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Giganotosaurus V.S. Carcharodontosaurus

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May-17-2019 10:34 PM

10th fight!!!! Woo!!!!! I usually don't want to write 2 fights in one day, or more than 2 or 3 a week, but I'm going to make an exception because everyone who read the last fight is expecting this one, and the only way to be surprising is to publish them both in the same day. Also, 10th fight, so maybe it can be considered a 10th fight special? I don't know. As mentioned in the last fight, I planned that ending and this fight out a LONG time ago, basically from my second fight I wanted to do the Spino V Rex for my 6th and this as my 7th. Bit late..... Anyways, I planned the Spino V Rex more to be less controversial, so this will be a bit less planned, but not a complete mess like my life XD. Also, I left a bit of a hint in the last fight that influences this fight a bit. You might not get it, but it'll be important. Anyways, hopefully you enjoy another fight written by a lunatic. Maybe i should just change my name to "TheLunaticLazyFish" or "TheFishyLazyLunatic".... hmm......


A massive predator stalks the dense forests surrounding a massive lake that only grows further during the storm. It is a massive, 44 foot long, 7 and a half ton predator that is an incredibly dark black, nearly the color of the night sky above. It's few feathers are a bright green, and it's thin stripes that line its flank are the same color. Her crests are a dull green, but still bright enough to stand out in the forest. Gabriela has spent most of her life in these forests and plains, but the conditions are so horrendous that she can barely see more than 5 feet in front of her. Due to this, she couldn't find any prey, until now. The Giganotosaurus sees the Spinosaurus she usually sees here and a strange, muscly predator with 2 fingers. It looks like a bigger, more muscular version of the 2 fingered pack hunters that keep intruding into her forest. She doesn't like those pesky pack hunters, and is quite hungry, so she'll kill it when she sees an opportunity. Suddenly, the Spinosaurus and the Tyrannosaurus roar, so she runs in and severs the Tyrannosaurus' jugular. It's roar is cut short, and it falls to the ground from the impact. It's releases blood from its many wounds and its mouth, and then dies. Suddenly, Gabriela realizes that the she can't hear the Spinosaurus anymore. She looks back to it only to see a predator almost as massive as killed it while she dealt with the big two-finger. This predator has been intruding in her territory for years, almost as annoying as the two-fingered pack hunters she usually deals with. It must have been with her in the forest for nothing to have noticed it. She roars at it, uncomfortable she never noticed it. It roars back angrily. It appears that she'll have to force it out of her territory.....


