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Megalania V.S. Sarcosuchus

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May-23-2019 8:30 PM

Yay, my first fight with non-Dinosaurs (discounting the Purussaurus in my last two fights and Godzilla, though in one origin story he is a mutated Dinosaur)!!! This is going to be a treat, for me, at least...


A Parasaurolophus drinks from the river bank. The murky water sliding down its throat, it is finally being freed from the thirst that affected the animals of these grasslands during the Great Drought. However, unbeknownst to the unsuspecting herbivore, there is another creature here enjoying the return of the water. A much larger, more dangerous creature is ecstatic at the return of the rivers. One that is incredibly close to its prey. Closer. Just a little closer. And....... Strike!!!! Suddenly a massive, 40 foot long, yellowish-brown Gharial like creature launches from the water and narrowly misses the Parasaurolophus' neck. The Parasaurolophus runs off, not wanting to stay a nanosecond longer near this beast. Sam almost had that Parasaurolophus, had he just been a little closer he could have caught his prey. Now he just has to wait. Again. For a Sarcosuchus, Sam is quite impatient, which has caused him to do some less than safe things in his life. He's even tried to hunt Purussaurus before, it's a wonder he's still alive. He waits for a few hours, but his impatience gets to him and he swims up the river. Soon, he finds a large lizard drinking from the water's edge. Closer.... just a little closer.... and...... Strike!!!


Mike wanders the grasslands he calls home. He's spent a long time drinking from murky puddles that he can barely put the edge of his tongue into, but recently that's changed. For this 23 foot long, beige and dark brown striped Megalania, life has turned for the better. There's abundant water, vast hunting lands, few competitors, and abundant prey. The only problem is that recently he hasn't been able to catch any, they keep seeing him before he can get a bite in. No matter, he can go a while longer without food, but the hunger pangs are annoying him. Mike suddenly feels thirsty again and goes to the water's edge. He takes a few sips until he's full again. He turns around, and begins to move away. Had he not turned at that exact moment, he would be dead right now. He feels water droplets sprinkle onto him and air rush past him, as the jaws of the giant crocodile close right where his neck had been less than a second earlier. He runs back to the grasslands with the Sarcosuchus in hot pursuit. Sam was so close to catching the lizard! He just must be off his game today. Mike runs as fast as he can to the plains, hoping the crocodile will stay in the water. It's a false hope, as Sam runs out of the run in a last ditch effort to catch him. He doesn't have the patience to wait for more prey to come around. At first it seems like Sam is gaining on him, but soon his tremendous size proves to cumbersome for him as he slows to an eventual stop. After a few more seconds of running, Mike stops and turns around, facing the other Reptile. He realizes that the Sarcosuchus can't move around very well on land.... and they're pretty far away from the river. Maybe this is the prey he will be able to catch. He slowly prowls around the creature, while Sam just thinks about how he failed the hunt. Sam doesn't notice the large lizard sneaking up on him until its almost too late. Almost. He sees something dart from the bushes and he somehow turns himself at a near impossible speed to intercept it. Mike stops dead in his tracks when he sees the open jaws of the crocodile coming at him. He turns to run but the Gharial grabs onto his tail and pulls him closer. He struggles to free himself, but it will not let go. It then clamps onto his torso, and he uses all his limbs to attack the giant. He claws and kicks at Sam, until he lands one right on his eye, forcing him off. Sam hisses in pain, and now can only see from one eye. This is what his impatience has cost him, and it may cost him more if he is not careful. He doesn't know about Mike's secret weapon, he only knows to avoid its claws. He backs up, but Mike follows, and quickly sprints and bites onto his back from his side. However, his hide is too thick for Mike's teeth to pierce and Sam quickly shakes the giant lizard off. He tries to grab Mike in his jaws again, but he dodges out of the way in time. Mike then quickly climbs over Sam's back and runs towards a hill. Sam can't truly run after him because of his weight, but he quickly walks after him. Soon, he can no longer see the lizard. He won't give up, though, and reaches the base of the hill. Instead of climbing over it, he walks around it only to find it leads to a very steep incline. Not so steep you can't walk up it, but if you were to run down in you'd almost certainly end up rolling the rest of the way down. He's confused, as he's certain he saw Mike run up the hill. Suddenly, a giant lizard hurtles down the hillside, as it sprints it begins to roll down until it crashes into Sam's side with such force that the Sarcosuchus rolls onto his back as the creature stops his descent after landing on his other side. Sam tries to get back onto his stomach, but his weight prevents him from doing so. Mike quickly rolls to his feet, and while still dazed, begins to claw and bite at Sam's underbelly. Suddenly, Sam uses his webbed feet to push Mike off and finally manages to roll onto his stomach. While Mike did a lot of slashes and bites to his stomach, the wounds aren't too severe. He hisses at Mike, who with a growl, and much to the surprise of Sam, walks away. After watching Mike walk a distance away and resting, he makes his way back to the river he calls home. He deems it a failed hunt and waits for his next opportunity for a meal, like any other day. Unbeknownst to him, something is terribly wrong....


