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Velociraptor V.S. Dromaeosaurus

Velociraptor V.S. Dromaeosaurus

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Sep-18-2019 7:35 PM

Just thought of this fight because they're similar in size.

Thanks to Gmkgoji for this banner!


Stomp. The group of female Protoceratops crash through the trees of the small oasis. They’ve just finished laying eggs when they heard rustling in the vegetation, and they knew what that meant. The “pack” of 6 or so of Protoceratops rush out of the predator’s feeding grounds when one cow scraps her leg on a fallen branch. Badly scraped. The cow almost cries out when she realizes the pack’s closing in. She tries to crawl away but it’s too late. One Velociraptor leaps onto her back and claws at it as another strikes a hole in her side with its sickle claw. The female thrashes her head and knocks out some raptors. Then the one leaps from her back and grabs onto her head and claws at her right eye and blinds her. Beeeeooooooooowww!!! The Protoceratops lifts her head and shakes it off when another jumps in front of her and slashes at her chest. The one that punctured her side rushes in and claws through the chest and blood seeps out. The cow bellows in pain one last time before laying her head down and bleeding to death. The pack of raptor cheer and eat their fill. One raptor, a white-and-dark green feathered one, runs in and eats more than his share. Another growls and pushes his head, when he gets angry and bites the other’s “hand”. It gets startled and growls angrily. It grips his head and rips out a handful of feathers. He screams and backs up, charging into it with enough power to force it down on the ground. It grabs his tail and bites. Reee! It drags him out of the grounds and screams for him to hunt his own food, so he’ll have his own share. He grunts and walks away out of the oasis, into the desert.

The white-and-cream feathered Dromaeosaurus runs through the desert in search of prey. She jumps over large rocks, occasionally climbing on one to look around for any living animal. Heck, even a rotting dead one. She’s become desperate, not haven eaten in a close second to a month. She’d tear into anything worth eating by this point. She continues the search, finding a rare couple of trees. She looks behind them, but nothing’s there….

She moves to start running again, when she hears the slight “crunch” of something walking in the sand. She whips around and hides between the trees and catches sight of the Velociraptor. Finally, something she could eat. The Dromaeosaurus begins to walk towards him, but realizes this is another predator we’re talking about, not normal herbivore prey. He’ll put up a harsh fight. But she’s so hungry...and there’s meat...right there, walking ...she's too hungry and runs behind him. The raptor perks up and looks there. Nothing. She runs in front of him and he looks, not there. Then, Droma leaps onto Raptor and rakes at it. Raptor scratches his back, screaming. She rips out feathers and some skin, but he claws at her and shakes her off. They circle, then Raptor does the same trick Droma did. But he attacks from the front, slashing and biting her face and neck. She roars and reaches out her claws, grabbing him. She gets on top of him, keeping him under weight and slightly bigger body, and hacks at him. Raptor growls and gets his feet under her belly and pierces her underside with his sickle claw. She backs up and he gets to his feet. Droma opens her jaws and crashes them down on his arm, almost breaking it, and it flops to his side. Raptor screeches and tail whips her, but she jumps and runs. He looks over to see her charging, jaws open, and he begins to sidestep. She misses, but turns around and bites his torso. He loses lots of feathers and there’s only a patch of skin on his side, and he looks up to see Droma’s mouth full of white-and-green feathers. He looks back down at his once beautiful feathered body, now robbed of feathers and bloody. He narrows his eyes and growls. He then turns away and runs. Droma looks in slight confusion, and opens her mouth as the feathers drift out. He speeds behind her and onto a rock where he springs onto her back and bites it. She roars and falls over and they tackle. He cuts into her with his sickle claw and she snaps at him. Droma chomps on his arm again, finally breaking it. Raptor lifts his head to cry in pain when the Dromaeosaurus bites onto his neck. Now he’s really screaming. She crashes her jaws down onto his neck again. He feels his vocal cords getting severed and his bones cracking in surreal fashion. She lays him on the ground and continues trying to suffocate him. Raptor’s mouth leaks with blood as he uses most of his power to punch holes into her with his toe. She opens her mouth, only to close in harder. Raptor takes his last breath and stops resisting. So much for finding food…..

Droma stares at the body, then practically grins. Finally, something to eat. She drags him to the couple of trees and begins feasting.

Winner: Dromaeosaurus. As much as I love Velociraptor, I think Droma would win from its heavier bite force and slightly larger size. Though Droma was the same in weight, it could’ve still used body size. Dromaeosaurus ate prey larger than what a raptor might eat, as Protoseratops was slightly small, as Droma ate Struthiomimus, which were only a bit bigger than a human!


Hope ya like this. Ask me if ya want another battle or if one's fine, because TheLazyFish and Kamoebas V.6 already make battles.


I make these really weird crossovers just for fun

11 Responses to Velociraptor V.S. Dromaeosaurus


Sep-18-2019 7:46 PM

Your're welcome for the banner. Nice fight btw.

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

The true shark boy

Sep-18-2019 7:48 PM

Welcome to the club, FlyleafFANKaiju


Sep-18-2019 7:54 PM

Thanks, took me a bit of research and lots of procrastinating, but it's done! 

I make these really weird crossovers just for fun


Sep-18-2019 7:57 PM

Droma is very much hangry 

I make these really weird crossovers just for fun


Sep-18-2019 8:13 PM

Also- I made another picture that's like Goji's.

I'm not replacing his, I love it, it's super cool! But I also made one where they got feathers

I was bored as well soooooooo

I make these really weird crossovers just for fun


Sep-18-2019 8:16 PM

i love feather dromaeosaurids


Sep-18-2019 8:32 PM

Same. I like "movie" velociraptors, but I also LOVE real feathered ones.

They so cute like birds -w-

I make these really weird crossovers just for fun

The true shark boy

Sep-18-2019 9:34 PM

How did you make that photo?


Sep-18-2019 9:46 PM

yeah feathered raptors are like cute little deadly ninjas, kind of like kitty cats


Sep-18-2019 10:01 PM

Nice job Flyleaf! Really awesome fight! But if I had to choose the next fight... Albertosaurus V.S. Tyrannotitan just cause

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


Sep-19-2019 5:00 AM

*true shark boy*: I used MS Paint

I make these really weird crossovers just for fun

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