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Labocania V.S. Nanotyrannus

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Apr-26-2019 1:56 PM

Hey, before we get into this I just want to address the controversy of using either of these in a fight. First of all Labocania might not be a Tyrannosauroid, but I believe it to be one based on the fossils, its time, location, etc, so in my opinion Labocania can be considered a Tyrannosauroid, even if it may be dubious. Then there's NanoT. In my opinion, it IS a juvenile T-rex, I wish it wasn't, but I believe it was. Though since it hasn't been DEFINITIVELY proven that it's a synonym of T-rex, I still get to use it in my fights. Basically my rule is no matter what I believe about it, if it hasn't been proven a synonym, I can use it, even if it may be dubious. Anyways, with that said, let's get into the fight!


A predator is stalking through the forests in search of prey. Its black feathers have both subtle and vibrant shades of red spread across his 17 foot body, most prominently on his scaled face. The Nanotyrannus looks like something that crawled straight out from hell. Necrotic is prowling through the forest. He's never been in this particular forest before, and is wandering through because he wishes to expand his territory. So far, he hasn't found the scent of any predators larger than him. Oddly enough, he's only picked up the scent of prey. He's about to abandon his patrol when suddenly he catches a new scent. A predator he has never seen nor smelled before. Curious, but wary, he follows the scent to where it is strongest. He emerges into a small clearing in the forest and sees a nest. He walks closer to it to see what lies within, and sees juvenile Tyrannosaurus. Terrified, he moves to run back, until he looks back and realizes they aren't Tyrannosaurus. They are different, smaller, different amounts of feathers in certain areas, different shaped snouts, etc. Intrigued, he looks around for its parents, but after not seeing them deems it safe enough to inspect the hatchlings more closely. They can't be much older than a week, if that. They are somewhat similar to Tyrannosaur hatchlings, but are different. He takes in the scent of these hatchlings and realizes the scent he had been following was one of the parents of these hatchlings. He has no idea where they are. He feels a rumble emanating from his stomach, and realizes he's a bit famished. From past experience and from his instinct he knows that he should kill these hatchlings even if he wasn't hungry, since they will pose competition in the future. There's about 10 of these not-Tyrannosaurs to eat, so that should fill him up. He starts by picking up an orange and blue hatchling playing to the side of its siblings. It begins to squeal in fear and pain as the ivory daggers cut into its flesh. Necrotic is amused, and begins to play with his prey, putting it down, letting it run a little, and nipping it again until he begins to grow bored. His hunger gets the better of him now and he picks it up one last time. As he is about to bite it he feels a literal ton of force ram into his side. As he falls onto the forested floor several meters away, he looks up to see something that makes him freeze in terror.


2 predators are stalking their prey from a forest. One a 24 foot long monster with orange and blue feathers, and the same colors on her scales. The other a 23 foot long Labocania with forest green scales and vibrant red feathers. Lotus and Leon see their prey: a Muttaburrasaurus with a broken leg feasting on ferns a ways away from its departing herd. As Lotus is about to burst from the clearing, she feels something is terribly wrong. She has the burning desire to check on her hatchlings. She signals to Leon that she is about to go check on her hatchlings, and sprints back. Leon is left dumbfounded as the Muttaburrasaurus begins to quickly limp away after hearing the sprint. He has no choice now but to chase after it....


Lotus is sprinting as fast as she can to get back to her nest. As she gets closer, she hears the pained cries of her children. She pushes herself to go faster. She bursts into the clearing and sees her daughter, Lola, about to be eaten by a red and black monster. Without stopping, she rams full force into the side of the demon, sending it flying a few meters away. When it looks back, it freezes in fear of her for a moment. Only one.


