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This is an alternate universe where Zilla’s parent (parent of Zilla from Godzilla 1998) came from a meteor and crashed into the earth during the late Cretaceous 72 million years ago. She was roughly 25 feet tall, 60 feet long, and 12 tons. The Zilla species can only grow past that size if they come into contact with extreme radiation. She asexually reproduced (yes that can happen without a mate) and laid one egg. But she didn’t want anyone to challenge her rule over the land masses (which she only found out AFTER she laid the egg, being the 18 meter dick that she is) so she left the egg by itself in the wild and went into the hollow earth to grow, expecting the egg to be eaten by carnivores. The egg soon hatched and Zilla was born. This is The Zilla Chronicles.

 Note: some of these facts, times, and habitats are told wrong for the pleasure of the reader. So sit back, relax, and don’t take it too seriously.

                         CHAPTER ONE


A huge, two-meter tall egg sat in the jungle. Birds made sounds all around them. An ankylosaurus herd sat nearby, drinking from a river. The egg was just sitting there when a quetzalcoatlus saw the egg and swooped down to eat it. Thinking that this was going to be its meal, a sound came out, sort of like a tapping noise. Tap. Tap. Tap. The quetzalcoatlus approached cautiously, confused by the sound. The tapping stopped and the large pterosaur walked over and tried to pick the egg up, but it could not. It tried for a minute or so but it still could not lift the egg. Agitated, the quetzalcoatlus stabbed the egg with its beak, hoping to break the shell and eat what was inside. The shell broke open, and was something inside. The pterosaur looked back on its last egg meal, recalling that the creature should not be this big or developed already. The quetzalcoatlus ignored that thought and lifted its beak out of the ruptured egg. A small noise came out of the dark egg, sort of like a whine. The quetzalcoatlus kicked the egg and it broke apart on a tree. The creature, covered in fluid, stood up and stumbled out of the shadows. It was the size of a deinonychus and it had long arms with opposable thumbs. Small spikes start small on its neck and become big on its back and back to small down though its tail. It resembled a theropodal creature. This was Zilla. He would grow to be the biggest of his species over tens of millions of years in the hollow earth. Zilla shook his head and body to get the fluid off of it. The quetzalcoatlus tilted its head at the Zilla with confusion as it had never seen something so large and peculiar before out of an egg. Zilla tilted his head back at the creature. The quetzalcoatlus walked toward ZIlla to take him back to its mate. Zilla squirmed back and forth as vigorously but the pterosaurs’ claws did not let go. On the other hand, the quetzalcoatlus was wondering how its claws did not pierce the thick skin of Zilla.


The quetzalcoatlus dropped Zilla into its nest near an African swamp a few hours later from a height that any other dinosaur that size would die from, but Zilla stayed alive and looked up at the quetzalcoatlus with anger. The male quetzalcoatlus, dropped down from the sky after dropping Zilla and the female, walked toward Zilla. There was a patch of eggs behind the female. Surrounded by two giraffe-tall pterosaurs, Zilla was doomed. He heard a river nearby. Zilla roared as loud as he could and looked directly at the male quetzalcoatlus. The two quetzacoatli took a few steps backward. They approached again and started harassing Zilla with a series of beak jabs. Zilla tanked a few of the jabs without little effort but the male quetzalcoatlus lifted off the ground and landed on Zilla with extreme force. The female walked away, thinking that the male would kill Zilla. This maneuver was repeated over and over, but Zilla stayed alive. The tired male stopped jumping and looked at Zilla. There was a crater under Zilla but Zilla opened his eyes and jumped on the male, its claws ripping through the pterosaur’s fur and skin. Zilla slashed with his arms and legs over and over again, carving into the quetzalcoatlus’ chest cavity. Soon, the quetzalcoatlus was dead and Zilla was eating it. The female walked over to the sound of the commotion and screeched in anger at the sight of Zilla standing over the dead male’s body. Zilla turned around and looked at the charging quetzalcoatlus. He turned around to see the quetzalcoatlus lifting into the air and flying away, just to come back at ZIlla flying and breakneck speed. Zilla ducked under the speeding quetzalcoatlus and let his back spikes do the rest. The female quetzalcoatlus’ chest was cut open and all of its vital organs were exposed. The quetzalcoatlus groaned weakly and died from blood loss and sock.


The quetzalcoatli and the eggs would feed Zilla for another two days, occasionally going to the swamp to get some water. One time,  Zilla saw two huge creatures on two legs with some kind of sail on its back with eggs near the tree line. Interested, Zilla moved closer to the creatures and saw that cracks were appearing on the eggs. The creatures sat eagerly, waiting for something to come out of the egg. Something clicked in ZIlla’s keen mind and he realized that he had just been that egg a few days ago. But he wondered where his two creatures that waited eagerly for him to hatch. A head poked through the eggshell and the male creature nuzzled the female. Three other eggs hatched that day and Zilla was mesmerized. By the time Zilla decided to go back to the quetzalcoatli, it was already sundown. He went back and saw that the corpses were gone. Looking around, ZIlla could see well in the night, being specially evolved to see in darkness. He could see a big, three-toed footprint in the mud. Zilla sniffed that air and remembered the scent of the quetzalcoatli and followed where it led.


