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Megalodon Vs Moby Dick

Megalodon Vs Moby Dick

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Crimson Grand

Jun-11-2020 6:24 PM

Megalodon Vs Moby Dick


Length: 100 Feet (30 Metres)

Weight: 100 Tonnes

Speed: 18 KMH (11 MPH)

Bite Strength: 20 Tonnes

Diet: Whales, sea turtles, Sharks, large fish, and Dolphins.



Moby Dick:

Length: 95 Feet (28 Metres)

Weight: 80 Tonnes

Speed: Unknown

Bite Strength: Unknown

Diet: Unknown




In the sea, a Megalodon. One hundred feet long and one hundred and eighty tonnes in weight. He sees the Moby dick, who is The same size as him. He charges and rams the Whale, the whale hits him with its tail. The Megalodon is Angry and bites through the blubber of The Whale, The Whale Bites Back But The Force Wasn't Too Great. And Megalodon bites the head. Crushing its skull, The Megalodon Eats The carcass and leaves some for the other sea animals.

The Winner: Megalodon

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