A few days later and he begins to feel sickly, and his wounds haven't stopped bleeding. If anything, they've gotten worse. He's caught a Corythosaurus since the fight, and when he's not looking Mike occasionally eats a little of his kill. He doesn't need much, he'll have a feast in a few weeks. Every now and again, when Sam sleeps on the beach, Mike takes a quick bite onto his leg and holds on for dear life, chewing all throughout. Then he quickly runs away. He'd try to kill Mike, but he doesn't feel he has the energy to do so, and when he moves he bleeds more....


A few more days and his leg wounds haven't even healed. The minor bites have been bleeding quite a bit more than they should be, and his original light wounds are leaking much more blood than before. What worries him more is how Mike creepily watches him. The Sarcosuchus could be doing just about anything, and then he sees the Megalania looking him dead in the eyes, wherever he may be. Recently, another blue Megalania has joined him, constantly watching Sam as he wades in his river....


Another week and almost all the energy has been drained from Sam. The blue Megalania joined Mike in his attacks, and so did another one, and another after that. Now they watch him, getting closer to the river each day. Sam knows he has to leave these Megalania, so he swims downriver, with the current helping him through. However far he swims away, it could be literal miles, the Megalania are right behind him, just slowly walking behind him without a care in the world, always staring at him. Eventually, he has come to a point where he can swim no further, he lacks the energy to do so. His last option, is to fight. He walks up to the Megalania, who all dart over to the plains. Sam slowly walks up to where Mike and the other Megalania are and weakly and slowly tries to bite them, but they easily move out of the way. They keep moving, and now he keeps following, getting weaker all throughout. Suddenly, they reach a ditch with a large patch of mud on the bottom. He puts all his energy into one last lunge at Mike, but he easily dodges and Sam rolls down into the mud. He's stuck on his back, and tries to struggle onto his stomach, but the Megalania are calmly walking down the ditch. They begin to mercilessly attack his stomach, drenching his stomach in blood, until he finally manages to get onto his stomach. He weakly hisses at the Megalania, and with a sudden spurt of strength snaps his jaws towards Mike, but he of course misses. However, the Megalania back off a little. They'e waited a few weeks, what's a few more minutes, or an hour? They lie at the edges of the ditch, like demons slowly torturing him to death. Soon, in the midst of night, he can no longer stand, and plops into the mud with a heavy squelch. He tries to get up, but he lacks the energy and is too large for his own good. Soon, he slips in and out of unconsciousness. With the Megalania getting closer and closer, the moon behind them illuminating their dark silhouettes. Finally, he passes out, and within a few minutes, he stops breathing. The demons have a feast that may last them months. A much smaller, green Megalania gets too close to Mike and he clamps onto its skull and slashes at it. It breaks free, but it got the message, and walks to a different area of the carcass, there's ample food and room for everyone. Mike enjoys the fruits of his hard labor, as he managed to hunt the hunter. While Sam may have ruled the waters in the day, Mike rules the grasslands at night. Exiting the water was his first, and his last, mistake. 


Winner: Megalania!!! While the Sarcosuchus had size and brute strength, as well as the advantage in the water, it was slow and cumbersome on land, and its only advantage on land was its turn radius. However, Megalania was comparatively much faster and agile on land, and had the key to winning the battle. Its venom. Since its closest modern day relative is (probably) the Komodo Dragon, which, like most monitor lizards, has venom, it probably had venom as well, specifically one that reduces blood clots and prevents wounds from healing over and gets them to release more blood. Komodo Dragons are also known for bringing down animals the size of a Water Buffalo, 2-4 times its weight and also much larger and more powerful. They also occasionally "help" each other bring down such large prey, releasing more venom into the creature and keeping it from resting more effectively. Their venom is kind of OP, but would only be effective if they can get through and animal's hide. Luckily for Mike, he managed to roll Sam onto his back, leaving his exposed belly ripe for the picking. After that attack, there was nothing Sam could have really done. Perhaps if he killed Mike and rested in the water for a few days, the venom would wear off later, but since he left him alive, he was constantly releasing more venom into Sam's bloodstream. Sam's biggest mistakes were not staying in the water and not killing Mike when he had the chance. The winner is Megalania, because of its speed and venom.

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

2 Responses to Megalania V.S. Sarcosuchus


May-24-2019 12:49 PM

Nice fight. 

I really like Megalania

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.


May-24-2019 12:57 PM

Thanks, I didn't know you were on the Dinosaur forums too!

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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