                  END OF CHAPTER ONE

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After Zilla Jr. had enough energy to walk, they walked all the way back to the chamber in which they usually hibernate. They fell asleep as the door slammed shut.


1100 B.C.


BANG! BANG! BANG! Zilla Jr. was startled awake. He was astonished by how big he was now. Zilla and Xilla were now awake and they were stretching, but they were all put on edge by the banging on the chamber door. BANG! BANG! BANG! 


Dagon was angry. He needed to restore the balance. He had spent millions of years trying to find the source of the imbalance, and he finally found it. He was desperate. He had not rested in  millenia. 


They were all 60 meters tall, 100 meters long, and 2000 tons. BANGBANGBANG! Then a loud roar sounded that was just as loud through the heavy door. 


Zilla Jr. walked toward the door and it started to slide open. He charged up his atomic breath, fearing a fight between the king of the monsters. Zilla and Xilla then dragged Zilla Jr. back and motioned their tails, indicating that he should fire at their tails. Just before the door fully opened, Zilla Jr, fired his atomic breath at their tails, which followed up to their heads and they fired it at Dagon. Dagon fired his atomic breath, which collided with the two beams of Zilla and Xilla’s atomic breath and exploded in a fiery ball of radioactive fire. 


When the bright light dissipated, Zilla Jr. was surprised to see his mother and father on the ground, presumably dead, but in a coma. Dagon had made a crater in the mountain adjacent to the door, and he was standing up. Zilla Jr. quickly charged up a flame and fired it at Dagon. The flames engulfed him long enough for Zilla Jr. to close the chamber door. The door was now almost a perfect size for Zilla Jr., only being a bit smaller than the door.  He rushed over to his parents and did the same thing he did to Zilla while he was incapacitaed by the Warbat. Soon after, they were both alive, but could not stand up. BANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANG! Dagon was back and he was mad. Zilla Jr. was also steaming because he was hungry, mad that Dagon was challenging him. Zilla Jr. burrowed out of the chamber and came up under Dagon and fired his atomic breath up his butt. Dagon was absolutely screaming in pain as he fell down on his back. Dagon was charging up his atomic breath again after getting back up but the light in his plates flickered out after a slight rumble was felt in the ground. 


The MUTO Prime was getting old. She had reached the end of her life span and needed to reproduce. By “the end of her lifespan” means that she had a couple thousand years left. She already had eggs but she needed a Titanus Gojira big enough for a host, but there were only a few hundred left because of the titan war between the Titanus Gojira and the Titanus Kong. The only one that was suitable for the amount of eggs she had was Dagon, but Dagon was a force to be reckoned with. She had tried before, but had been defeated over and over again, and ran away before he could kill her. She needed a plan. Dagon obviously did not like Zilla Jr. So she thought that if she could get Zilla Jr. to kill Dagon, she could put her eggs in him. But, she did not know how to start the fight. When she found out that Zilla Jr. and Dagon were fighting, she did everything she could to help Zilla Jr. but she did not want to show herself. 


Zilla Jr. was not affected by the MUTO Prime’s EMP but Dagon was. He knew he could not take on Zilla Jr. while weakened, so he grudgingly walked away. As Zilla Jr. was calming down, he heard rumbling coming from a mountain. He saw the MUTO Prime summit the mountain and look down on Zilla Jr. 


He faintly remembered the MUTO Prime from the fight with King Ghidora. Zilla Jr. charged forward to attack the MUTO Prime but he could see that she was not being hostile to Zilla Jr. so he stopped and tilted his head at her. It took a while for each of them to understand each other, but they did soon enough. The MUTO Prime explained her predicament to Zilla Jr. and he did not want to kill Dagon.

“Even if I do, the other titans might come after me!” he said.

“They won’t. I have been alive far longer than you, and they do not like Dagon.”

“I still do not want to kill Dagon. He is far more powerful than me.”

“I need a host soon, otherwise the eggs will die.”

Sigh “Fine, when you hear this call, that means I killed him.” Zilla Jr. sounded a call.


After the MUTO Prime left, Zilla Jr. opened the door and told Zilla and Xilla about what he was going to do. They agreed that he should help the MUTO Prime after he got them some food. So Zilla Jr. went out and killed 4 adult warbats and brought them back to the chamber. Afterwards, he went out looking for Dagon. 


Zilla Jr. and his species had an evolutionary ability to sense large amounts of radiation, so could locate Dagon fairly quickly. He was not in the hollow earth. While traveling there, he noticed weird creatures that walked on two legs. They were very small, and they had shiny things on them with sharp sticks. Zilla Jr. was very baffled by these creatures, as there were thousands of them lined up. They even started to throw flaming rocks at him. He vaporized them grudgingly. The leftovers were some shiny substance. Zilla had seen it before but only in very, very, small quantities which were very fragile. But the substance Zilla Jr. made was very hard and sharp when broken correctly. He continued to explore this and then realized he had to go kill Dagon. When he reached the area where Dagon was, it looked like he was fighting with someone. 


He was fighting with Behemoth, a descendant of the Titanus Behemoth from the battle with Ghidora. After the fight ended, Behemoth was galloping away from Dagon in fear. He roared in a way that said, “Yeah you better run!”. Just looking at Dagon made him angry, but he did not know why. Smoke started coming out of his nose. He took a deep breath, and roared as loud as he could, initiating a fight.


