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Carnotaurus V.S. Chenanisaurus

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Apr-16-2019 10:33 PM

The sun rises over a barren wasteland that was once a forest, bringing warmth to the place where no life can survive. There is nothing but sand and dirt for miles, and in the distance one may see the beginning of a forest, but it is nothing but a mirage. The area was hit by a tsunami 2 months ago, and as the water was swept back it left the sand it brought in. It covered miles of forest in sand and sea water, killing any in its path, and dooming many others by cutting them off from land. After the tsunami had finally cleared out, a drought struck the area, one of the worst ever known to the once grand forest. It left every river completely dry, and killed all flora that covered the forest floor. Now, there is nothing but vast deposits of sand left from the tsunami and small splotches of nutrient deficient soil that was uncovered by the hot winds of the wastelands. No life may exist here, though some try. A predator slowly walks through the barren wastelands it once called home. Its ribs show through his dark green scales, as it has found nothing to hunt since the prey left after the tsunami. Even its horns seem duller from the lack of sustenance. Carl stretches his puny, pink feathered arms as well as the rest of his 25 foot body as he stares across the desolate lands. He has been searching for a way out of this ghost of a forest for weeks. He has only survived on the small scraps of flesh still clinging to some skeletons left here, and the last source of water in the area has dried up. However, this area is so vast that he can not find the edge of the lands, though he should be nearing the edge soon. How soon will be the deciding factor for whether or not Carl will survive this ordeal. The Carnotaurus presses on, missing the abundance of Dryosaurus and his other favored prey items. Once the rains return, they should come back. And so will he. 


Days after days go by, with no exit in sight. Carl's head is hung low and collapses from dehydration. Though when he looks up, he sees a small oasis very close by. He pushes through the pain, and gets up again. He takes the last trek to the oasis, and drinks until the water is all gone. It isn't much, but it gives him enough energy to keep going. When he finally looks up from his drink, he is greeted with the sight of a lush sparse forest at the edge of the horizon. He knows that where there are trees, there is water, and where there is water, there is prey.....


He begins to move faster, invigorated at the sight of the forest. He slowly builds up speed until he can't hold his excitement as he roars aloud and begins to sprint towards the forest. It's still many miles away, but he's should be there in a few hours if he is able to maintain this speed. However, he can only run for so long, and stops after a short time running. He knows he will have to conserve energy if he is to reach the forest. Carl keeps moving until he hears a heavy thud behind him....


Cutter is struggling to survive. Her usually vivid, dark green scales are now fairly dull, and her ribs are easily visible through her scales. Her 23 foot body has lost a worrisome amount of muscle. Ever since the Titanosaurs left, Cutter has been surviving on extremely small portions for her muscular body, mainly lizards and scraps left. She has been looking for a way out of this dry ocean, but has not found the edge of it until now. She can see the edge of the forest in the distance, she can make it if she finds a meal during her trek. However, her chances of finding a meal now are next to none, and she will likely starve before she reaches the forest. The Chenanisaurus sullenly treks with her head held down when she hears a roar from a few miles behind her. She climbs over a small sand dune and waits to see what is coming. After a few aching moments, a Carnotaurus slows to a stop in front of her, not yet noticing her. It doesn't notice her yet, so perhaps she can take advantage of this. She slowly and quietly creeps up and over the dune, not giving the faintest hint of her presence. Suddenly she hears a heavy thud. Her head snaps down when she realizes she stepped on a patch of rock. She quickly looks back up to a frightened Carnotaurus. 

