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JW Allosaurus V.S. JW Metriacanthosaurus

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May-07-2019 8:01 PM

I know I say "before we get into the fight" a lot, BUT BEFORE WE GET INTO THE FIGHT I just wanted to say that once again this is an idea by Alphadino65. He suggested a fight that takes place in the JP universe, even more specifically between these 2 carnivores between the events of Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Failing Franchise-I mean Fallen Kingdom. Though seriously, what was that movie?!!! That deserves a discussion of its own, but that's not what I'm writing about today. A SMILING INDORAPTOR ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!!!!!!-Anyways, I tried to make this fight as accurate to the franchise as possible. I was surprised to learn that Metricanthosaurus can grow from 23 to THIRTY-SIX FEET LONG in the universe, according to the Jurassic World Website from the first movie. The problem is they only listed a weight of one ton... that's it. So using some probably faulty math I found that a 36 foot long Metriacanthosaurus would be about 4 tons, which doesn't seem too bad. According to the Jurassic World Wiki, the Allosaurus ranges from 30-40 feet, but again only has one weight listed, 2.3 tons. So using some again probably faulty math, I got a weight of 4.5-5.4 tons. Take these estimates with a mountain of salt, I am very unsure about these estimates. Anyways, let's get into the fight. (I'm sorry, I know I say that a lot too)


Isla Nublar 2016

4 giant, blue predators prowl the jungles outside their territory. It has been one year since they escaped the confines of their enclosure. 12 months since they found new kinds of animals on the concrete pathways. 365 days since their first hunt. Antoinette is the leader of this pack. She is a massive, 4.5 ton, 40 foot long predator, and dwarfs all the other carnivores on the island, save one. There are two males in the pack, Alex and Al, each respectively 33 and 34 feet long. There are two other females in the pack, a 33 foot long hunter named Alice, and Anger, who is 36 feet long and caring over her eggs back at the nest in the redwoods. Months before they were finally free, Anger and Alex mated and two months after the tall monkeys left, Anger laid a clutch of eggs. The pack has been doing its best to protect the eggs along with her, especially Alex and Antoinette. Right now though, they must chase a threat out of their territory. They heard a roar just outside the lines of their immense territory, so they had to go drive it away. And that is how they got to where they are now, in a thick jungle in unfamiliar territory searching for another predator. They should be fine since they're a pack of 4, immense predators, but unfortunately for them, they meet something that had the same thought. 4 somethings. 4, BIG somethings.....


Morticia is prowling the outskirts of her territory with her packmates. She is 36 feet long and an immense 4 tons, the largest Metriacanthosaurus to ever set foot on this island. There are 2 other females and one male in her pack. Mary and Marie, who are 27 and 32 feet long, are right behind her while Mike, who is 33 feet long, stays by her side. Morticia is the leader of this pack, and Mike is her beta. About an hour ago, Marie accidentally stepped onto the neck plate of a Stegosaurus they ate a few weeks ago and roared in pain. Everyone went to her side to comfort her, but stopped when they heard a response roar. The roar was too close for comfort, so as soon as Marie got over the pain of stepping on the Stegosaurus, they head off to scare away whatever it was that roared at them. Towards the edge of the jungle, they found 4 massive predators walking into their territory. In most cases, Morticia would order her pack to run, but she realizes that the predators have no idea where they are. They keep getting caught on the trees and plants that inhabit the jungle. They also haven't noticed the Metriacanthosaurs yet. She also realizes they are downwind of the blue predators. With the element of surprise, the pack could bring down the Allosaurs. She gives a very low growl for her pack to sneak up and attack. They move towards their targets......