Dagon spun around. He took one look at Zilla Jr. and knew he wanted to kill him. Dagon also wanted to kill him. 


Dagon made the first move; charging forward and trying to ram Zilla Jr. He jumped forwards, and put his right foot on Dagon’s head while he was charging. He then pushed off, using Dagon as a jump platform. Dagon was pushed to the ground by Zilla Jr.’s weight. Zilla Jr. quickly spun around and fired his atomic breath at Dagon while he was still getting up. It hit his chest and pushed him back a little bit but not by much. Dagon then charged up his atomic breath but a light rumble was felt and the light in his dorsal plates flickered out again. A male MUTO then flew in and lightly stabbed Dagon with its curved claws. This MUTO was unrelated to the MUTO Prime. Dagon fired his atomic breath at the male MUTO and blasted it out of the sky. It fell to the ground and did not move. Zilla Jr. ran toward Dagon with his mouth open and chomped down on his shoulder. Dagon punched Zilla Jr. away. Zilla Jr. was charging up his atomic breath when Dagon lunged forward and bashed his head down, making his green beam hit the sand and instantly make glass. He stopped firing for a second and used all of his neck strength to push Dagon away. He then concentrated his flame into a beam to push Dagon away even further. He had enough time to pull the large chunk of glass out of the sand with his jaws. Zilla Jr. noticed that the glass he made was much stronger than the creature’s glass that he saw earlier. Then, he had an idea. He pressurised his atomic breath in his mouth and used that pressure to shoot the chunk of glass at Dagon. The chunk of glass hit Dagon and exploded on his chest. He glared at Zilla Jr. He ran forward and tackled Zilla Jr. to the ground. Zilla Jr.’s turquoise dorsal plates dug deep into the ground. Dagon used his hands to force open his opponent’s jaws and started to charge his atomic breath. Zilla Jr. did not know what to do. 


Just as he could see the blue flame exiting his throat, Zilla Jr. fired his own at Dagon’s face and sent him stumbling backwards and falling back on the sand. Zilla Jr. quickly got up to prevent that situation again. Dagon was also up, with burns on his face. Zilla Jr. tried to fire his atomic breath but he burped out a spurt of green flame. He was out of energy. Dagon smiled sinisterly. Dagon tackled him and tried to do the kiss of death again, but was fearful that Zilla Jr. would regain his energy and stop him again, so he readied to fire his blue flame at Zilla Jr.’s rib cage, but the male MUTO came back and hooked his claws onto Dagon’s shoulders but could not lift him up. 


While keeping Zilla Jr. pinned down, he bit onto the neck of the male MUTO and chomped down as hard as he could, severing the head. He fired his severely degraded atomic breath at Zilla Jr.’s rib cage. At first, it did not do much, but after a few minutes, it started to burn away some of the top layers of Zilla Jr.’s hide. Zilla Jr. put his legs against Dagon’s chest and pushed as hard as he could. Dagon lifted a few feet off the ground but he did not push him off. Dagon stopped firing for a second and pushed down on Zilla Jr.’s legs. He kept pushing down harder and harder until there was a loud crack and his legs fell limp, parallel to his tail. Dagon did that to his other leg also. Zilla Jr. roared in pain and agony. Dagon started to fire again.  His vision was getting blurry and there were spots around his peripheral vision. But he had to stay awake. He had to kill Dagon. He had a surge of adrenaline and rage. Then, he realized something. He fired what was left of his atomic breath at the sand next to him in a line. It turned to glass and he picked it out. The end was blunt but it was all he had. He smashed it against Dagon’s side and a bit of it broke off. The pain was really starting to get to Zilla Jr. He smashed it again, and again, and again, and again, until the point was sharp. He smashed it one more time and this time it penetrated the skin but it did not stick. After a few more smashes, it stuck. Dagon roared in agony. He was about to pull the glass piece out but saw that he was so close to breaking through Zilla Jr. 's hide, so he continued firing. His atomic breath was getting weaker and weaker. Zilla Jr. continued pushing the long piece of glass into Dagon’s body and Dagon continued slowly breaking through Zilla Jr.’s hide. He hit once, twice, thrice, four times, five times, six times, and on the seventh time, it hit Dagon’s left lung. He hit it again and pierced through the lung and grazed his spine. He hit it again and it made a cut in his right lung and exited out the other side of his body. 


Dagon stopped firing. His mouth was open and his eyes were wide. Zilla Jr.’s chest was burning hot. Blood started to drip out of his mouth and into the crater his atomic breath made. Dagon started to lose strength and fall towards Zilla Jr., but he re-directed Dagon to lie down next to him. Both of the beasts’ breathing was labored. Dagon had broken through Zilla Jr.’s hide and some fire had gotten into his body, severely burning some of his tissue and organs. Dagon could not breathe and it was only a matter of time before he died. When his spine was grazed, it paralized him from the waist down. 


