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New to this site.

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The Lone Rodent

Jan-20-2020 10:19 AM

Hi! Nice to meet you all. As you can see, I'm a G fan new to this site and never joined anything like this before! Anyone care to tell me how certain things work around here? Sorry if im inconveniencing anyone haha.

11 Responses to New to this site.

Dark Nebula

Jan-20-2020 10:47 AM

Hello and welcome to the site!

You can read the forums rules here:

If you want to start a discussion about a certain film, you can create a topic and post it in certain forums. If you put the topic in the wrong forum, you can contact one of the admins about it and they will move it to the right forums. When you submit an image to a gallery, that will wait for the staff's approval.

If you're having some difficulties with certain things, feel free to ask.


Jan-20-2020 2:53 PM

Welcome Aboard ;)

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Monster_Zero 2112

Jan-21-2020 7:53 AM

It is an honor to have another G-fan on here. Welcome aboard, The Lone Rodent! We're all family here.

"They found his body laying where it fell on that day, preserved in time"

The Lone Rodent

Jan-21-2020 8:52 AM

Thanks dude! Glad to be a part of it!

Monster_Zero 2112

Jan-21-2020 9:04 AM

No problem! If you need help with anything, just ask us.

"They found his body laying where it fell on that day, preserved in time"


Jan-21-2020 10:27 AM

Why, hello there.

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The Lone Rodent

Jan-21-2020 3:41 PM

Never heard of them, but hi! xD


Jan-21-2020 3:59 PM

Oi, tis I, Flyleaf-Rapt0r! Welcome to Scified, mate.

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The Lone Rodent

Jan-21-2020 5:32 PM

Nice to meet you mate!! and thanks!

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