Necrotic quickly gets back up and roars at what he presumes to be this not-a-Tyrannosaur's mother. Its child is the spitting image of this creature. It's smaller than what he expected, though it still is much larger than he is. He must be wary, he probably won't survive a bite from this beast. Lotus roars and charges the demon, trying to knock it back down to the floor. The demon sidesteps her and quickly bites her flank and darts back. Lotus turns to see it is between her and her child. She charges it again, and Necrotic sidesteps her again. She was expecting this, though, and pivots to face him. Necrotic isn't taking any chances and jumps backward to avoid getting bit. Now Lotus is between Necrotic and Lola. Necrotic circles them, trying to get to a point where he can charge in and bite Lotus again, but Lotus is turning to face him. Suddenly they hear a call from a distance away. This distracts Lotus for a second, and Necrotic takes advantage of it. He sprints to her side and bites her leg. She bellows in pain and kicks him off. He runs a ways away and waits. She's limping now due to the wound. Necrotic is ecstatic; he has the upper hand now. He quickly sprints around and takes small bites at Lotus whenever he can, attempting to cause death by a thousand cuts. Lotus can't run and can't move too fast or else she will step on the cowering hatchling beneath her, so she can only wait. After a series of these long cuts, she is starting to grow weak. However, she has noticed a pattern, whenever the demon goes a certain distance he cuts in for a bite. She guesses where the next attack will come from, and as she expected Necrotic comes running from that direction. She uses all her mass and smashes her heavy skull and bulky side into the demon, sending Necrotic crashing to the ground. Necrotic attempts to get up, but the Labocania runs over and bites his leg as hard as she can. Necrotic kicks her in the face repeatedly, but she only lets go when she hears a satisfying CRACK. She lets go as Necrotic howls in pain. Necrotic gets up and tries to flee, but can only limp due to his broken leg. Lotus bites his tail and pulls him back. She aims to bite his neck, but he ducks and smashes his head up, striking her right in the skull. She shakes it off and tears a chunk of flesh from Necrotic's flank. He roars in pain and whirls around, his tail slamming into her side, sending her stumbling off to the side. He takes the opportunity to flee. He limps as fast as he can as Lotus limps after him in hot pursuit. Lotus feels her wounds getting to her, and she can feel her leg is about to give out. They keep going, Lotus' leg getting closer and closer to giving out. In a last act of sheer desperation, she pushes herself to her limit. She begins to run, despite her wounds, and bites onto Necrotic's back. Her leg gives out as she is slamming her jaws down into his back. The force of her sprint sends them both plummeting towards the ground. Lotus lands on top of Necrotic, obliterating his ribs and breaking his already damaged back. Necrotic can't escape; his back is broken and there is a much heavier creature on top of him. Lotus blacked out from the fall for a moment, but once she comes to, she realizes the advantage she has just gained. She slowly inches over to the demon's neck, and bites it as hard as she can. Necrotic thrashes his head around as much as he can, roaring in pain all throughout, but he is no mach for Lotus' jaws. A sickening crack emanates from the forest, as the victor of the battle has become clear. Lotus slowly and unsteadily stands back up and, heavily favoring one leg over the other, slowly limps back over to her child. When she reaches her, she bends down and inspects Lola's wounds. She's bleeding none too lightly on her back, and the jagged tears will likely scar, but it appears she will survive. Lotus picks her up in her mouth, and limps back to her nest a ways away. When she arrives, she places Lola in the nest as the rest of her children crowd around their sister and their mother. She inspects them and seeing their are no wounds on them, she lies down to rest. Suddenly she hears a twig break to her side. She quickly turns her head towards the sound and sees Leon slowly dragging the Muttaburrasaurus to the nest. When he turns to look at her he looks surprised and concerned, but she assures him a series of croons that the threat is gone. Lotus, Leon, and their children enjoy a delicious feast. The demon and the Muttaburrasaurus will provide food for weeks to come.


Labocania was 7 feet longer than Nanotyrannus and much bulkier, at least in my opinion. You can't really know much about it from such little fossil material, but based on how there is no mention on the holotype being or having off proportions for an adult, and how Nanotyrannus was almost exactly like the lightly built-juvenile Tyrannosaurus, I believe it would be bulky like its probably close relatives Teratophoneus and Bistahieversor. Well, once again, I believe it's related to then, they are from the same place and time, their skulls all seem to (since there is no known skull of Labocania, it seems to be weird for a Tyrannosaurid based on the neck fossils and the very back of the skull) have different skull proportions to those of Northern Laramidian Tyrannosaurids, etc. Nanotyrannus was built like a juvenile Tyrannosaurus, if it wasn't one, which were more built for speed than their adult counterparts and had much weaker bites, and longer jaws. Nanotyrannus' only advantage in this battle was speed and the fact it didn't have to worry about stepping on its child, but it had numerous disadvantages, such as lack of size, bulk, bite force, and that it had made a mother very angry.


The Winner Is: Labocania

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