Carl is about to turn and run when he starts to feel his hunger again. He looks back at the Chenanisaurus, and realizes he may be able to bring it down. Before the tsunami, he never would have dared to challenge one, but now he is desperate. He roars at Cutter, challenging her. If he can use his speed to his advantage, he could stand a chance against this powerful predator. Cutter is surprised at the challenge, but she roars back. Although she has lost some muscle due to the lack of food, she still is more than a match for the slightly larger Carnotaurus in terms of sheer strength. She may be slower, and downright slow compared to most other predators, but she only needs 1 or 2, at most 3 good hits to bring this thing down. She walks towards Carl, and builds up momentum as she begins to sprint. Carl knew she would do this, so he already turned and starts sprinting off. Cutter can't keep up with Carl, but still follows him, the distance between them growing larger and larger. Carl tries to put as much distance between them as possible. He's leading her to a specific area that he sees in the distance, close to the forest, where he might have an advantage.


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A few minutes pass and Cutter can no longer see Carl. She follows his footprints left in the sand and eventually stumbles upon 2 sandy dunes with a short separation between them. She keeps following his tracks between the dunes, but she suddenly notices that the tracks curve to the side of the dunes near the end of the gap. She then feels an enormous pain in her back as Carl sprints down and uses his head like a hatchet to try and do as much damage as possible. Cutter turns toward her assailant, but Carl is already sprinting up the other dune. She knows she can't catch up to him, so she waits at the bottom of the dune. When Carl is finally able to turn around and run back at her, she dodges out of the way and rams into the side of the Carnotaurus, jaws agape. She tears a chunk of flesh from his side and throws it to the side as clouds begin to billow overhead. Luckily for Carl, his osteoderms keep her from taking too much of flesh out of him, so the wound is not as severe as it could be. As she is about to deliver the killing blow, she becomes distracted by the feint drops of water hitting her scales. They are small and there are few of them, but these are the first signs of rain that any Dinosaur in the area have seen for months. Cutter becomes ecstatic at the thought that the rains are coming back, but when she remembers her opponent, he is already up and running back up the sand dunes. Unfortunately for him,  he slips back down the sand dune in almost the same position he was in before. This time Cutter doesn't let the rain distract her, and she goes in to tear out his intestines. However, Carl kicks her with his long, muscular leg and forces her off him. He gets up and turns to face his attacker. He makes an incredibly quick mock charge, and due to her desperation, Cutter doesn't think and falls for it. Carl charges to Cutter's other side and once again uses his head like a hatchet and attacks her neck. Cutter is immense pain, and she begins to feel fear, but she wrestles the weaker Carnotaurus off of her. She needs a moment to recuperate from the attack, but Carl doesn't give it to her as he quickly bites down on her arm and tears off the puny limb, and swallows it whole as the rain turns from a light drizzle into a heavy downpour. Cutter roars in pain, and charges the Carnotaurus. He tries to turn and run, but he can't turn fast enough as the Chenanisaurus rams into the base of his tail, tearing off another piece of flesh and creating a whole in his body. He stumbles, but doesn't fall and begins to run. However, seeing that Carl is about to run off, Cutter clamps down on his tail and holds him firm, causing her teeth to tear his flesh and dig deeper into his body as he struggles to get free. Carl manages to get his tail free, but before he can start running, Cutter gets yet another clamp on his leg, and tears a hefty chunk of flesh from the area. Carl immediately realizes the danger; she might have severed an artery, and he needs to end this quickly or else he could bleed out. He turns and starts charging towards her. Cutter doesn't expect this and is too slow to react. Carl slams his gaping jaws onto her skull, cracking it. Cutter roars and shakes him off, but Carl is immediately charging at her again. This time, she is prepared to meet his charge. Their heads collide as the sand softens and moistens beneath them. Due to his momentum, Carl is pushing Cutter back at first, but soon she muscles him back into the dunes. Carl abandons his charge and makes quick bites at her flanks, swinging his head lower to reach her flanks. Cutter seizes the opportunity and crashes her open jaws onto his neck. Carl roars and rises to his full height to get her off, but this leaves deep gashes in his neck. Cutter isn't doing much better, as his series of quick bites leave her bleeding from multiple wounds. Cutter begins to charge again when they both feel a rumble coming from all around them. The heavy rains are causing the sand dunes to collapse. They both realize the danger, and they both begin to run out from between the dunes. Carl charged ahead at first, but soon his wounds slow him down, and soon Cutter overtakes him. Cutter makes it, and Carl just barely makes it out of the ravine before it collapses, sending sand flying everywhere. Carl looks back only to be greeted with thousands of grains of sand flying into his face, a good portion landing in his eyes. He can't see for the moment, and roars in pain as he tries to get the sand out of his eyes by shaking around wildly. Cutter seizes the opportunity and rams into the underside of his neck. She closes her jaws around his neck, but his thrashing gets her off before her teeth could reach anything vital. Cutter recuperates and decides to disable Carl by biting his leg again, this time severing arteries and hitting the bone. Carl lets out a screech-like roar in pain and manages to kick the Chenanisaurus off. He finally gets the sand out of his eyes only to see Cutter ram into his arm and rip it off. He roars again and flees, with Cutter in hot pursuit. At first he is taking the lead, but the rains just hit harder as he slows down from his energies and the cold winds hitting him.


