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Dinosaurs could get cancer!

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Feb-10-2020 8:59 PM

In hindsight, the subject of this topic makes a lot of sense.

Since non-avian dinosaurs were flesh-and-blood animals like us, it is sound to assume they got many of the same pathologies we humans we cancer.

The first time I ever heard of a dinosaur having cancer was when I watched March of the Dinosaurs, where the older male Edmontosaurus that accompanied the younger one was suffering from a brain tumour, and it caused him to behave erratically.

Now, Israeli researchers from Tel Aviv University confirmed that one hadrosaur specimen had an LCH tumour in its tail.  Link here.

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Feb-11-2020 1:18 AM

Its pretty cool that our understanding about dinosaurs continues to grow


Feb-11-2020 6:41 AM

I would've figured, they were animals. Birds are still....animals.


It's still interesting to think about, how these mighty creatures could also be affected by the evilness of cancer.

I make these really weird crossovers just for fun


Feb-12-2020 10:29 PM

@Flyleaf-Rapt0r, exactly!  Any living creature could technically suffer from the same things we suffer from, to varying degrees.  The only exception I know of is crocodilians being practically immune to bacterial infection because of their blood healing factor concentration is much higher than people's.

That was why I included in my very series, The Tyrant's Roar (check it out, I know it's from 6 years ago, but it's a good one), that the main antagonist suffered a concussion during the final few blows dealt to him by the main protagonist.

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