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Spinosaurus V.S. Tyrannosaurus

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May-17-2019 10:04 AM

The time has arrived..... for the most controversial fight in the entirety of Jurassic Park history.... Rex V Spino... or Spino v Rex.... I am sorry for bringing this to the forums, but I just kinda wanted to give my own take on it. No fighting in comments please. I'm trying to make this as neutral a fight as possible. I am sorry for releasing such a catastrophe on the forums yet again.... Ok I'm hyping this up too ridiculously. I'm going to treat it the same as I would any other fight I would do, by trying to give each animal a fair chance and giving as much power to them as I think they have, for example not allowing the Rex to shoot fireballs or not allowing the Spinosaurus to fly. Of course, those are extremes, but you get what I mean.... I think.... Prepare for the incoherent ramblings of a lunatic on the most controversial fight he could write about... because he is insane.... But seriously, this isn't any different from any fight on the forums. If everyone just forgets JP3 and all the previous flame wars about it, it's just a regular fight. Basically Velociraptor V.S. Acheroraptor, or Giganotosaurus V.S. Saurophaganax. If that scene in JP3 never happened, no one would care. It's just that one scene.... the one scene that can never be taken back... there will never be a way to correct it, nor is there a right answer.... and no one may forget the movie because it is a Jurassic Park movie... it shall forever be ingrained in our minds, haunting our-seriously, over hype. Just treat it, like Sarcosuchus V.S. Megalania or something. Something no one cares enough to start a flame war over...... Actually that fight sounds like a good idea... I'll look into it later.... Anyways, enough trigger warnings for something that (almost definitely) requires no trigger warning. We are all mature people, we can argue our point respectfully in the comments by saying stuff like "YoU SucK BoI, SpINo/REx iS BeST BoI!!!" But seriously. It's been 17 years this question was first raised, so no one should care who I declare the winner, right? *Sees mob readying pitch forks*. Crap. Side note: this drawn out intro was just made for some mild chuckles, not very serious. Doubt I really need to say this, but be respectful in the comments if you want to voice your argument. We don't want JWW3. But I doubt that'd happen. Doubt we could really get a flame war from some random fight I wrote. Anyways, this drawn out intro and side note has gone on WAY too long. Enjoy/despise the fight!


In the middle of a near pitch black night, a storm brews. This is no mere drizzle or light shower. This is a proper storm. Water pours from the black sky, almost as if it was being dumped through a drain. In these conditions, one may not see more than 5 feet in front of them. However, the storm does not stop the search of prey for one titan. A massive, 40 foot long, 7 ton, charcoal black predator wanders through the forests, its steps causing the earth to tremble beneath its feet. The only sign of the titan is its massive shadow and the small, electric blue feathers adorning its neck and back. How impressive a beast this is, but it has faced tough times. The Tyrannosaurus has had little luck catching prey recently, despite its years of experience, it failed every hunt it attempted over the past two weeks. It's just Tyler's bad luck showing; that's just how nature is sometimes. It's especially becoming harder to find prey because he can see no more than a few feet in front of him and the rain is washing away all the scents and tracks of prey that he may find. However, he suddenly exits the forest, much to his surprise, and finds a massive lake with a river nearly as wide as the Nile flowing through it. This is a shock to him, as he does not recall such a place being in his territory. Tyler soon realizes that he became lost, but decides to look around the lake for potential prey. Soon he comes across an impressive creature he has never seen before. It is a good 10 feet longer than him (no, more!) and has an impressive sail that makes it look even taller than himself. It's legs are somewhat short, but it still manages to keep its head slightly above his with the posture of its neck. It has crocodile like scales with feathers along it. He also notices it is eating an average size caiman. The bizarre predator reminds him faintly of a Deinocheirus he once saw, but it is still completely different. Tyler is hungry, so as impressed as he is by this new creature's uniqueness, he must hunt it. He slowly walks up to it, but the odd creature feels something is wrong, and turns around....


