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Help remembering an SF movie title

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May-02-2020 8:32 AM

Greetings. I’m racking my brains trying to remember the title of what I remember as a low-budget movie. This is what I recall: I believe the action took place on either a spaceship, or on a space station, or an outpost on a planet.   Characters were dying from either a disease, or by turning into zombie-like evil monsters, or by an alien intruder. The most distinctive thing I remember was that there was a character, either a captain, or a chief science officer, with an accent that was not American that repeatedly said phrases like “it is ok, it will be ok, everything is going to be ok”. This was repeated over and over. I recall that the character was indeed killed, so it was not ok. Other than this, I think the film was released no more than 15 years ago. Would anybody be able to identify it from my sketchy description? Many thanks for your help, and all stay well.

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May-03-2020 5:51 AM

Thanks, but I don't think it was Event Horizon. More recent, maybe last 10 years. And I think fairly low-budget.


May-06-2020 1:31 AM

 Interesting you assholes joined up only a couple days ago asking about finding out what movies are. This should be reported to Mods or Admin.


May-07-2020 3:23 AM

assholes? I've been here since 2012

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