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Can anyone catch me up on the comics as of late?

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Apr-29-2019 1:25 AM

I stopped reading the comics awhile ago but I heard they were on an upswing lately so I wanted to try and get back into them. Yet I feel like there’s a lot I’ve missed that’s integral to the understanding of current events. I figured I’d ask a few specific questions to kinda focus this, but if anyone wanted to just give me a broad summary I’d greatly appreciate it.

  1. I thought Black Widow died in Secret Empire. But apparently now she’s a clone or something. What’s that about?

  2. Why is Black Panther in space? Maybe he’s not currently, I just read the first issue of his current ongoing.

  3. What’s wrong with She-Hulk? I know that she went into a coma during Civil War 2, but why is she now out of control?

  4. Is Wolverine actually back? How? I thought Old Man Logan was the only version of him now.

  5. How did the Hulk come back to life and get the abilities he currently has in his ongoing?

  6. What’s going on with the X-Men? I think there’s a big X-Men event happening right now so how do I start getting into that?

  7. What is Scott Lang in currently? Anything?

  8. I’m totally lost in Thor’s solo series. Just finished issue 3. When did he lose his arm? Did they ever reveal why he was unworthy? What is this about Loki stabbing Thor’s mom? How was Asgard destroyed? Who is Thori?

  9. What are the currently ongoing big events and how do I get into them?

Thank you all for the help!

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