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This is an alternate universe where Zilla’s parent (parent of Zilla from Godzilla 1998) came from a meteor and crashed into the earth during the late Cretaceous 72 million years ago. She was roughly 25 feet tall, 60 feet long, and 12 tons. The Zilla species can only grow past that size if they come into contact with extreme radiation. She asexually reproduced (yes that can happen without a mate) and laid one egg. But she didn’t want anyone to challenge her rule over the land masses (which she only found out AFTER she laid the egg, being the 18 meter dick that she is) so she left the egg by itself in the wild and went into the hollow earth to grow, expecting the egg to be eaten by carnivores. The egg soon hatched and Zilla was born. This is The Zilla Chronicles.

 Note: some of these facts, times, and habitats are told wrong for the pleasure of the reader. So sit back, relax, and don’t take it too seriously.

                         CHAPTER ONE


A huge, two-meter tall egg sat in the jungle. Birds made sounds all around them. An ankylosaurus herd sat nearby, drinking from a river. The egg was just sitting there when a quetzalcoatlus saw the egg and swooped down to eat it. Thinking that this was going to be its meal, a sound came out, sort of like a tapping noise. Tap. Tap. Tap. The quetzalcoatlus approached cautiously, confused by the sound. The tapping stopped and the large pterosaur walked over and tried to pick the egg up, but it could not. It tried for a minute or so but it still could not lift the egg. Agitated, the quetzalcoatlus stabbed the egg with its beak, hoping to break the shell and eat what was inside. The shell broke open, and was something inside. The pterosaur looked back on its last egg meal, recalling that the creature should not be this big or developed already. The quetzalcoatlus ignored that thought and lifted its beak out of the ruptured egg. A small noise came out of the dark egg, sort of like a whine. The quetzalcoatlus kicked the egg and it broke apart on a tree. The creature, covered in fluid, stood up and stumbled out of the shadows. It was the size of a deinonychus and it had long arms with opposable thumbs. Small spikes start small on its neck and become big on its back and back to small down though its tail. It resembled a theropodal creature. This was Zilla. He would grow to be the biggest of his species over tens of millions of years in the hollow earth. Zilla shook his head and body to get the fluid off of it. The quetzalcoatlus tilted its head at the Zilla with confusion as it had never seen something so large and peculiar before out of an egg. Zilla tilted his head back at the creature. The quetzalcoatlus walked toward ZIlla to take him back to its mate. Zilla squirmed back and forth as vigorously but the pterosaurs’ claws did not let go. On the other hand, the quetzalcoatlus was wondering how its claws did not pierce the thick skin of Zilla.


The quetzalcoatlus dropped Zilla into its nest near an African swamp a few hours later from a height that any other dinosaur that size would die from, but Zilla stayed alive and looked up at the quetzalcoatlus with anger. The male quetzalcoatlus, dropped down from the sky after dropping Zilla and the female, walked toward Zilla. There was a patch of eggs behind the female. Surrounded by two giraffe-tall pterosaurs, Zilla was doomed. He heard a river nearby. Zilla roared as loud as he could and looked directly at the male quetzalcoatlus. The two quetzacoatli took a few steps backward. They approached again and started harassing Zilla with a series of beak jabs. Zilla tanked a few of the jabs without little effort but the male quetzalcoatlus lifted off the ground and landed on Zilla with extreme force. The female walked away, thinking that the male would kill Zilla. This maneuver was repeated over and over, but Zilla stayed alive. The tired male stopped jumping and looked at Zilla. There was a crater under Zilla but Zilla opened his eyes and jumped on the male, its claws ripping through the pterosaur’s fur and skin. Zilla slashed with his arms and legs over and over again, carving into the quetzalcoatlus’ chest cavity. Soon, the quetzalcoatlus was dead and Zilla was eating it. The female walked over to the sound of the commotion and screeched in anger at the sight of Zilla standing over the dead male’s body. Zilla turned around and looked at the charging quetzalcoatlus. He turned around to see the quetzalcoatlus lifting into the air and flying away, just to come back at ZIlla flying and breakneck speed. Zilla ducked under the speeding quetzalcoatlus and let his back spikes do the rest. The female quetzalcoatlus’ chest was cut open and all of its vital organs were exposed. The quetzalcoatlus groaned weakly and died from blood loss and sock.


