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Gamera Chronicles Chapter 5:Terror In The Skies

Gamera Chronicles Chapter 5:Terror In The Skies

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Ganimes V.8

Nov-05-2019 8:55 AM

Inspired by Godzilla Extinction

Original idea by Ganimes V.8

Location:Xakoa Alien Mothership

The Xakoa Aliens decided to recreate Rodan,but this time,they will upgrade Rodan,so first they got the DNA and put it in a machine.Then they added the remaining fossils of Rodan.Thery also had DNA from Gyaos,so they decided to also put that in,they also put strong material.

Then they decided to put one more thing,radioactive stuff.Then they created the new and upgraded Rodan,this Rodan roared,the Xakoa Aliens decided to open the hatch,they released the gigantic terror.Rodan roared before he disappeared in space.


Gamera was training for his next enemy,he did not know what enemy he was going to face,but he didn't care,he just trained.Then Rodan crashed into earth.Gamera then saw Rodan,Rodan did not look the same,he looked a bit evil.Rodan roared.ROOOOOAARR!Gamera then knew he was in trouble.

Rodan flew to Gamera,Gamera blasted him with his fire balls,then Gamera flew in the air.Rodan landed on Gamera's shell,Gamera spinned so fast that Rodan fell of and hit a giant rock,Rodan picked up the rock and threw it at Gamera,Gamera blasted it.Rodan then flew and grabbed Gamera.

Gamera quickly spinned again,but this time Rodan was prepared,he let go off Gamera,he then flew above Gamera.Gamera did not know where Rodan went,Rodan then grabbed him with his legs and threw him away.Gamera came back,he charged into Rodan and blasted Rodans head off.

After Rodan was killed,Gamera then decided to test his skills,testing his skills at blasting a kaiju,so he took Rodan's body and he blasted it till it was no more.Gamera then heard noises coming from the skies,he saw the Xakoa Alien Mothership,he did not act quickly,he ignored them.Then the Xakoa Alien Mothership disappeared.

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Nov-05-2019 9:44 AM

Well, rip Rodan...AGAIn.

Suprised you haven't said anything about my signature

Godzilla x Symphogear:


Ganimes V.8

Nov-05-2019 9:54 AM

Change it to the thing i sent you.


Nov-05-2019 10:02 AM


Godzilla x Symphogear:


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