The wind changes direction, and Antoinette smells something nearby. 4, large, meat eating, somethings. She roars to her pack to prepare for an attack, and at that moment a brown predator lunges for Alex's neck. Thanks to Antoinette's warning, he barely dodges Mary's bite, and it barely grazes his neck. The Allosaurs roar in alarm when suddenly the rest of the Metriacanthosaurus rush out of the treeline towards them. Antoinette and her pack prepare to meet the Metriacanthosaurus pack, and sprint at them. The two sides clash in where the jungle opens up very slightly, not quite a clearing, but just somewhat less vegetation crowding up the area. Alice attempts to claw Mary in the face, but she dodges and bites her on the other arm. Marie claws Alex across the face, but then Alex retaliates with his own bite to her skull. Mike and Al ram each other head on, and become dazed. Once the shock where's off they mock charge one another, trying to get each other into a vulnerable position. All these minor skirmishes pale into comparison to the grand duel commencing between Antoinette and Morticia. It's almost as if though the two somehow inexplicably know that they're both pack leaders. They simply stare each other down to try and get the other to call off the battle. Morticia roars at Antoinette, fed up by this contest, and Antoinette bellows back. Antoinette mock charges, but Morticia doesn't fall for it. Antoinette tries this a few more times, then gives up and simply circles Morticia. Morticia circles around with her, each a mirror image of the other. Finally, Morticia snaps forward and bites Antoinette on the shoulder blade. Antoinette roars in rage and clamps her jaws around Morticia's back, forcing her to let go. Morticia shakes her off and quickly goes for Antoinette's leg, but she sidesteps her and rams into her shoulder. However, before Antoinette can get to a safe distance away from her, Morticia claws Antoinette along the length of her snout, leaving deep gashes that reached the bone. Antoinette roars in pain, allowing Morticia to run in and bite her exposed neck, cutting her off short. Antoinette wastes no time in slashing her neck and shoulders with her large claws and arms until she lets go. Morticia quickly sidesteps upon letting go and bite into her side and pushing her into a tree. Antoinette kicks her off and tries to regain her footing, but Morticia runs back in and bites her on the arm. Antoinette shakes her body and right arm while at the same time using her left as a pillar to help support her as she regains her footing. Upon reaching stability, she quickly turns and bites Morticia's leg, forcing her off. Morticia retaliates with a kick to the jaw, sending Antoinette reeling in pain. Antoinette knows she has to recover quickly, as Morticia's attacks are unrelenting. Morticia runs in for a bite to the neck, but Antoinette smashes her head into Morticia's side before she reaches her, sending her stumbling off to the side. Antoinette runs in and clamps down on her neck with her jaws and pushes her to the floor with the aid of her claws. Morticia is beginning to feel light headed, but kicks Antoinette in the shin with all her might, sending her crashing to the floor. They both regain their footing and Morticia backs up towards a certain dead tree she's passed many times on her patrols. Antoinette runs up, as Morticia expected, and she run to the side and hits the feeble tree with the full force of her tail. The tree falls and lands on Antoinette. Antoinette is sent crashing to the floor with a dead tree on top of her. Of course, it is a fairly small tree, if it were stronger than Morticia never would have been able to push it down. If Antoinette has time to recover, she can push it off of herself. She does not have any time, however, as Morticia slowly walks up and places her jaws around Antoinette's exposed neck. Antoinette's legs are pinned under the tree at the moment and her claws are beneath her. There is nothing she can do as Morticia begins to exert her full bite force onto Antoinette's neck......