The quetzalcoatli and the eggs would feed Zilla for another two days, occasionally going to the swamp to get some water. One time,  Zilla saw two huge creatures on two legs with some kind of sail on its back with eggs near the tree line. Interested, Zilla moved closer to the creatures and saw that cracks were appearing on the eggs. The creatures sat eagerly, waiting for something to come out of the egg. Something clicked in ZIlla’s keen mind and he realized that he had just been that egg a few days ago. But he wondered where his two creatures that waited eagerly for him to hatch. A head poked through the eggshell and the male creature nuzzled the female. Three other eggs hatched that day and Zilla was mesmerized. By the time Zilla decided to go back to the quetzalcoatli, it was already sundown. He went back and saw that the corpses were gone. Looking around, ZIlla could see well in the night, being specially evolved to see in darkness. He could see a big, three-toed footprint in the mud. Zilla sniffed that air and remembered the scent of the quetzalcoatli and followed where it led.


                  END OF CHAPTER ONE

That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993
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expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


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in my fanfic i need to write yes, ig



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expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst

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This chapter will be told from various perspectives. 


Zilla rolled onto his side. He was still sleeping but he was half awake. It was 8 million years later and Zilla, Xilla, and the egg were now enormous. They were 83 feet tall, 172 feet long, and 41 tons. The egg was the size of a T. Rex. Zilla felt hungry, but he wanted to keep sleeping. His eyes were heavy. Zilla forced them open and tried to stand up. He stumbled and nearly fell. He tried again and stood up fully. Zilla stretched from his head to his tail. He yawned loudly, waking up Xilla. Xilla stood up and yawned also. The egg was still next to them so Xilla picked it up with her mouth. She passed it to Zilla to put it in between one of her dorsal plates. The egg stayed and both of them went over to the large door, although not as large as before. They were starting to grow more slowly than they did when they were smaller. Before, they doubled in size in two months. Now they doubled in size in 8 million years. The door started sliding open and light flooded in. As soon as they stopped out of the chamber, a tapping noise came out from the egg.


Zilla picked the egg off of Xilla and set it on the ground. The egg started shaking and a crack appeared on the side. The egg was blue, unlike Zilla or Xilla’s eggs. A head poked out of the egg. His head was a really dark gray with dark orange eyes. The bottom half of his head was light gray. The rest of his body soon followed, continuing the same scheme. His dorsal plates were a dull and dark turquoise and they were more distributed than his parents’. His back was more curved upward. He looked up at Zilla with his dark eyes. He found this behavior unsettling, like he was analyzing him. This is Zilla Junior. 


Zilla looked at his son in amazement. He had never seen anything like this. But Xilla had.

Xilla said, “Back where I lived, one very old and very big elder, bigger than you and me could ever imagine, told me a very rare type of our species that looks like that. I haven’t seen one, but they have.”

Zilla acknowledged that and looked down toward his son. He felt good, knowing that his son was rare. Zilla Junior looked up at his parents with his orange eyes. There was something unsettling about them. Zilla told Xilla to stay here while he gets some food for them. 


Zilla walked for some time, following a scent, but he didn’t seem to reach the source of it. While Zilla was jogging, towering over the trees, he heard something behind him. He turned to see a juvenile Warbat speeding towards him. Zilla didn’t have any time to think as the Warbat slammed into his body and threw him into a valley. His dorsal plates dug deep into the ground  Both sides of the valley were tall and thin, preventing Zilla from getting up using his arms. He pushed himself hard and used all of his core strength to get up but he could not. The Warbat was rushing towards him but Zilla saw this coming and kicked it away. The Warbat recovered quickly and came from the other side. It picked Zilla up by the neck using its tail and pulled him out of the valley. It dropped him on his back and as soon as Zilla got up on his feet, the Warbat started curling its body around him, suffocating him. Zilla roared in anger but the Warbat did not let go. The Warbat but its wing over Zilla’s head, preventing him from breathing. But Zilla refused to submit. He needed to be there for Xilla, for his son. He needed to protect them. But Zilla couldn’t break free. As he saw his vision turn cloudy around the edges he yelled one last cry. Zilla’s eyelids drifted down. 


