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Dino Fight Ideas?

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Apr-22-2019 11:02 AM

Since I reached my third fight, and also because I'm not very creative, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a fight I could do. I have 2 or 3 ideas for a fight, and one of which is one that NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE wants to see, including me. If you're a Dino lover, you know what I'm referencing. If not...... you should know it anyways....... If you go through almost any topic on the Jurassic Park or Dinosaur'll find out..... 


Anyways I am kind of running out of ideas, and my second fight wasn't the most original idea either. They don't necessarily have to be 2 Dinosaurs either, it could be 2 other kinds of prehistoric creatures, or a prehistoric and modern creature, heck maybe even 2 modern creatures (which I don't feel like is the best route to go, but I'm not opposed to the idea). Heck, why not more than 2 creatures? Why not 3 or 4? Actually, now that I'm writing this I might be inching towards new ideas..... Anyways, I want to hear some ideas for other fights I could write. I would prefer an idea with some more obscure creatures in it, but I'm happy with whatever ideas you give me. 


Note: If you state a winner in your idea, I won't automatically make it so that creature wins, I will base it off my own opinion and factors that affect the fight, like the river in Ichthy V Allo.

"If people weren't lazy, we'd get nothing done," TheLazyFish, January 30, 2019.

3 Responses to Dino Fight Ideas?


Apr-23-2019 2:14 PM

I guess I'll figure it out myself then XD

"If people weren't lazy, we'd get nothing done," TheLazyFish, January 30, 2019.


Apr-26-2019 12:13 AM

Velociraptor vs Oviraptor.

Dromaeosaurus pack vs Zuniceratops.

JW:  Allosaurus vs Metriacanthasaurus.

Intra-specific combat between sauropods during mating season.



Apr-29-2019 8:28 AM

Those sound awesome! And I'd get to work with smaller Carnivores, herbivores, Jurassic World, and Sauropods! Thanks man!

"If people weren't lazy, we'd get nothing done," TheLazyFish, January 30, 2019.

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