A titan lurks in the forest. A massive 42 feet long and 6.9 tons, it has charcoal charcoal black with some light blue feathers and dark blue patterning along its scales, subtle tiger stripes, horizontal stripes, and highlights around the skull including the roof of the skull. However, its crests are a bright red. It also has long scars raking across his skull. However large and intimidating this predator is, he is actually rather timid. Shark has almost always been this way, because of the other predators of the area. When the Carcharodontosaurus was a mere juvenile, his parents tried to scare a pair of Tyrannosaurus from their territory. They won, but only barely, and the Tyrannosaurs had to leave. They were incredibly injured from the battle and were drained of energy, when suddenly a massive, black and green predator rushed in and snapped the neck of his father. His mother tried to protect him, but it was truly no contest. The giant lizard grabs hold of her neck in its jaws, and soon crushes her windpipe. The monster drops the carcass of his mother from its titanic jaws, and roars at him. He begins to flee to the southern portion of his parents' territory. Shark finds a small burrow barely large enough to fit him and he runs in. The monster tries to get to him, but can't reach him, and eventually leaves. During the night he hears the sounds of flesh tearing and bones crunching, with the sickening realization it is feasting upon his parents. He sneaks out of the territory and makes it to the massive lake near the center of his parents' territory. Once there, he realizes how hungry he is, and notices a dead Mawsonia, and proceeds to feed on it. However, a creature larger than any predator he has ever seen before is watching him. Suddenly he hears splashing and fast, and loud footsteps. Before he can react, he feels the giant claws raking across his face, sending him flying a distance away. The Spinosaurus roars at him and proceeds to feast on its hard earned meal. She didn't put her full power into her swing because she doesn't really care if she kills it. Shark's barely alive, and is losing blood from deep gashes along his head. He's incredibly lucky to be alive, let alone see from his left eye. After a long while he gets up and limps over into the forest to rest. In a few weeks, he is able to move again and survives on the Spinosaurus' meals while it isn't looking, and going back to hiding. Eventually, he becomes too large for this to keep him alive, so although he is still only a juvenile, he must head into the forests to hunt. Many of his first hunts were failures, but eventually he managed to bring down an Ornithomimus. Though he does have an occasional success, he is constantly terrorized by the monster that killed his parents. It's almost always chasing him. More than once he's almost been snapped up in its jaws, so now he tries to avoid confrontation with everything. He even gives up his meals to the Dakotaraptors that live in the Giganotosaurus' territory with him. Now, he's hiding in the forest in the middle of a massive storm. He can't see anything and is worried that the monster is about to come kill him when he hears two creatures roaring. He looks out from the forest to see a Tyrannosaurus and the Spinosaurus roaring at each other. He sees an opportunity. Maybe if he takes the creature by surprise, and aims for the neck, he may be able to help the Tyrannosaurus kill the creature that gave him his scars. He sprints out and clamps onto the creatures neck, sending the Spinosaurus falling to the ground. He almost falls over it, surprised that he actually managed to knock it over. He backs up a bit to wait for it to get up, but it doesn't. It's bleeding profusely from its wounds, its neck, and is spilling blood from its mouth. Shark must have severed its jugular. He's shocked by this. He actually managed to kill the Spinosaurus? And so easily? Is he as strong as his parents were? If so, then he can probably take on Tyrannosaurus as well, especially since it's injured. He turns to roar at it when he stops dead in his tracks. Above the carcass of the Tyrannnosarus he sees the thing he has been running from his whole life. The one thing he will never be able to escape. The monster he will never be able to defeat. The Giganotosaurus. Shark trembles at the sight of this titan. He's almost never been more scared in his life. The monster that killed both his parents just killed a creature his parents had trouble scaring off with ease, and is now staring right back at him. He doesn't stand a chance. He's about to run when he realizes the Giganotosaurus isn't as big as he remembers it to be. It's only a bit larger than himself. It also seems a bit intimidated by him as well. Is it possible that he's as strong as it? Is there even a chance he can finally be rid of the monster that has been tormenting him his entire life? Shark contemplates this as he stares at the monster. Suddenly, Gabriela roars at him to scare him off. Although the roar is intimidating, to say the least, Shark can sense the uncertainty in it. The Giganotosaurus is afraid of him, but only slightly, and no where near as afraid as the Carcharodontosaurus is of it. However, knowing this does make Shark less afraid of it. In the most intimidating a roar he can manage, he bellows at Gabriela, challenging her to a duel. She's surprised at this, since it usually runs at the sight of her, and rightfully so. She'll just have to put Shark back in his place. She charges at Shark, but he charges at her at the same time, so they butt heads at the middle. Gabriela shakes Shark off, and lunges for him, but he sidesteps and bites her arm. She roars in pain, and tries to claw out his teeth, but like a shark in a feeding frenzy, he will not let go. Eventually he rips her arm off, and swallows it. She screeches in pain. Never had another predator gotten such a strike on her, or humiliated her so badly. It won't live to tell the tale, however, as she lunges and clamps onto his upper jaw. Shark bellows in pain, and shakes his head as hard as he can. He finally manages to shake her off, but now he has new, deep gashes along his skull. She charges him before he can recover, but he quickly sidesteps and rams his skull into her side. She falls over, and before he can clamp onto her neck, she kicks Shark right in the chest. He stumbles back a bit, recovering as Gabriela gets up. The charge each other and push each other to the side with their massive skulls, trying to make their way to the other's neck. Gabriela claws his skull with her good arm repeatedly, and he screeches in pain and stumbles back a bit. Gabriela takes the opportunity to clamp onto his neck, attempting to force him to the ground. However, before her serrated teeth can get to his arteries and veins, he uses her own trick against her and claws her skull. She lets go, and Shark rams his skull upward into her jaws, knocking out some of her teeth. She stumbles back a bit from the massive hit, and he clamps onto her side, tearing off chunks of flesh. She pushes him off, but is now bleeding profusely. She has to end this fast. She charges at him, but he sidesteps yet again, he hatchet bites her back and claws her sides. She muscles him off, but is practically covered in blood. She rams into him, almost knocking him over, and clamps onto his back while kicking and clawing him, trying to force him to the ground. He manages to escape, but is covered in blood and is starting to feel light headed. He's almost never been in a fight before so doesn't realize he can use his muscular legs as well. She rams him in the side as he tries to recuperate, and knocks him to the floor. Before she can get to his neck, Shark kicks her in the gut, finally learning he can use his legs as well