partially mechanical head flying towards Kashide and Setsunde. It snaps its jaws rapidly as it collides into ground, before realizing its already dead. Kashide lifts the severed xenoborg head up, bellowing out a roar.

Setsunde, despite her own injuries, walks over to lift her gravely injured sister. The scoutship finally arrives, Setsunde brings her back onboard. Junior clan members quickly clean up the site before returning to the ship with Setsunde, Youma, and Kashide. She escorted her sister to the surgeon table, it resembled a dentist chair with multiple bronze clad robotic arms growing out of the base of the seat. Each of the arms had its own little gadget: scalpel, syringe, bonesaw, meathooks, ivy syringe and surgical laser. It was going to be painful but Youma was going to live.
Setsunde similarly was sent into the other medical chamber to get fixed up.
The yautja scout ship departs from the desert planet as it takes to the stars. The scoutship then rendezvous with their mother clanship.




2KMember4037 XPFeb-26-2022 8:09 AM


Date: July 31st, 2180
Locale: Lv-426 Acheron, Derelict Site-top side.

Emergency trucks rushed towards the derelict site as security and medical personnel rushed to the surviving miners and surveyors. They were then taken to the colony to be questioned while the old man was scheduled for an immediate medical evacuation. They remove Ripley’s helmet before discarding it, unaware of the recorder inside. The security force pat Ripley and her crew down and confiscate their demolition charges and are taken away. They were too far away from the recorder device to pick up audio. The recording ends.

Date: August 14th, 2180
Locale: Fiorina 161


The Fiorinian skies were darkened by thick stormy clouds of acid, while the vessel passed over a dark ocean of oily acidic water. Ripley slowly awakens onboard the transport shuttle. The gravity, the constellation, and even air was alien to Ripley. Massive oil refinery-like structures dot the coastline. Massive oil refinery-like structures dot the coastline. Small aerial drones monitor the shaved head inmates are seen maintaining these refinery structures. The vessel begins decelerating as it encroaches on the main prison facility. In its heyday, Firionia 161 was once enriched with the highly flammable substance quinitricetyline, then one day the quinitricetyline pockets began to dry up quickly shortly after its colonization. Now it has since become a correctional facility to contain inmates who suffer from genetic disorder, berserker syndrome; a gene when activated by intense stress throws its host into a rage induced fury hence its name Berserker. As for the correctional facility itself is nearing its final days of operation before closing down for good and the planet to be sold off.

The prison ship rotates its four massive engines to decelerate its descent. Dust  blows away from the landing pad as the prisonship successfully lands. Ripley and her crew were escorted to the prison complex as they were stripped of their personal belongings as they were sent to the showers. They were then sent to the barber to have their hair shaved off before being garbed in the Fury 161 inmate attire. The inmates chatter among themselves as the new arrivals are escorted to their cells.

“Well, well, well looks like we got some new blood” said a latino female convict. 

“Yeah, I can’t wait to meet them,” said a very pasty male convict.

One of the guards waves over an orderly, “We got a code: omega, one of the arrivals are sick and needs emergency medical attention” he radios in his com unit. A team of orderlies rushed over to Chung, his health was deteriorating. The inmates watch on from behind the mesh wire fence dividing them from the starport.

“Thanks Captain Fincher, we will take it from here” Dr. Omori then gestured to the orderlies to move Chung on to a stretcher.

Chung was feeling intense pain as he was strapped to the stretcher. “Is he contagious?” asks Edward Boggs, an inmate incarcerated for kidnapping, felionious crimes, rape, and being a carrier of the berserker gene. Dr. Omori ignores him, the other inmate orderlies are rough with Chung while pushing him as they quickly roll Chung to the medical wing. The orderlies push past Dr. Clemen’s Office and Dr. Kadinsky’s office. They turn past the infirmary as they roll the patient to the X-ray room. 

“Place the patient on to the table, I need to get a good look on what's happening inside” Dr. Omori gestures to the three inmates acting as orderlies to place Chung on to the bioscanner table.

“Man this guy seriously needs to lose a few pounds, ****ing fat ass!” Daniels Rains, an inmate who was incarcerated for drug trafficing, murder, and being a carrier for the berserker gene; he curses as he struggles to move Chung to the scan table.

With a quick scan, the doctor looks up at the x-ray, “Oh my god…” Omori said to himself as he made a double scan of Chung’s abdominal cavity;

Multiple large spider-like organisms were growing inside of Chung’s body.