As horrid the conditions are on land, they are nothing compared to that of the water. The current has become quite fast, the lake is flooding, and it is nearly impossible to see, let alone swim in the water. This does not deter this predator though. It still swims, fighting the current that runs through its lake, and seeks for its prey. The massive, 52 foot, 8 ton predator, glides with surprising grace and stealth through the water. The monstrous predator is a very dark blue, and has an electric blue sail. However, she can flush blood into it to make it an insidious crimson color that is threatening enough to scare off any predator. The Spinosaurus finally spots her prey: a juvenile Purussaurus. Sara slowly swims to it from below, before driving straight up to the surface and gripping the poor caiman into her jaws. The momentum propels them both through the surface a few feet above, and they breach. To say the Purussaurus is confused would be an understatement. Sara then begins to rip into it with her claws while holding it in her jaws with a death grip. In less than 15 seconds, she's finished her work, all she has to do now is bring the meal back to the shore to enjoy. When she reaches the surface to see where land is, she's shocked to find that the shoreline has receded by several meters. However, she'll be fine: she's an impressive swimmer, just like all Spinosaurus. Soon she wades across the lake back to her resting spot and soon begins to dig in to her meal. Sarah thoroughly enjoys this meal, but suddenly she feels something is wrong. She hears nothing, except for maybe a footstep coming from behind her. Wondering what would dare try to sneak up on her, she turns around and is completely shocked by what she sees. A predator a little over 10 feet shorter than her in length is attempting to ambush her. She's never seen such a bulky predator before, it's almost all muscle and is incredibly wide. It had enormous jaws but puny, yet muscular, arms. It looks like a larger and bulkier version of the two-fingered pack hunters that have been intruding on her territory for years now. If it is like them, then she has to be wary of its jaws. The pack hunters already have a strong bite, but one as large as this would have an astronomically powerful bite. She has no idea what to make of this, but instinctively flushes blood to her sail to scare it off. Tyler is scared now. He has just lost the element of surprise against a creature quite a bit longer than himself that is now turning an intimidating crimson, or at least its sail. He now notices the massive claws on the beast, and knows to avoid them at all costs, just like with Deinocheirus. If he's unlucky or careless enough, some of those could impale him through the skull. Tyler wonders if picking this fight is such a good idea, but he needs the food. Also, a meal this size would feed him for weeks! He roars at the Spinosaurus and rushes in, aiming for a clamp on its neck. Sarah is surprised by this, but not entirely. It really is like the two fingered pack hunters. She sidesteps and bites him on the neck; struggling to fit her jaws around it. She claws at him while doing so, but soon switches tactics to try and snap his neck. It's an effective strategy against the two fingered pack hunters, because even if they escape they'll be wounded and unlikely to come bother her again. However, since this beast is so much larger, it doesn't work and she eventually gets shaken off. Tyler is bleeding profusely from his side, and realizes how stupid a move he just tried to pull off. He circles the Spinosaurus, and once he sees an opening goes for her sail. He can't quite reach the top, so he rears back somewhat to try and bit the top of it. Sarah is incredibly scared now; she can feel the crushing bite of the predator on her vertebrae. She knows if this continues they will break and she will become paralyzed. She quickly turns and before Tyler can reposition himself she slashes at his underbelly, leaving deep gashes along his gut. He quickly lets go to avoid further injury and backs up a bit. He can't get to the sail or neck without dealing with the arms, so he'll have to disable them. He runs and clamps onto one of Sarah's arms, putting as much power into his bite as he can. Sarah claws at his skull, and bites at his neck. She impales her claws through his lower jaws, and forces him to let go, but not before Tyler breaks her arm. They both roar in pain, Sarah just lost one of her main weapons, and Tyler has a much weaker bite now because of his injury. They slowly circle each other, thinking of what to do. Suddenly, Sarah runs in and slashes at him with her good arm while grabbing onto his neck with her jaws. Tyler takes advantage of this position and clamps onto her neck. Now Sarah is back on the defensive. She claws faster than ever, trying to force him off. Eventually, she accidentally claws his eye out, causing him to let go and back up. He roars in pain, and now can only see through one eye. Sarah takes the opportunity to retreat to the water. Tyler follows after her, not realizing how deep the water is. Soon he can no longer see her, and his feet are barely touching the muddy bottom below. He has no idea where the Spinosaurus went, and decides to go back to shore and deem this an utter failure of a hunt. Suddenly 8 tons of force slam him in the side, knocking the wind out of him. He looks and barely sees the blue sail of his assailant. He's knocked onto his side and struggles to regain his footing as he's being clawed to death by the Spinosaurus. Sarah accidentally pushes him to a shallower area and he begins to run. He gets back to land with Sarah in hot pursuit. Once she reached land, Tyler rushes in and begins biting her flank, tearing chunks of flesh off her side and sail. Sarah eventually manages to muscle the Tyrannosaurus off and they both back up. They look at each other, and release the loudest, most imposing roars they have ever let out. However, the roars are cut short. Suddenly both their throats are clamped onto, severing their jugulars. A Giganotosaurus runs out and severs Tyler's jugular when he least expects it, and a Carcharodontosaurus does the same Sarah. The two size each other and begin to let loose roars more imposing than the last, while Sarah and Tyler lay on the floor, drowning in their own pools of blood. Now, the true battle is about to begin......


Winner: Giganotosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus/Me for not choosing a winner! These two one because they caught the two predators by surprise and while they were vulnerable, and their teeth were well suited for bleeding them out and severing their jugulars. Both their necks were exposed and although it would be tough for them to fit their jaws around their necks, their teeth were well suited enough to bring them down. That's why the T-rex's bite force wouldn't have been much of a factor for critical points, because it would barely be able to fit any of their necks in its mouth, drastically reducing its bite force. These two didn't need them, had the ambush, and the two left their necks wide open. That's how the other two members of the Big Four were able to so easily bring them down.


Of course the ending is a prelude to the next fight I'm going to write. I kind of felt bad for the Spino, I actually didn't want to see it go because I kind of felt attached to it while writing the fight, but I already knew how I would end this fight from when I first even considered writing it. It may just be that it's my favorite Dinosaur, but I really liked how I imagined it looked and how it just relaxed, occasionally chasing off "two-fingered pack hunters" from her territory. How it acted in the fight. I don't know, I just liked it. So of course I give it a brutal, gory death. I also liked Tyler, mainly because of how I imagined what he looked like and that he just had a lot of bad luck recently, which is incredibly relatable to me. Basically a big old Squidward. I liked the Spino more, but I liked them both. So I kill them both off. Brutally. I think there might be something wrong with me. Hopefully I write my next contestants as well as I did in this one. It won't end the same way, I think. There'll be a clear winner in the next one, as usual. Because that fight's less controversial. Right? *Sees mob* Why do I do the things that I do?

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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