as his jaws and claws. She stumbles back, and he gets up. He sprints and rams her in the neck, jaws agape, full force. Her neck is almost a gaping hole, and it's a wonder he didn't manage to pierce anything vital. She pushes him off, and rams him into a nearby tree. She then grabs him by the head and slams him into yet another tree, with such force that it falls over. She rams him through yet another tree until she uses almost all her might to throw his carcass into the ever growing lake. She roars one of the mightiest roars she has ever let loose. Surprisingly for such an inexperienced and timid predator, Shark really put up a good fight. She's forever live with the scars from this battle, but she has a slight respect for the predator she used to terrorize. She begins to walk away when suddenly she hears an answering roar behind her, matching hers in ferocity. She turns back and sees the crushed and blood covered corpse of her opponent come to life and charge her. She sidesteps and rams it in the side. Shark's corpse falls back to the floor immediately. For several moments he does not move again. She begins to walk away when Shark suddenly comes back to life yet again. She turns and tries to charge him, but he sidesteps, ducks and bites her right on the leg. She roars and shakes him off, but he quickly gets back into position and drives upwards, mouth agape, into her stomach, knocking her over. Her stomach is practically pouring blood, but she isn't dead yet. She kicks him in the gut and attempts to go for his exposed neck, but he dodges and knocks her back down to the earth beneath their feet. He clamps onto her neck until her struggling stops. Shark lets go, and tries to roar, but doesn't have the energy to do so and simply collapses to the ground. This fight took all the energy he had, and he simply needs to rest. After a few moments, he almost believes he saw movement from the monster's carcass. He realizes that he probably needs some sleep so he walks back to his resting place. He'll eat his fill in the morning. However, before he can enter the forest, he feels a searing pain in his tail. Gabriela has arisen again, and has clamped onto his tail. The Giganotosaurus drags him back and hatchet bites his back with all the power she has. She is absolutely livid at this Carcharodontosaurus. He falls to his knees, and she grabs him by the neck. She isn't going to kill him quickly, she's going to make his death slow. She drags him by the neck, leaving deep gashes and clawing him as she makes her way to the lake. She pulls him into the lake and proceeds to drown the wretched Carcharodontosaurus. Shark struggles his hardest, but begins to feel his life ebb away. Suddenly, he slams his jaws into hers, forcing her to let go. He arises yet again for a breath only to be fighting to keep her jaws from his neck again. Gabriela decides to disable his main weapon first and clamps onto his lower jaw. He shakes as hard as he can, but he can slowly feel his jaw begin to break under the pressure. He has one, final trick up his sleeve. He claws at her jaws and neck, forcing her to let go. As she stumbles and roars in pain, Shark arises from the waters yet again and rams into her underbelly as hard as he can, pushing them a few meters closer to shore. However, Gabriela regains her footing and uses her larger size to push Shark back towards the water. After a long struggle, they reach the area they were before, and they begin to head-shove each other. Shark suddenly lifts his head up and clamps onto her upper jaw and shakes his head from side to side while clawing at her skull. He also begins to kick her in her already wounded gut. She breaks free, but bleeding profusely from her stomach and from new wounds on her skull. She clamps onto his neck and drives upwards, practically holding him up in the air by his neck. He struggles as hard as he can, and begins clawing at her skull again, but she is not letting go this time. Shark begins to kick out as hard as he can, striking direct blows to her wounded gut. She doubles over from the pain, letting him go and allowing him to fall into the water. He quickly gets up and grabs her by the neck. Using all his might, he swings the larger predator into the water and backs up. She roars at him and begins to charge at him yet again. However, before she can get back to Shark something catches her leg and she falls over. She tries to dislodge her foot but feels an immense pressure on her foot. Suddenly it breaks, and soon after gets torn off while she is trying to fight whatever grabbed a hold of her foot. The unseen assailant soon charges and grabs her by what is left of her leg and crushes it under 7 tons of pure bite force. It slowly begins to drag her into the water. In a last ditch effort to escape, she jumps forward with her good leg and lands closer to shore, allowing Shark a glimpse of what is attacking her. A log. No, a massive, 41 foot long, 9 ton, furious predator with a bite force to put Tyrannosaurus to shame. A Purussaurus, more specifically, the angry mother of the juvenile Purussaurus that was killed by the Spinosaurus. However, she doesn't know that the Spinosaurus killed it. She thinks Gabriela killed it because she's in the water with her. She grabs Gabriela by her good leg, crushes it, and drags the monster back into the water. All that can be heard are Gabriela's screeches in pain, bones crunching, the tearing of flesh, and the splashing of water as the Purussaurus uses its signature death role on her. Soon, all that's left is some blood, a single foot, and part of her skull. Shark now knows that he will have to be very careful around this lake from now on. However, he can worry about that later. He exits the water and looks out upon his territory. He's ecstatic that he no longer has to worry about being chased by a predator larger than himself, or struggling to find a meal, or thinking about leaving the place he grew up in. No, he's ecstatic to have his territory back. His home. Although he can barely remember his parents, if at all, something just always felt right about living here. And now it is his. Well, his and the mother Purussaurus and her offspring feasting on Gabriela's corpse. He takes a single step and attempts to roar, but with so much energy lost and so many wounds, his knees buckle and he collapses to them. However, he gets up, and releases the most dominant and intimidating roar that can be heard from miles around. The most powerful and awe inspiring roar heard in these forests for decades. Not since his parents claimed this place as their own has such a roar been heard. He has proven himself to be greater than the monster that killed his parents, nay, greater than his parents, and the true apex predator of these lands. He has become the true ruler of these lands. He may now rest, and awake in the morning to a sun that is now his.


Winner: Carcharodontosaurus!!!!! The Carcharodontosaurus won from mainly luck. The Giganotosaurus was larger, stronger, and more experienced, but the Carcharodontosaurus had speed over it. It also had the luck of the Spinosaurus angering the Purussaurus enough to kill the Giganotosaurus, and that the Carcharodontosaurus pulled it into the water behind them just in time or else it may have gone for him instead. It also learned from the Giganotosaurus as they fought, so it could almost match it in skill as well. The main things that went for the Carcharodontosaurus were its speed, unpredictability/non-uniform attacks, the Giganotosaurus mainly attacking weakened opponents, and, of course, the well timed Purussaurus attack. Hope you all liked the 10th incoherent fight written by a lunatic!

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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