Xilla’s head snapped up. She picked up Zilla Jr. and started running as fast as she could toward the sound of the call. Xilla put Zilla Jr. down and he started running along with her. He had no idea what was going on but he looked at Xilla’s body language and the tone of her eyes and realized that she was distressed. Zilla Jr. was very overdeveloped having spent 8 million years inside that egg hibernating. When they made their way into a clearing and saw Zilla stuck within the Warbat’s grip. Xilla roared as loud as she could to try and see if Zilla was okay. She got a weak grunt in response. Xilla tried to get the Warbat off of him but when she touched the wings her hands felt weird. She remembered that there was something like this on her planet which made her feel like this. Xilla remembered that the elders told her about how it kills them. Xilla shook the liquid off her hands immediately but she realized the whole body was covered in this substance so she couldn’t touch it. Zilla groaned again and Xilla thought all hope was lost when she heard something behind her. 


Zilla Jr. felt something inside of him. Something hot. Something radioactive.  Something… atomic. Zilla Jr. pushed that something up higher and higher. Lights lit up on his dorsal plates starting from his tail and progressing up to his back. A low rumble sounded. Then another. Then another. The rumbles got higher in pitch and closer together as Zilla Jr. opened his mouth and let it out. A bright green stream of energy bust out of his mouth and his dorsal plates glowed bright turquoise. The beam hit the Warbat in the head and ZIlla Jr. aimed it down to cut the giant serpent in half, and it worked. Fluids rushed down and came into contact with Zilla Jr.’s feet and he felt good. Zilla Jr. smiled maliciously. He felt that he had all of the energy in the world. The two top halves of the serpent fell to the floor but most of its body was still coiled around Zilla. Xilla rushed toward Zilla, taking the body off Zilla. All of the poison had been burned off. Once the Warbat was off Zilla, Zilla Jr. noticed that he was unconscious, one of his arms were dislocated, the other one broken. All of Zilla’s ribs were cracked, many of them broken, but he was still alive, though his heartbeat was slowly deteriorating. 


Zilla Jr. was sad that he was going to lose his dad so close after meeting him, but then he had an idea. Zilla Jr. charged up his atomic breath again and fired it at Zilla’s big dorsal plate. His dorsal plates began to light up blue. After a few consecutive seconds of firing, Zilla’s eyes burst open and his eyes glowed blue. Zilla Jr. stopped firing and let his father stand up. He tried but he fell down. He tried again and again and finally he was able to stand up. After he stood up, Zilla asked how they got him out. 

“He shot something out of his mouth,” Xilla said, motioning to Zilla Jr. “That was one of the abilities that the elders told me about, but I never realized that it would come this soon after hatching.”

“Well, it does.”

“The elders told me that they used it against the enemies where we lived. I have never seen the enemies but the elders told me to never go where the clouds looked different. I’ll tell you later now let’s go somewhere safe.”

“What about that thing?”

“What about it?”

“Wasn’t that supposed to be for food?”

“We can find more food. Now let’s go.”


They left the area and found a cave to sit in. Zilla was tired and hungry so Xilla went out to get food for him. Zilla Jr. stayed in the cave to protect Zilla. Xilla came back after a few hours with something in her mouth. It was a medium sized lizard with a long, white head. It had only two legs and it had huge chunks missing from it. 

“I already ate so it’s all yours.” Xilla said. 

“Thanks! How did you kill it?”

“I snuck up on it and stomped it to death.”


Zilla ate a lot and Zilla Jr. ate some too. They all went to sleep and woke up the next morning to find that Zilla Jr. was already half their size. 


“Um, was he supposed to grow that big overnight?” Zilla asked.


Their talking woke Zilla Jr and he said his first sounds. He yawned loudly and made a noise, sort of like he was calling to his father. Still half asleep, he walked over to Zilla, and snuggled with him. Zilla Jr. knew that his parents wouldn’t let anything happen to him. Xilla came and lied down next to Zilla Jr. They soon got up and walked out of the cave. They finished the rest of the skull crawler. Zilla Jr. walked into the light and stretched his body. Some cracks sounded but nothing too serious. He roared as loud as he could to signify his presence. Hundreds of birds flew up from the trees in fright. 

“Wow. He’s a sight to behold,” Zilla remarked. 