“What the hell are those things?” asks Walter Golic, pointing his finger at the screen.

“They look like sea spiders but much larger” Dr. Omori observes the X-ray imagery. The organisms continue to grow in size. Chung begins gasping for air as his stomach begins inflating from the growing organism.

Blood seeps through his skin as his stomach begins to split open into an x-shaped pattern before peeling open like an ovomorph. Chung howls as parasites squirm around in his open stomach cavity. The orderlies stumble off their feet, while Dr. Omori approaches his patient in an almost trance-like gait. Omori curiously takes a peek inside of Chung’s stomach. A facehugger leaps out onto the doctor’s face. It clamps its finger-esque legs around the doctor’s head while simultaneously shoves its proboscis down Omori’s throat. 

“Holy ****!” Edward Boggs screams.

“Dear god!” Daniel Rains howls.

“It's a demon! It's a demon!” Walter Golic turns to flee from the X-ray room.

Two more facehuggers leap out of Chung’s stomach. However due to the orderlies being further away, the facehuggers belly flop onto the floor. The facehuggers skittered across the floor as they approached the orderlies. One of the facehuggers leaps at the largest orderlie, Edward, quickly grabs a silver tray to smack the facehugger across the room. His friend, Daniel wasn’t so fortunate as the other facehugger latched itself onto his face. Edward tries to pull the facehugger off of Daniel's face but the creature’s tail tightens its hold over Daniel's throat; cutting off his breathing. Edward manhandles the facehugger off of his friend, the facehugger releases its grasps from Daniel's face, it retracts its proboscis however in an act of defiance the facehugger twists its tail to snap Daniel’s neck.

“Daniel!” Edward screamed. 

The facehugger breaks free from Edward’s hold. It lands on the floor, it scurries under the table. Blood floods out of Chung’s mouth as the last three facehuggers abandon his lifeless body. The remaining five facehuggers quickly gather themselves towards Edward. They crawl up his leg as they battle each other for laying claim to his face. Edward falls on his back. The four remaining facehuggers quickly abandon Edward as they search for an exit. One of the facehugger crawls onto the air vent grate, it cuts itself on the sharp unrefined edges. The cut oozes the creature’s highly corrosive blood onto the vent. The facehugger digs its legs into the vent grate to widen the hole. One by one, the facehugger escapes into the ventilation system. 


Locale: Fiorina 161 Correctional Facility, Junkyard.

Thomas Murphy an inmate, incarcerated for petty theft, the murder of four people, and being a carrier of the berserker gene. He was in charge of scavenging duty, singing to himself as his rottweiler Spike was busy sniffing around looking for food. Spike catches the scent of something inside a decommissioned dropship fuselage. Spike begins to search the decommissioned dropship. Spike begins to growl at a slowly encroaching facehugger.


Locale: Fiorina 161 Correctional Facility, Oxen stable.

A lone facehugger crawls out of the air vents into the ox stables. The facehugger quickly crawled its way into the oxen’s hay barrel. Babe the largest of the oxens laziely lowers its mouth to grab some hay. The facehugger senses Babe’s breath instinctually bursts from the hay as it latches on to the oxen. 


Locale: Fiorina 161 Correctional Facility, sewer.

A facehugger slips out of an air vent into the flowing brown sewage reservoir, carrying the facehugger down stream. The facehugger is then forcefully submerged beneath the undercurrents. A large salamander-like creature attempts to eat the facehugger but it quickly becomes its prey.


Locale: Fiorina 161 Correctional Facility, Recycle Protein Vats.

On its way out of the air vent, a facehugger barely misses the ventilation blades, slicing one of its legs off. The weakened facehugger crawls out onto the metal scaffolding, it slips off the scaffolding into a protein vat. The facehugger submerges into the dissolvement chemical. A lone inmate walks across the metal scaffolding, overlooking the protein vats. One of the vats bubbles beneath the scaffolding. Inmate Yoshi Troy, a former Engineer incarcerated for the torture, murder, mutilation his wife and her lover and his former superior; like the other inmates, Yoshi carries the berserker gene. Yoshi stares at the bubbling vat tube… staring very intently. He sighs when the bubbling stops, rubbing his sinuses. The bubbles return in rapid succession before the vats explode upward towards the scaffolding, Yoshi trips as he falls on his back. His face burns as something latches on to it. The facehugger though highly resistant to the chemical soup, its skin was riddled in acidic cyst pockets.