He looks around and can't see more than 5 feet in front of him. He looks back and sees nothing, as well as seeing that the rain has already washed away his tracks. He lets out a breath of relief, only to feel a freight train crash into his neck and send him tumbling into the wet sand beneath him. A smaller, yet still powerful force pressures into his neck as he tries to fight off the predator, but it is no use. He slowly suffocates, regretting not taking the chance to run when he could, as his life drains away. Within a few moments, it is over.


The bloody victor gives a world deafening roar in triumph as the rains continue to pour, her roar commanding all before her to bow before the queen of these lands. The victor quickly begins to feast on the supple flesh of her opponent, already feeling her muscles being strengthened by the nutrients of the lesser predator. After a long feast and the meal only having a few internal organs left to be eaten, the queen looks around for a water source. As if the gods above heeded her commands, a new pond has been created by the seemingly never-ending rains. She drinks her fill from the pond before heading back to the mutilated corpse of the being who dared oppose her, as she surveys her land. Soon the queen's land will be flourishing with life. Soon Cutter will reign as the apex predator, the queen of these lands again. 


WINNER: Chenanisaurus. Chenanisaurus is only known from a jaw fragment and a few teeth, but it can be assumed from the robust build of the front teeth and of the jaw that it may have rammed into its prey with its gaping jaws with high force, tearing out chunks of flesh out of its prey and rivals. It's also a Majungasaurine, the class of Abelisaurids known for their slow speeds, but incredible bulk and power for their sizes. Carnotaurus was slightly longer and much faster, but had a much weaker bite and had horrible agility; the price of its high speed. It was unable to make sharp turns, and although it had quick bites and powerful neck muscles, which would have given it a powerful hatchet bite similar to Allosauroids, it still probably at best was only comparable to the ram tactic of a Chenanisaurus, which had its superior bulk to power it as well as surprisingly higher agility than the speed demon. You could argue that had it been able to reach high speeds for its hatchet bite, it could have easily exceeded the Chenanisaurus' ramming bite, but since the battle took place in between two sand dunes where the Carnotaurus had little room to build up speed and had to be careful with how it scaled the sides of these dunes. It was also much more adapted for hunting prey it could swallow whole or at least smaller than itself, as it wouldn't need an incredibly powerful bite to hunt them and its head had a mechanism similar to a snake's that allowed it to move its skull around its prey so it could swallow larger portions, though this came at a severe cost when it comes to bite force. Chenanisaurus most likely would have preyed on the Titanosaurs of its time, meaning it was well suited for taking down prey larger than itself. While Carnotaurus had speed and faster bites as well as a powerful hatchet attack, it was in an area where it couldn't employ 2 of those tactics and it was not suited for bringing down close to its own size, while Chenanisaurus could make full use of its arsenal and was well equipped to bringing down prey larger than itself. 


Hope you all enjoyed the fight, please let me know what you thought in the comments!

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