“That’s why the elders helped them in battle. Because they are an evolved version of us.” Xilla said. 

“Oh wait, about what whole ‘enemies’ thing, what are they?”

“The elders said they could create rain,” she said. 

“What else?” Zilla asked.

“Theysaidtheyhadthreelongheads! Now can we go and teach him how to hunt?” She replied. 

Zilla Jr. was looking at them with confusion. He then said he was hungry. 

“How are you hungry? We just ate.” Zilla said.

“I guess he needs more food than us, growing and all.” Xilla said. 

They taught Zilla Jr. how to hunt and Zilla Jr. used his atomic ray to decimate his opponents. Zilla and Xilla then joined their tails at the tips and told Zilla Jr. to fire at them. He obliged and hit their tails with the green beam. A blue light started spreading up their tails and when it reached their head, they opened their mouths and exhaled a bright bluish green flame. The two flames cut through the trees and set them on fire immediately. After they were finished, both of the adults felt tired. 

“Ugh, that felt really weird,” Xilla said. 

“Yup, that happens.”

“I’m not tired. I’m still hungry,” Zilla Jr. said. 

“That’s ok, we’ll go back to the cave and you go get some food back for us, ok?” She said. 



Zilla Jr. walked for some time but could not find anything. He was about to give up and go back to the cave but something stopped him. He felt… anxious. He had never felt this feeling before so he didn’t know what to do. 


Xilla was sitting in the cave, regaining her energy when she started feeling anxious. She was about to tell Zilla but the look on his face said it all. Something was about to happen. 


That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993


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Very good, it has a good build up.

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst

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Thanks. Also, can you guess what Zilla and Xilla’s personalities are? With Zilla Jr. its too soon to tell. 

That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993


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I don’t know, but Xilla seems to be stronger and smarter than zilla 

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


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You’re partially right. Xilla is smarter and more in touch with her thoughts and feelings because she was raised. But Zilla is like a trigger-happy less mature and less intelligent than Xilla. 

That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993

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And he’s a but stronger but not bigger. 

That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993

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That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993


2KMember3193 XPMay-12-2021 9:23 AM

ah, that makes sense, Zilla doesn’t think before doing

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst

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That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993


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hey i do that sometimes lol

similar to how im writing my main character too lol

i gotta stop doing that


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Do what?

That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993


ConversationalistMember1445 XPMay-12-2021 10:30 AM

Not thinking before i act


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Oh lol.

That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993


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It happens

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst

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“I feel something is off.” Xilla said. 

“Me too… Has something happened to our son?”

“I don’t know.”

“I think we should go find him.” 

“Yeah I agree.”

Zilla and Xilla set out to find ZIlla Jr. by following his footsteps and his scent. 


Zilla Jr. shivered. There was something off. It was quiet. None of the birds were singing. No animals were making sounds. The only sound was the wind. Even Zilla Jr. stopped breathing. It felt eerie. Like a spell had been cast over them. Then, something broke the silence. A loud boom shook the hollow earth. He and his parents were on the part where the gravity was opposite to the earth’s normal gravity. Zilla Jr. did not know what to do. He took a deep breath and listened to the little feeling inside of him. Zilla Jr. was an analytical thinker. He would analyze the surroundings and deem the necessary way and the most efficient way to achieve whatever he was trying to achieve. But now, the surroundings were different from anything he’d seen before. The animals were screaming, cracks appeared in the ground and jets of hot air sprayed out of them. The rumbling resembled a 13.3 on the Richter Scale, and Zilla Jr.’s legs could not handle the vibration. He tumbled to the ground. After the pressure was released from the cracks, the rumbling stopped for a few minutes. Zilla Jr. was unconscious but when the rumbling started again, he was shaken awake by his head slipping into a huge crack. He stood up quickly to avoid falling into the crack. The rumbling finally stopped for good No, it was not a crack anymore. It was a fault. The fault went on for as long as Zilla Jr. could see, and there were so many of them. The land had turned to Swiss cheese. 


Zilla and Xilla struggled to stay on their feet. They managed to keep their heads up long enough to see that the far far away land erupted up (up in their perspective, but actually down in our perspective.) The land that burst up crashed into the opposite part of land where the gravity was normal. Earth’s crust has been breached, breaking the ecosystem between the surface and the hollow earth, but they did not know what did it. But as soon as the rock landed, both of them felt scared, but they did know why. 