After Dagon’s chest stopped rising, Zilla Jr. tried to do the call to signify he killed Dagon but he coughed out smoke and blood. He tried again and again until he made the call. Storm clouds were moving in from the east. As the MUTO Prime arrived, it started drizzling. Both animals had stopped breathing. But before she put her eggs in Dagon, She used her sonic breath to try and vibrate Zilla Jr.’s heart back to life. After a few tries, Zilla Jr.’s eyes slowly opened. His regeneration had somewhat repaired his legs. It had been repaired well enough to stand. The Titanus Jinshin-Mushi hooked her two curved legs onto Zilla Jr.’s shoulders and pulled him to his feet. He wobbled around but he stood freely. He was able to walk but not run. The MUTO Prime put her eggs in Dagon and buried him to prevent predators from eating Dagon. 

“Thank you.” She said.

Zilla Jr. could not say anything so he just walked away. 



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Interesting how MUTO Prime takes advantage of Zilla JR and Damon’s fight


expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst

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That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993


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I’m excited to see more

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst

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Well, here's more. 

That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993

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As Zilla Jr. was making his way back to the chamber, he sensed a large cluster of highly radioactive organisms so he went to check it out. As he was traveling, he learned more and more about the world he was living in. There were millions of those small creatures all around the world. The source was not in the normal hollow earth. This was an underwater system filled with interesting rock formations. Then, he connected the dots. This was a human city. A lost city. This was a city that had been sunk thousands of years ago. These were the remnants of Atlantis.


But this was not where the radiation was coming from. It was coming from the direction of a light. Zilla Jr. went closer to the light and he could hear growling and cooing. He could also hear bubbling. It was an air pocket. When he surfaced out of the water, he noticed that it was not only radioactive organisms, it was a radioactive area. Radiation filled lava dripped from the ceiling. There were distant growls and stomps. The radiation continued to heal Zilla Jr.’s injured legs until he could run again. As he was walking, he passed by what he thought to be a rock, but it turned out to be a sleeping Titanus Gojira. He quietly walked passed in the direction of the sounds. There was a large rock in between Zilla Jr. and the source of the sounds. He climbed it and peeked over to see something he had never seen before. 


There were about five Titanus Gojiras sleeping around what looked like a patch of rocks, but no. It was a patch of eggs. This was a nursery. 


Zilla Jr. was amazed. He was about to get going when he heard a slight thump. He looked back to see a crack on one of the eggs. Then another thump. And another, and another, until the head of a baby Titanus Gojira popped out. The egg then broke apart, leaving amniotic fluid everywhere and an infant the size of a two story building. Luckily, Zilla Jr. was not the first thing he saw. He looked around at the sleeping adults and figured out which ones were his parents. Then, the infant looked straight at Zilla Jr. Each one would remember each other’s face for thousands of years, because this was the next King of the Monsters. This was Godzilla. 


Godzilla then made a loud cry to signify he was out of the egg. The adults woke up immediately and saw Zilla Jr.’s head peeking over and roared as loud as they could. The Titanus Gojira that was sleeping back there woke up and started to charge up his atomic breath. The rest of them behind the rock fired their atomic breath as Zilla Jr. jumped off of it. The rock blew up instantly and the blue beams whizzed past Zilla Jr. He somehow dodged all of them and quickly swam away. The Titanus Gojiras followed him for a bit then gave up and went back to the nursery. 


Zilla Jr. went back to the chamber in which his parents just came back from hunting. He told them everything and they went into hibernation again. 



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Well hallo there mister baby godzilla

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


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bebi :D



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Godzilla Earth be like, Hallo I’m a tree

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


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Did the Zilla Jr try to fight Godzilla?


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I can’t tell you that Xenotaris...

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ConversationalistMember1443 XPJun-04-2021 8:00 AM




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Is that you Hal-9000?



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Oh I didn’t even think of that!

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst

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Zilla Jr. awoke quickly. He sensed an exorbitant amount of radiation, and it was moving, very quickly. Zilla and Xilla were still sleeping. It was August 6th, 1945. He quickly exited the hollow earth and made his way toward the source of the radiation. 


Godzilla’s eyes slowly opened. He sensed something. Something that had tons of radiation moving towards him very quickly. He was too tired to stand up.


Zilla Jr. was on top of the radiation source. It was moving. He thought he was above it. When actually, it was above him. He was in the ocean, swimming. But a shadow went over him. He looked up and saw something flying. It was shiny and it was flying really fast. He sped up to keep up with it. Zillla Jr. noticed something wrong with this flying thing. It was not moving. It was moving forward but the thing itself was not moving. Unlike the other things he had seen that have been flying. The warbat’s wings had been flapping. The male MUTO’s wings had also been flapping. But this, this was just moving. It made a buzzing sound that he had never heard before. He continued swimming under it for some time. 


“Sir? What is that?” Captain Robert A. Lewis asked fearfully to the pilot, Colonel Paul Tibbets. The pilot asked the co-pilot to take over and went to the window in which Lewis stood. 

“I… don’t know.” He answered. “Is that an animal? Increase speed!” 

The four R-3350-41 engines of the B-29 Superfortess revved louder and louder as they increased speed. This one was called Enola Gay.


Godzilla was wary of this radiation source. He was at the ocean floor. He went back to sleep, knowing that whatever animal had this less amount of radiation, was not a threat, but it also was not an animal at all. 


Zilla Jr. was getting tired from swimming so fast for so long. And he was about to reach land. He stomped onto the land and ran with the shiny, flying thing. He was stepping on weird pieces of rock, but he did not stop. Explosions appeared around the flying thing, then they hit him. AA fire. Zilla Jr. did not even know that anything was hitting him. He needed that radiation. 


