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Carnivorous Struthiomimus?

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Mar-31-2019 9:15 PM

An article from the National Post has reported a new discovery about a recent Struthiomimus skeleton uncovered in Alberta:  the dinosaur had dromaeosaur-like teeth!  Apparently, it wasn't toothless after all!

This sheds new light onto Struthiomimus' dietary habits and behaviour; it has been believed it was at most an omnivorous species, and its hands couldn't grasp.

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Apr-16-2019 10:36 PM

Couldn't wait 3 more hours, could you XD


Apr-17-2019 4:56 PM

I posted this just after midnight.  The clock on this site is about 3 hours slow.


Apr-18-2019 8:05 AM

Actually, it's in Pacific Standard Time, so I guess it doesn't recognize other time zones

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