Zilla Jr. climbed up a mountain. Helooked behind him. He saw light coming from below, which he knew was not supposed to happen. He felt lighter on top of the mountain and the environment looked different. There wasn’t much fauna around him. He wanted to explore the other side of the hollow earth. He jumped and flew, albeit not gracefully, to the other side and threw up the rest of the skull crawler when he landed due to the gravity change. He was still not used to it. Zilla Jr. saw the huge rock on the horizon that had breached the crust. It was a rock from space. He wanted to see what it was but first, he needed to get back to his parents. He jumped back to the other side. 


Zilla and Xilla went to the tall mountain Zillla Jr. jumped off of, and saw that Zilla Jr. was jumping back to the mountain to be with his parents. 

“Can we go see what that is?” Zilla Jr. said, motioning to the huge rock. 

“First let’s get some food,” Xilla said. 

They soon got food and felt rejuvenated. They walked toward the mountain again and jumped to the opposite side, but this time Zilla Jr. did not throw up. As they were walking to the rock, they saw creatures sitting next to the huge pile of rubble, unmoving. They were still maybe a few kilometers away but they were still able to see what was going on. A couple of full grown warbats, a gigantic Titanus Kong, and a dozen huge skull crawlers. But that was not all. Two absolutely HUGE  pterodactyls with flaming wings came from the hole in the crust. Titanus Rodan. Next was a creature resembling a sauropod of immense proportions with spikes on its back. Titanus Methuselah. After was a big creature that had big tusks and walked like Titanus Kong. Titanus Behemoth. And finally, the last two Titanus emerged from the breach in the crust were a huge spider and a massive unidentifiable terrestrial organism. Titanus Scylla and Titanus Jinshin-Mushi. They all walked backwards in unison as rumbling came from the pile of rubble. But a loud roar sounded from behind Zilla Jr. It was Dagon, the current alpha of the titans. He had company. Two more Titanus Gojiras flanked Dagon on each side. Dagon detected a disturbance in the balance of power. The rumbling grew louder and a bright flash blinded everything in the hollow earth. Bolts of yellow lighting shot everywhere, tearing through the rock and fauna alike. After the flash cleared, what was left of the rubble was what the elders had warned Xilla about. His species. The titans at the foot of the rubble bowed to the three headed monster. They bowed in resentment, but acceptance. They bowed to… King Ghidora.



That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993


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That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993

Die-hard Spino Fan

InitiateMember486 XPMay-17-2021 8:24 AM

Also, hows that fanfic of yours coming along?

That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993


2KMember3193 XPMay-17-2021 8:37 AM

I like this one!

You seriously are good at slow reveals and tension. I also like the godzilla’s appearance

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


ConversationalistMember1445 XPMay-17-2021 8:46 AM

Eehhh...slow and not good. I need to pick up the pace again.



2KMember3193 XPMay-17-2021 9:05 AM

Ur fanfic?

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


ConversationalistMember1445 XPMay-17-2021 9:19 AM

yeah it's in development hell basically



2KMember3193 XPMay-17-2021 9:31 AM

mine is in development still too

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


ConversationalistMember1445 XPMay-17-2021 9:33 AM

at least we have that right


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King Ghidora made a chorus of a roar with his three heads. Xilla’s eyes were fixed on Ghidora, all of her memories coming back. 

“Those were the enemies that the elders talked about!” Xilla yelled over the screaming. 


After Ghidora was done, Dagon was glaring at him. He was furious. He roared his alpha roar, commanding all of the titans to attack Ghidora. Methuselah turned toward Dagon, and back to Ghidora. Meanwhile, Zilla and Xilla split up to regroup somewhere else. But Zilla Jr. stayed, with his eyes locked on Ghidora. He was tiny compared to the other titans, but his DNA was different from his parents’. He knew this was his enemy. The one his ancestors had been fighting for centuries. He focused on Ghidora and something seemed wrong. While the titans were wondering on who to attack, Ghidora seemed to be distracted about something. He looked like he was talking amongst himselves. Then, Zilla Jr. charged up his atomic breath and fired at Ghidora’s center head. Ghidora seemed a little over annoyed but he noticed Zilla Jr. His eyes went wide, then filled with rage. Zilla Jr. aimed for his right eye and pierced through it, incapacitating his middle head. Then, Ghidora shot the head out of his neck and started regrowing it back. After he was finished, Ghidora charged up his gravity beams and readied to shoot it at Zilla Jr. The other titans were watching in awe as this 20 ton creature defied a 140,000 ton beast. Zilla Jr. squinted in defiance as Ghidora shot his beams at him. 