Godzilla was sleeping near the coast. He had made a hole for himself. He had not seen what the humans were up to in some time. He went to sleep just as the town he was closest to was founded. It was called Hiroshima. Godzilla’s eyes burst open as he detected another radiation source. But this one was huge. It was a titan nearly as big as Godzilla. He was baffled about how it was able to stay under his radar for so long. 


Zilla Jr. continued running as he saw the source of the radiation pull away from him then drop away from the flying thing. It then hit the ground and a bright light flashed in front of him. Then it erupted in a ball of flames. Zilla Jr. fell unconscious.


BOOM! Godzilla awoke and started rising out of the ocean to see what was happening. He could sense a very large cluster of radiation and he could see a very large cloud of fire.


Once Zilla Jr. woke up, he burrowed down and sealed his hole along the way. He burrowed to the ocean. He didn’t have time to think why he was suddenly bigger than when he came here. 


Godzilla was wading in the ocean when he saw the titan he had sensed swimming past him.  


Zilla Jr. stopped and surfaced to look at Godzilla. They stared at each other for a few moments until he realized who he was looking at. It was the one he had seen at the nursery.


Godzilla started back at Zilla Jr. He remembered his face from somewhere. But before Godzilla could pinpoint his face, he submerged down in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Godzilla was still a bit shocked to see a titan as big as him just walk away. Godzilla needed to choose between going after an unbalance in the social classes and feeding off of the radiation of the Little Boy. There was no doubt that Zilla Jr. was an alpha, even if he did not intend to be. He swam to the shore and fed off of the radiation.


Zilla Jr. went back to the chamber to see his parents. They had grown old and weak, but strong enough to hunt. They would stay in the hollow earth for now until something interferes with them. But they cannot die until something kills them. They will keep growing at an exponentially decreasing rate. Zilla Jr. is technically a different species, though you would think they are the same. Also, the dorsal plates of Zilla Jr.'s species and the main species (Titanus Han-Kami) is an organism itself. It forms a mutual relationship with Titanus Han-Kami and its evolved relative. Zilla Jr. continues to explore the earth.




Godzilla had been looking around for Zilla Jr. but could not find him. He was a stealthy and agile titan. He continued looking for him when he found something else. He found something that he thought was a titan. It had radiation but not that much. It was under water and moving pretty slowly. It definitely was not a titan. He ripped it apart and red off its radiation. 


Zilla Jr. had seen what the humans had done to this world. Before, he could take a deep breath and feel energized. But now, the air was polluted, even in the most desolate of places. He kept running into large chunks of trash, the water felt dirty, and there were ships everywhere interfering with him. He did not like what the humans were doing to this planet. This was the first time he had felt this way. Like an alpha. He sensed Godzilla had just destroyed a source of radiation. 


A few months later he sensed Godzilla moving toward something. He then sensed what he was moving towards. A signature alike to the one 9 years ago, but it was a lot more dense. 


Godzilla finally sensed Zilla Jr. after 9 years moving towards the same thing he was moving towards. He decided to let him be for now. 


“Well? Are we ready to detonate? That thing is here on the radar.” Major General Percy Clarkson said.

“Yes sir, ready to detonate,” Dr. ALvin C. Graves replied. “Okay! Start the countdown! Project Lucky Dragon is a go!”




Zilla Jr. could sense Godzilla speeding up to get the bomb first.




Godzilla sensed Zilla Jr. speeding up as well. 




Godzilla flashed his dorsal plates quickly to try and intimidate Zilla Jr.




Zilla Jr. roared back and flashed his dorsal plates




Godzilla surfaced with his dorsal plates. 




Zilla Jr. surfaced and looked to his right to see Godzilla’s ginormous plates. 




Godzilla turned hard right and rammed Zilla Jr.




Zilla Jr. pushed Godzilla away and shoved him underwater.




Godzilla shoved Zilla Jr. underwater and rose up to get the radiation source.





That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993


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Damn, that was intense scene


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I crack up at seeing the end of an intense scene followed by: “That is one big pile of ****”

That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993


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y e s

i really need to get started on chapter 2!

intense tho



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expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst

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A blinding light came from the source. Then a loud boom. Both Godzilla and Zilla Jr. were knocked into a dormant state.




Zilla Jr. slowly opened his eyes. There were blinding lights everywhere. Then, a very sharp pain came from the side of his stomach. He squirmed… but somehow he couldn’t move. He forced his eyes open and his pupils adjusted to the light. He was in a human-made structure. He was on his back at a 45-degree angle. He was chained to a table that had holes to let his dorsal plates go through. He looked around. There were hundreds of humans in white coats walking below. He looked at the tall metal walls around him. There was a symbol. A symbol… with three arrows pointing to the middle. 


The sharp pain continued as a huge diamond drill drilled a hole into Zilla Jr.’s side. He tried to roar but he had a muzzle on. He was weak. There were wires that had been inserted into his body. He moved his head around in agony as he could feel the energy being sucked out of him. He grew a resentment towards humans. He knocked something down in his rage but something clamped onto his neck. It then started clicking, restricting his head motion even more with each click. Soon, he could not even move his head…




A phone rang. A doctor walked over to pick it up. He closed his office door to drown out the screaming and the loud whirring of the fan. 

