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Megalodon vs Livyatan

Megalodon vs Livyatan

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James Inkton

May-01-2019 11:20 AM

I am Going to tell you guys my opinion of who would win a fight between these two



Image result for megalodon

Length: 60 Feet

Weight: 60 Tons

Speed: 20 MPH

Bite Force: 20 Tons

Diet: Large Whales, Large Fish, and Dolphins



Image result for Livyatan


Length: 57 Feet

Weight: 50 Tons

Speed: 15 MPH

Bite Force: 10-15 Tons

Diet: Baleen Whales and Dolphins


Advantages for Megalodon:

Stronger Bite

Better Smell

Slightly Larger


Doesn't Need Air



Advantages for Livyatan:


Larger Teeth

Stronger Head




Image result for Livyatan

Livyatan Finishes killing a Cetotherium and starts feasting on it, Megalodon 3 miles away smells the dead whale and proceeds to check it out he sees the Livyatan feasting on it, and he decides to Charge it head on and rams Livyatan and pushes him away from the carcus livyatan charges mouth agape, megalodon senses livyatan charging and moves out of the way of livyatans huge jaws, Livyatan goes up for air and goes down like a torpedo at the megalodon, megalodon swings around and bites the right fin off of livyatan and proceeds to bite the left fin off as well Livyatan tries to move but it cant turn, livyatan tries to call for help from its pod, Megalodon bites the tail off of livyatan and then dives deep, it then looks up at its opponent and charges up mouth agape, while livyatan still calls for help, he looks down and the last thing he sees is the open jaws of megalodon, megalodon bites the livyatans stomach, as blood and organs of livyatan spill out in the water, megalodon Begins the Massive feast, with the dead cetotherium and livyatan it will sustain the megalodon for the next week.


Winner: Megalodon

Related image


The Megalodon was too Fast for the mighty Livyatan to handle and ends up as whale soup for megalodon, But who do you think would win in a fight? 

6 Responses to Megalodon vs Livyatan


May-01-2019 7:36 PM

Once again, a bit short, but well written. I agree that a Megalodon would beat a Livyatan if it had the drop on it, if the Livyatan had the drop on it then it would go to the Livyatan. If neither had the element of surprise, it'd be close. It would really depend on the individual, but I see Megalodon winning very slightly more often, like 50.5-49.5%. By the way, are you knew to the forums? If so, welcome to Scified man!

"If people weren't lazy, we'd get nothing done," TheLazyFish, January 30, 2019.

James Inkton

May-01-2019 7:57 PM

Yes I am new I appreciate that man!



May-01-2019 8:24 PM

Np. I can see you're a Dino fan too. What made you get into Dinosaurs?

"If people weren't lazy, we'd get nothing done," TheLazyFish, January 30, 2019.

James Inkton

May-02-2019 10:30 AM

I saw them when i was young and wanted to know more about them


May-02-2019 11:15 AM

Same, kinda

"If people weren't lazy, we'd get nothing done," TheLazyFish, January 30, 2019.


May-02-2019 11:15 AM

Also, I can't seem to be able to see or comment on your new posters

"If people weren't lazy, we'd get nothing done," TheLazyFish, January 30, 2019.

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