As the beams got closer and closer, Zilla Jr. looked to the sides and saw his mother and father lunging out of the trees into the clearing in which Zilla Jr. stood. He looked back up at the still-moving bolts of lighting… and ducked down. All three beams got absorbed by Zilla Jr.’s center dorsal plate and they started glowing yellow. Ghidora persisted with the beams. The kinetic energy of them pushed Zilla Jr. into the ground, but he stayed on his feet. After Ghidora was worn out, Zilla Jr. stood up with bolts of  yellow lighting coming from his dorsal plates. He charged up his atomic breath with the most energy he had ever handled in his life before. Ghidora looked confused, then frightened because he had seen this before. Being able to absorb Ghidora’s species’ gravity beams was evolutionary. They had used this tactic in the war against them. Zilla Jr. ejected the beam out of his mouth. The beam was a solid green beam with bolts of yellow lighting circling it. Ghidora recoiled back instantly when the beam hit him. The lighting split apart and went around his body, while the beam started digging, an albeit small crater. Ghidora was weak against this because it was specially evolved to hurt his species. 


After Zilla Jr. was finished, he felt like he was about to faint. He quickly hobbled over to the tree line and collapsed in front of Zilla. Xilla rushed in from behind him. As Ghidora was recovering from the beam, Dagon roared one last time, demanding that all titans attack Ghidora. Titanus Jinshin-Mushi looked at Dagon and his comrades and thought she could put her eggs in them. She allied with Ghidora. Methuselah was young, and didn’t know who to choose. But then, a flapping noise came from behind Dagon. A bright glow blinded Ghidora and Dagon refused to see what the light was, because he already knew. A Titanus Mosura was shining her god rays.


She swooped up and landed on Dagon’s shoulder, while doing her signature screech. Zilla carried Zilla Jr. on his back with the help of Xilla and they went to the mountain in which they came from.  


Methuselah allied with Dagon and The Titanus Rodan and Titanus Behemoth allied with Ghidora. The Titanus Scylla allied with Dagon. Methuselah was the first to start. He charged forward and tried to tackle the Titans Rodan but it did its thunderclap and left Methuselah sliding and trying to clear his vision. The Titanus Jinshin-Mushi analyzed Methuselah’s mountain’s frequency. If she could figure it out, she could break the mountain. She figured it out and blasted her sonic roar at Methuselah. He roared in agony as the mountain exploded. Fortunately, the mountain had not been on him long enough that it was a part of him. But it had been enough a part of him to incapacitate him for now. 


The Titanus Scylla rushed towards the flaming pterosaur. Two of her long legs pinned it to the ground. She pressed harder but the Titanus Rodan fired a fire beam at her. The Titanus Scylla retreated immediately, screeching in agony from her burns to the face. Dagon charged up his atomic breath and fired it at the Titanus Rodan. He hit the winged creature in the chest and knocked him back so far and so hard that he smashed through a mountain. Ghidora then fired his three gravity beams at the three Titanus Gojiras. The two flanking Dagon were launched back and Dagon was pushed back but stayed on his feet. Methuselah woke up and knew he could not take on the Titanus Behemoth without the added 20,000 tons from his mountain, so he looked at the Titanus Rodan. He was getting up and shaking rock off of him. Methuselah charged and rammed the fire demon in the chest. As he was trying to re-orient himself, Methuselah reared up on his hind legs and slammed down on the Titanus Rodan’s chest. Lava sprayed everywhere. His rib cage had been caved in. But, when he died, he made an explosion of molten lava that hit Methuselah in his right eye and burned his entire face. He walked over to a safe area and slammed down. 