Several hours later…


Locale: Fiorina 161 Correctional Facility, Murphy’s quarters.

Spike awakens in tremendous pain, the rottweiler howls and growls in pain before collapsing onto the floor. Its chest and stomach region bursts open, spilling its contents all over the floor. A pink creature emerges from the dog, a fully developed Runner chestburster complete with legs called a bambiburster emerges. The Runner bolts away, searching for a safe place to hide. It pushes past the door, it carefully sticks to the shadows.

Locale: Fiorina 161 Correctional Facility, Abattoir.


Frank Ellis and Thomas Murphy bring Babe the ox, who apparently keeled over to the Abattoir. 


“Ah, Christmas has come early, Murph” said Frank


“What do you mean?” Murphy asked.


“Any dead ox is a good ox,” Frank replied.


“You're bloody right. Smelly bastards, all covered in lice!” Murphy gagged.


“There's only seven of the friggin' things left, and then we're done with them” Frank said matter of factly. God, I hates hosin' these bastards down. I always get **** all over me boots!” retorted Frank.


They reel the dead ox closer to the floor with their pulley chains.


“What do you think killed Babe?” Murphy asked while gesturing to the dead Ox.


“Beats me. She just keeled over,” Frank sharply replied. 


“How old was she?” asked Murphy.


“The charts say 11. In her prime” Frank reads the chart.


“Never mind,” said Murphy.


“We'll chop her up later and throw her in the stew. Right” Frank explains.


“Hey, Frank. What's this?” Murphy holds up a dead facehugger.


“Dunno, must be one of the jellyfishes from the beach” Frank guessed.


“Right,” Murphy tosses the dead facehugger away.


After the two left the room, Babe the ox’s chest began to bulge then contract. BULGE, contract, BULGE, contract, then on the final bulge the fur, flesh, and skin gave way to a large pink mass. The mass slowly peeled off the leftover Oxen flesh from its body, four long spindly limbs lifted its wiry body off the ground. Its long banana shaped flings the rest of the oxen flesh from its seemingly eyeless horned head. The horned bambiburster quickly looks for a safe place to hide.


Locale: Fiorina 161 Correctional Facility, Ventilation corridor.

In the year 7410. If God’s a-cmon. He ought make it by then. Maybe he’ll look around and say. Guess it’s time for the judgment,” Murphy was singing to himself as he mops the corridor, before noticing a hunk of shedded skin laying on the floor covered in lice, “Yech!” he drops the skin in disgust. "In the year..” Murphy hears something moving, he drops his mop as he approaches the origin of the sound. “Hey, Spike” he calls out to what he thinks is his dog, “Spike? Spikey?” He moves in on the sound, it seems to be coming from a dog-sized hole in the wall. “Are you down there?” he gets closer to the hole, “What are you doing?” He sticks his head in the hole. The Xenomorph Runner raises its head to spit a jet of acid into Murphy's face. Murphy screams as he falls backwards, the flesh on his coming apart at the molecular level. He continues to tumble backwards, approaching dangerously close to the rapid rotating fan blades of the ventilation unit. Murphy’s screams are silenced as blood now cakes the fan blades.


Sometime later…


“Who was it?” Aaron asked.

“Murphy” Andrews answered.

“How do you know?” Aaron asked.

“That’s his boot” Andrews gestures to the blood filled boot.

“I gave him the assignment, sir. He was a wanker” Aaron said flatly.

“No apologies, Mr. Aaron, It wasn’t your fault” Andrews replied.

“Well, not much to say, is there? Death was instantaneous,” said Clemens.

“No ****” Aaron retorted.

“I take it he was pulled into the fan” Andrews observed.

“Sudden rush of air, I'd imagine, except-” Clemens replied.

“Right… Almost happened to me once. I told him so many times, ''Stay away from the fans’’ Nobody blood listens,” Aaron interrupted.

“Except the fan was blowing” Clemens interjected. Clemens stared at the whole then noticed a thick slimy residue on the side of the walls and a burn mark on the floor.

“What’s that?” Aaron asks.

“I don’t know” Clemens replied

“I want to see you in my quarters in 20 minutes, if you’ll please, Mr. Clemens.” Andrews ordered.


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