“Hello? Dr. Emerson here.” He said.

“Hello. It’s a case from O5 command. Uhhh, you better get down here,” the man on the phone replied.

“Alright, I’m on my way.” Dr. Emerson said as he hung up the phone. The fan started up again as he exited his lower deck office. 

“Keep killing them! Anyone who shows sympathy towards those anomalies is to be executed at once!” He yelled to the crew manning the fan and the incinerator. Emerson started to walk up the stairs.

Their response was drowned out by the incinerator.


Dr. Emerson got onto a plane and flew to the undisclosed location of the O5 council. He had to be blindfolded as he walked into the building. Emerson entered the meeting room and stood in the center of the circle. All 13 members were hidden by the darkness of the room. 

“Ah, Dr. Elliot Emerson. Director of the infamous Site 13.” O5-1 said slurring. “We have something you would like to terminate. Two somethings actually.”

O5-2 slid 2 files out from the darkness. There was a symbol on it with the word, “restricted”

“You want me to terminate two Keter class anomalies?” Emerson said. “That’s nearly impossible.”

“Read. The. Files.” O5-7 said intimidatingly.

“Yes sir.”

Emerson read the files and knew it was going to be really hard to kill either of them. Then, he had an idea.

“Can I walk you through a hypothetical?” Emerson asked.

“Go ahead.” O5-12 replied.

“Insead of killing them, we use them as a power source. They have massive amounts of radiation inside them, just waiting to be used. We could provide massive amounts of energy across the world.” Emerson implied. “I have an idea. But it will take some time to execute.”

“Permission granted”




Godzilla sensed that Zilla Jr. was awake and knew that he needed to get out of here. He could not let some puny creatures torture him.


“Switching from main power source to experimental power source.” Emerson said on the loudspeaker. A loud bang sounded as the power went out. Then the lights came back on but they were much brighter. Godzilla shook from the pain. He tried to break loose but he was too drained. Everyone cheered. Godzilla thought this was it. It was over. His eyes slowly closed.


“Activating second experimental power source.” Emerson said. The lights flickered and grew much brighter. There was about to be a catastrophic explosion.

“Divert the energy from experimental power source 2 to a site near us! Now!” Emerson yelled. They had made cables to transfer the power to other sites.


Zilla Jr. went limp. He did not have enough energy to keep awake. But he had to. He could not die. He didn’t want to die. He wanted to take all this **** tied to him and shove it up the humans’ ass. But eventually, he did drift off from lack of energy.



That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993

Die-hard Spino Fan

InitiateMember486 XPJun-11-2021 8:29 AM

Disclaimer: They do not die. The series is not over. Yet. 

That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993


ConversationalistMember1443 XPJun-11-2021 8:32 AM

imagine if they did though xd

"anyways they died the end"


Die-hard Spino Fan

InitiateMember486 XPJun-11-2021 9:41 AM




Zilla Jr. bolted awake. He felt his energy coming back to him but he did not know why. Someone had reversed the polarity of the machinery. He tried to exhale his atomic breath out of his nose and melted some of the muzzle. By every second he grew more and more powerful. He could sense that the same was happening to Godzilla in the next chamber. He shook back and forth and bent some of the restraints. He saw someone in the viewing room being arrested. That must be the person that helped me. He thought. His tail was the first to break free. He knocked back all of the guards in one swoop. He felt the energy become too much for him. He had to expel some of it somehow. His eyes started to glow green as he charged up a desne beam of radiation in his mouth. The muzzle groaned and bent. The force of the beam was forcing his mouth open. He was in an olympia class containment unit, which was underground and huge. His muzzle finally gave away.


The beam shot out of his mouth at lightspeed, boring up through the steel walls and thick rock. Zilla Jr.’s neck brace broke off, allowing him to move his head freely. He tore through the rest of his restraints and stomped on the steel floor. He melted and blasted the table he had been lying on and looked at the humans on the ground and in the viewing area and yelled, “**** you!”


He fired his atomic breath and let tons of creatures loose in containment. Emerson activated a device called THRESHER and the whole site started to shake. The THRESHER was a reality bending machine that was about to send Site 13 into another reality. Zilla Jr. broke through the walls and quickly broke Godzila free before burrowing out with him just as the THRESHER whisked it away from this reality.


This is a short chapter because I don’t want to add anything more.

If you don’t know much about what’s going on here, watch these to videos in the order they are put in:





I hope you liked it.

That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993

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InitiateMember486 XPJun-11-2021 10:32 AM

Also, I can't go on the Godzilla forum because someone hacked into my account and became my "Parent" and blocked it even though I'm 26 years old. I'm very confused right now.

That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993

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InitiateMember486 XPJun-17-2021 9:56 AM





Zilla Jr. panted. He had no idea what happened to the building and he had no idea where he was. He turned around to see Godzilla staring at him. He growled softly and Zilla Jr. could understand it in a way. He appeared to be saying “thanks”.


Zilla Jr. didn’t know how to reply to that, so he just asked what the humans had been up to. 

“The humans are on a track to completely drain this planet of resources. The oceans are already getting dirty. Sea creatures are dying by the second. One day I’m gonna order all the titans to completely eradicate the human race. From what I have heard, the Earth was better without them.” Godzilla said.

