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Where does Alien go- using scenes from the Franchise: Silliness 9

Where does Alien go- using scenes from the Franchise: Silliness 9

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Dec-02-2020 9:11 PM

We are all getting on with spirited debates about where the franchise goes. For sheer fun, I propose we express opinions here using scenes or dialog from Alien movies. Below is an example.

My take:

dk: Look- I can see where this is going, but I’m telling you streaming is the way to go.

Forum: Thank you dk, that will be all.

dk: Please. You aren’t listening to me. Several Alien and sci fi fans watched some good sci fi on streaming channels and saw thousands of great shows. THOUSANDS.

Forum: Thank you. That will be all.

dk: God dammit that’s not all! Because if one of those myopic theater only movie ideas makes it down here, then that WILL be all. And all this bull shit stuck up canon shit you find so important- you can just kiss it all good bye.


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Dec-03-2020 2:26 AM

Leto: You don't understand, this series isn't what we thought it was. I was wrong. We were so wrong. We must forget about it!

Forum: Think of all we can learn from it! It's a the chance of a lifetime! We must see it!




Leto: Final report of the Alien franchise. The films and their legacy are gone. If you're receiving this transmission, don't try to get into streaming. There is only boring chatter, cheap cg effects and no place for space sci-fi here now, and I'm leaving it behind. It is New Year's Day, the year of our Lord, 20##. My name is Leto, the last survivor of the Alien franchise. And I am still hoping.



Dec-06-2020 12:29 AM

 dk: The franchise will ultimately die. The only question is when, where and how.  This is good a place as any to take our first steps to seeing the franchise continuing until then.  The only question is how does it continue? Do you want it in the comfort of your own home streaming, or on your fucking knees in a crowded and dirty theater begging people to STFU and get off of their phones?  I aint much for begging. Disney never gave me nothing worthwhile since I was four years old, so I say Fuck That company with this franchise!  Let’s FIGHT IT!!!!

Forum: smdh

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