Morticia has won. Her foe is pinned beneath a tree and her weapons are pinned, she is helpless now. As she begins to exert pressure, she sees Antoinette shaking somewhat. This confuses her, so she let's go of her for a second. Antoinette briefly lifts her upper body up and smashes her skull into Morticia's head, and as gravity reclaims her and forces her back to the floor, she turns so her claws are faced toward the attacker instead of pinned beneath her. Morticia recovers quickly and aims for a final bite to the neck, but she gets long, deep gashes from Antoinette's freed claws. As she stumbles back and roars in pain, Antoinette uses all her strength to lift the tree off her and get back up. She has many long, but shallow gashes on her sides and legs from the tree, and a good portion of her ribs were practically obliterated from the tree collapsing on her, but she'll live. Assuming she makes it out of this fight alive. Morticia runs in and clamps her jaws around Antoinette's already injured leg, and cracks it. Antoinette roars and body checks her, but she can no longer run due to the wound. Morticia recovers and rams Antoinette in the side, and then clamps her jaws around her back. Antoinette shakes her off, and then slams her arm into Morticia's skull, dazing her. Antoinette takes advantage and hatchet-bites her on the back, knocking the wind out of her and almost severing her spinal cord, which is now partially visible through the blood. Morticia crumbles to her knees, and Antoinette hatchet bites her neck and doesn't let go. She forces her to the ground in her death grip and suffocates the life out of her. Morticia fights desperately, kicking, clawing, and smashing her skull into Antoinette as much as she can, but she will not let go. Morticia looks around, but sees the rest of her pack being slaughtered by the Allosaurs. She knows she has been bested, and stops struggling. She won't survive long with her injuries and without her pack, who she held so dear and were vital to catching the large prey of the island. Her life ebbs away while the jaws of the Allosaur pressure more and more around her neck. Soon her breathing stops, and she is dead. Antoinette still gives a good twist of her neck and hears a satisfying SNAP sound, she can't be too safe. She limps over to the rest of her pack to help them fight, but only finds that they already dealt with the rest of the pack, only their bloody corpses remain. Metriacanthosaurus has gone extinct again. They all gives croons of concern and worry, but she growls that she will be fine, and that they should head back to their own territory with the threat eliminated. They all walk back to the nest while slowing down so that Antoinette can keep up. Soon they have made it back to the nest to find a joyful Anger looking down into the nest. When Antoinette snorts Anger looks back and croons with worry, but Antoinette assures her they'll all be fine. Antoinette limps towards her when she hears chirping sounds emanating from the nest. She quickens her pace as the rest of her pack eagerly trot up to the nest, and finds something that almost makes her forget about her pain. 5 of the original 12 eggs Anger laid have hatched, and little, blue Dinosaurs are lying down in the nest, unable to walk yet but still trying to wrestle one another. Antoinette snorts and all the baby Allosaurs look up to her. They almost instantly recognize her as their alpha and quiet their chirping until Antoinette permits them to speak. They then sniff the rest of the pack, trying to internalize their scents and looks, and stop after memorizing Al's scent. They begin their play once again until one of them begins to chirp for food. The other 4 baby Allosaurs begin to chirp as well, beginning to feel the pangs of hunger from their stomach. Antoinette lets out a long breath. This is going to be a long 4 years, but at least they know where they can find some food. 


Winner: Allosaurus!!! In the JW universe (and in real life) Allosaurus is larger than Metriacanthosaurus. The best chance the Metriacanthosaurs had was Morticia, the one who rivaled even Antoinette in size, but was still smaller and had weaker claws and smaller arms than her. She also has a smaller skull and a tall skull, indicative of a weak bite. Allosaurus had the larger skull, claws, arms, and just overall size. The Metriacanthosaurs did have the advantage of knowing the territory, but they were still outmatched by the Allosaurus. They were lucky I didn't put any Metriacanthosaurs from the lower ends of the size range, or they'd have stood no chance whatsoever. Also, Metriacanthosaurus was the one to have gone extinct again in JP canon, and this was most likely due to competition from other predators. Allosaurus, however, survived in large numbers to the end of Jurassic World: Failing Franchise-sorry, did it again. They had 6 KNOWN individuals (one of which a juvenile) appearing in the movie, only one of which was shown to die. There could have been even more Allosaurus on the island, but that's just speculation. Anyways, Allosaurus had almost every advantage in this fight, and is the one known to have survived to Fallen Kingdom (I got it right this time!), while it was confirmed that Metriacanthosaurus died out. 

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