“It was. The air was cleaner. There were more things to eat. There were cool land formations. Also, do you think all of the titans could destroy the human race?” Zilla Jr. replied. 

“Yes. The human race is a virus. It keeps spreading. More and more people are being born and wildlife is deteriorating. They can’t stop fighting.”


Godzilla stopped his train of thought after realizing that Zilla Jr. is an alpha, even though he did not show any signs of aggression. 

Zilla Jr. noticed something was wrong. Godzilla was staring at him. He looked behind himself to see if anything was behind him but there was nothing. Zilla Jr.’s large dorsal plate was as tall as Godzilla’s head, but Zilla Jr. was longer. 

“I’m gonna go.” Zilla Jr. said.

As he was leaving, Godzilla made a subtle growl that resonated through the earth. It said, “attack Zilla Jr.”

Zilla Jr. slowly turned around and said, “Why are you doing this?”

Godzilla replied, “I need to restore the balance. I cannot be king while you live.”


Behemoth charged in from the side and rammed Zilla Jr. to the ground. He reared up on his hind legs to stop him but Zilla Jr. chomped down on one of his tusks. With a twitch of the neck the tusk shattered and broke off. Behemoth howled in pain and ran off. 


A Titanus Mosura appeared and blinded Zilla Jr. with her god rays, leaving the window open for the MUTO Prime to punch Zilla Jr. He was surprised to see she was still alive. He fired his atomic breath and pushed her back.


“I helped you! Why are you doing this?!” Zilla Jr. yelled. 

“Because Godzilla will kill me if I don’t! And because it’s fun!” She replied.

She fired her sonic breath and knocked Zilla Jr. back.

“No. I’ll kill you!” He roared. Godzilla walked away to rest and regain his energy. A white-hot pain shot up his back as Rodan carved into Zilla Jr.’s back with his heat ray. He slapped him out of the sky with his tail. Zilla Jr. was getting mad. He charged at the MUTO Prime and chomped down on her neck. He pushed his jaws harder and harder into her neck and stabbed his claws into the heart of the Earthquake Beetle. He pulled as hard as he could with his hands and her heart got ripped out. He then pulled with his head. Her head got ripped out with half the spine still attached. Zilla Jr. chewed on the head and swallowed it. 


“Fun, huh?” He growled. He ate the rest of the organs quickly. He then jumped on the MUTO Prime’s corpse and smashed it to bits. With smoke rising from his nose, he looked at the titans that were sent to kill him. Rodan was the first to crouch down. Then, Behemoth. Then Methuselah. Then Scylla. They had been watching all this time. But the Titanus Mosura was nowhere to be seen. He sensed something coming up quickly from the fog behind him. He wanted to surprise the Titanus Mosura. Just as it came into view, he quickly spun around and slashed at the moth. It’s insides were ripped open. As it was falling, Zilla Jr. caught it with its mouth and swallowed it in one bite.


A deafeningly loud roar echoed from the fog. Godzilla revealed himself from his ominous coat of fog. He was mad that Zilla Jr. had taken his spot as king and he was furious that he had killed his friend. Godzilla was 99 meters tall and 96,000 tons. Zilla Jr. was 83 meters tall at the head, 96 meters tall at the highest point, and 80,000 tons. They stood in battle stance. This was going to be a battle for the ages.



To those who think I overestimated the weight of Zilla Jr., it says in Wikizilla that he is 60,000 metric tons and that was when he was smaller so… yeah.

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2KMember3193 XPJun-17-2021 4:30 PM

Nice chapter.

Dont worry about wieght, some how GOdzilla earth is just barely over spacegodzilla

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst

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They stood in their battle stance, staring at each other. Zilla Jr. was getting distracted by a deep rumbling in the ground that grew louder by the second. Godzilla was getting curious too. Then, a  dense beam of atomic destruction shot up from the ground in between Zilla Jr. and Godzilla. 


This was an ancient species that was on Earth when Titanus Han-Kami was on Earth. Long ago. Titanus Han-Kami’s home planet was laid waste due to meteor strikes. Long before the rogue planet destroyed it. The planet was a huge uneven piece of rock floating in space. There were still Titanus Han-Kami on the piece, but since there was minimal atmosphere, they went into a type of stasis. Those chunks that had been knocked off had thousands of Titanus Han-Kamis. They were frozen in stasis. Most of them traveled through a wormhole into the Solar System with Earth in it. Some chunks got swallowed up in the gas giants. Others crashed into moons, dwarf planets, other planets, but the only one where they survived was on Earth. They landed on this new rock, and they found an enemy. The Extinction Gojira, an ancestor of Titanus Gojira. Their backs were straight, they had huge tails and a big mouth. The Titanus Han-Kami wanted to live in peace, but no. Every few hundred thousand, an Extinction Goji would be born disabled and weak, but would have the power to mutate into something stronger. One of them mutated 3 times but needed to get older before she mutated again. But only after 3 mutations, she was already one of the most powerful animals in the world, being behind older, more mutated individuals. But when the Titanus Han-Kami came with their mutated type, it rivaled the Extinction Gojira in power. The more mutated individuals were too old and weak to fight so they were the first ones to go. The younger, less mutated ones were the ones that gave the Titanus Han-Kami a challenge. Over time, she and her allies slowly overcame the Titanus Han-Kami force, and drove them extinct, thus earning the name Extinction Gojira. It was during this war that the Titanus Han-Kami had built the chamber in which Zilla discovered and killed Jira. 