The Titanus Scylla came back with a nasty-looking scar on her face. The Titanus Mosura was nowhere to be seen. The Titanus Behemoth and the Titanus Scylla were at a standoff. Then, The knuckle-walking mammoth charged forward, with its big tusks pointed forward, and just as it was about to impale the Titanus Scylla, the Titanus Mosura swept in from the side and stabbed her legs into its side and pushed it on its side. It then was about to stab it again while it was on the ground but the MUTO Prime had something to say about that. 


She slammed into the flying moth and grounded her. She then helped the Titanus Behemoth up. She then went over to the grounded moth and raised her right leg to crush the invertebrate, but Dagon interfered by ramming the MUTO Prime away. He then stood in front of the Titanus Mosura. The Titanus Jinshin-Mushi slowly stands back up as she quickly turns towards Dagon, she growls at the archosaurian titan. She slams both of her curved claws into the ground, creating a massive EMP. Dagon could feel the EMP disrupting his charged up atomic reserves being redistributed throughout his body. Dagon charges into MUTO Prime but is hit in the back by the Behemoth’s massive tusks. The Titanus Behemoth burrows his sloth-like claws into Dagon’s hide. A roar echoed from the jungle as a ceratosaurus-like Titanus goros stomps his way into their fight, Titanus goros balances himself on his massive tail; freeing his legs to kick the Titanus Behemoth off of the King of the Monsters like a kangaroo. The Titanus Behemoth stumbles over a bit but quickly balances himself from completely tipping over. The Titanus Behemoth howls at the slender dinosaurian titan. Titanus goros balance on his tail while mock kicking the air to taunt the tusked sloth titan before landing its feet firmly back on the ground.


Meanwhile, Ghidora was fending off both of Dagon’s friends and the Titanus Scylla. He shoved the enormous spider back and used both of his side heads and his gravity beams to launch the Titanus Gojiras yet again. Ghidora spread his wings high and mighty, making him look as big as possible. The Titanus Scylla and the two archosaurian titans retreated and walked away. 


The MUTO Prime had had enough of his. She ran in from behind the Titanus goros and the Titanus Behemoth ran from the front. The MUTO Prime hit the Titanus goros first from the back and the Titanus Behemoth stabbed his tusks into the chest of the Titanus goros. The MUTO Prime pushed harder and the Titanus Behemoth’s tusks went deeper and deeper. The Titanus goros started to lose strength. The Titanus Behemoth pulled its tusks out of the unconscious, seemingly dead Titanus goros.


Dagon charged toward the Titanus Behemoth and knocked it down. He then charged up his atomic breath and fired it at the knuckle walking mammoth. What used to be a bright blue beam was now a partially transparent light blue flame, but still a devastating weapon. After half a minute of consecutive firing, the flame pierced through the Titanus Behemoth’s side and smashed through its rib cage, killing it immediately. 


The MUTO Prime backed away as the Titanus goros stood up. The Titanus Scylla was flanked by Dagon’s allies and the Titanus Mosura climbed up to Dagon’s shoulder. The MUTO Prime reatreated and all that was left was Ghidora. 


Ghidora flew over and picked up one of Dagon’s allies and flew all the way up and flung her into the other side of the hollow earth. She crashed down and fell unconscious. Dagon lunged forward after Ghidora landed back down and grabbed his left and right heads in a bundle and tied them together. They both struggled to get untangled. While the middle head was helping get the other heads untangled, Dagon maneuvered behind Ghidora and pulled so hard and fast on his middle head that it cracked one of the vertebrates, paralyzing his head. Dagon then chomped down on the start of the middle head’s neck and ripped it out. He then clamped down on the stump and fired his atomic breath into the stump, which had now returned to its full power. After he was done, Ghidora collapsed on the ground, hanging on for dear life. Just for good measure, Dagon did it to both of the other heads, after untangling them. It was a real test of intelligence for Dagon. After all of the heads were gone, and after Ghidora was a corpse, Dagon went to the surface and dragged him all the way to the place that was farthest from where they battled; the south pole. He dumped Ghidora in an ocean close to the south pole. As he was walking away, Dagon heard a slight bubbling, but he thought it was just the body releasing all of its gas, but in fact it was Ghidora very slowly regenerating, only to be found and released in 2019. 



That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993


2KMember3193 XPMay-28-2021 9:49 AM

THhis one is good!

expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst
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