After the Titanus Han-Kami’s planet had attracted more and more rock, it began to become a planet again. After millions of years, the planet started thriving and the Titanus Han-Kami in stasis unfroze and began living again. But, just as they were settling down, a rogue planet comes and destroys it. This time, only two Titanus Han-Kami land on Earth; Jira and Xilla. And one Titanus Ghidora landed on Earth; King Ghidora. 


But soon, the Extinction Gojira also went extinct, with the most powerful individual being buried under miles of rock. But she woke up when she sensed a large Titanus Han-Kami. This Extinction Gojira’s name was Shin. 



That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993

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InitiateMember486 XPJun-18-2021 8:38 AM



That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993


2KMember3193 XPJun-18-2021 10:45 AM

Cool, I love this chapter, probably my fave so far

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst

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Zilla Jr. glared at Shin, knowing that she was an ancient enemy of his species. Godzilla was confused. He did not know who this was, but by looking at Zilla Jr.’s and Shin’s reactions, he could infer that they were ancient enemies. 

“It’s one of you again.” Shin growled.

Zilla Jr. growled back. Then, they both looked at Godzilla, just standing there.

“Who’s this dude?” Shin asked.

“I’m Godzilla, current alpha of the ti-”

“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Didn’t you just see them bowing to me?” Zilla Jr. interrupted. “I’m the new alpha!”

“No, I am!” Shin interjected. 

“Shut up!” Godzilla and Zilla Jr. said in unison. 

Shin was about to say something but she started writhing in pain; she was mutating again. 

“What the hell?” Godzilla said.

When she was done, there was no noticeable difference. She was still jet black with a slight purple hue, but her eyes glowed bright purple for a second. 

“Now, do you want to become alpha, Zilla Jr.?” Shin said slowly while her eyes flashed purple.

Zilla Jr. tilted his head and as his eyes flashed purple, he said “Y- ye y- yes.”

“Now, do you want Godzilla to live while you are alpha?” Shin growled slowly as her eyes flashed even brighter.

“N- n- no.” Zilla Jr. said as his eyes glowed purple and stayed.

“Then kill Godzilla, and we shall be alpha together!”

“What? NO!” Godzilla yelled.

Zilla Jr. turned toward Godzilla. His eyes glowed brighter as he lunged forward and clawed 

him across the snout.


Zilla’s head snapped up, and so did Xilla’s. 

“Something has happened to Zilla Jr.!” Xilla yelled.

“Yes, we need to go find him.” Zilla said.


Godzilla kicked Zilla Jr. off and sent him flying. He got back up at lightning speed and sprinted toward Godzilla. Zilla Jr. didn’t even make any noise. All he did was panting and breathing. He jumped up on one leg and slammed Godzilla to the ground with his other. He readied to fire his atomic breath when a cry rang out through the fog. 


Zilla Jr. snapped his head up robotically and looked to where the sound came from. Zilla and  Xilla revealed themselves from the fog. 

“Don’t do this! You are better than this!” Xilla yelled.

Zilla looked at his son’s eyes, and back at Shin’s eyes and whispered to Xilla about it.

“The only way to stop the mind control is to kill the source!”

“Okay, I’ll try and distract Zilla Jr. and you go kill her!”

Zilla agrees and approaches Shin.


Zilla Jr. steps off Godzilla and walks toward Xilla. His eyes flash a little bit. He is trying to break free. He takes another step and readies to jump toward Xilla, but Godzilla grabs him by his shoulders and throws him aside.


Since Shin can only control one titan at a time, including herself, she is defenseless and limp. Zilla found something inside of him he had never felt before. He was now powerful enough to use his atomic breath. He took a deep breath and exhaled as hard as he could, and a blue flame exited his mouth and slammed into Shin. She gets thrown back. Zilla jumps on top of her and starts clawing and biting.


Zilla Jr. jumps back up and hops on top of Godzilla’s back. He then exhales a green flame that engulfs them in an inferno. Xilla took a deep breath and fired her atomic breath at the inferno, and it made a reaction that produced a shockwave which knocked Zilla Jr. off Godzilla.


Zilla has almost made it through the hide to the rib cage but Shin’s eyes turned back to normal 

as he fired her purple beam at Zilla. He jerked his head to the side and the beam grazed his right eye, blinding him. She then kicked him off her and sent him flying. 


Zilla Jr. stood up and shook his head, only to see Godzilla running at him. 

“Wait, wait, wait!” Xilla yelled. “He’s back to normal!”

“What just happened?” Zilla Jr. asked sleepily.

“I’ll tell you later!” Xilla said. “We need to go help your father because you coming back must mean that Shin is now normal.”

They ran toward Zilla, who had just gotten up. 

“How can you defeat me, if you are too busy fighting yourselves?” Shin said intimidatingly. But before she could mind control someone, Zilla Jr. started charging up a dense beam of radiation. The rest of them start to do the same. All of their eyes glowed their prospective color. Then, they fired at a point halfway between Shin and them. Their beams met and combined into an absolute ray of doom. The ray engulfed Shin and immediately vaporized her.




Idea given by Kamoebas V.6!

That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993
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