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Utahraptor V.S. Tyrannosaurus

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Mar-23-2019 3:37 PM

It's almost sunset in a redwood forest, casting shades of orange and red across the forest, making the enormous trees appear even more red than they already were. A dangerous predator is lurking in the bushes of the area , all 20 feet of him covered in reddish brown feathers, perfect for blending into this new area. His enormous, sickle shaped claws tensed, as he hears something walking towards his ambush. Rick is waiting for prey, there has been a lack of prey in his territory so he had to leave in search of new hunting grounds. The young Utahraptor recently came upon a new kind of forest he has never seen before, the redwoods. This forest is perfect for concealing him, the trees are large enough for him to easily maneuver while larger prey and predators would have a hard time moving between, and his feathers blend in near perfectly with the trees that give the forest its name. The only problem is he still hasn't found any prey, except for a Thescelosaurus that escaped him, proving much too fast for any Utahraptor to catch. Rick reluctantly moves on, he knows that if he stays he'll starve to death. He moves deeper into the forest, in search of anything to eat, at this point he is willing to try and attack and eat another Utahraptor. Luckily, he doesn't have to, as he finds an Edmontosaurus carcass, with enough food to last him at least a week. He begins to feast on the Edmontosaurus, it seems it died from old age as there are no wounds that indicate a predator attack. However, his luck quickly runs out, as nine other Utahraptor coincidentally arrive at the same time. Some of the other Utahraptors are lone predators like Rick, but some are lucky enough to have a mate, which would give them an edge when they inevitably begin to fight over the carcass. Rick is too hungry to just give up this carcass, even if it means he will die in the fight. He stands his ground against all the other Utahraptors, as a brawl is about to ensue. The Utahraptors charge each other, one with greenish-brown feathers pouncing Rick, trying to stab his throat with his sickle claw. However, Rick kicks him off, and about to fight back when he hears a booming sound. All the Utahraptors stop, wondering what this loud, repetitive sound is. As it gets closer, Rick realizes it's the sound of footsteps. The footsteps of a very, very large predator. The Utahraptors start to get antsy, wondering whether they should run now or see if it's just a herbivore, but they all know that it's a predator. Confirming what they already know, they hear a loud bellow from a true titan, a predator with few rivals in strength. The sounds becomes louder and louder, until Rick sees a massive predator, easily twice his length and many more times his weight emerge from behind the giant trees. 


A huge predator has just entered the redwood forest. The 36 foot long, 6 tonne predator slowly steps through the forest, his ribs showing through his blackish-green scales. His few blue feathers shake as he rubs up against one of the gigantic redwood trees, as he tries to get an itch he can't reach with his small yet powerful arms. Travis can't quite get that itch, so he'll just have to wait until it goes away. In the mean time, the Tyrannosaurus has more pressing concerns to worry about. He hasn't eaten anything since he left his parents and siblings a few weeks ago. He is getting close to starvation, and he has lost a good portion of his muscle. However, he is still one of the most powerful predators in the area. He left his nest because he wanted to find a mate and start a family of his own, and he didn't want to have the scraps of prey left after his parents and siblings ate anymore. These past few weeks, however, have been among the worst in his life, as he hasn't found any prey that he could actually catch, a Thescelosaurus that escaped being the one prey item he could find. He sniffs with his mighty nose, and smells a carcass deeper within the forest. Excited, he rushes through the forest as fast as he can, still only 11 miles per hour, but his fastest. He slows when he begins to smell other predators. However, he can already tell that the predators are puny in comparison to him, so he wanders towards the carcass, knowing he can easily scare off the Dromaeosaurs when he arrives. He accidentally steps on a thorn bush, and bellows in pain. After quickly scraping off the thorns embedded within his toe pads on the trunk of a redwood, he continues his trek towards the carcass until he finally views the carcass. It's an Edmontosaurus, however it was surrounded by a pack of 10 Utahraptors. Travis is surprised, Utahraptors are usually solitary or hunting in pairs, rarely living in family groups of up to 5 or 6 individuals like Tyrannosaurus. Travis has never seen 10 Utahraptors together without fighting. He doesn't really care, as he bellows an intimidating roar of dominance at the puny Utahraptors, which scares off almost any predator who hears it. Almost all.


Listen to Requiem For A Dream, Full Song (also known as Lux Aeterna) Skip to 2:18


Rick looks to the other Utahraptors, every Utahraptor looking remarkably thin compared to the usual bulk of the species. They all know they can't afford to lose the carcass. The looks of hunger and determination between the Utahraptors begins a temporary truce between them, they must fight the Tyrannosaurus. First the raptor who was attacking Rick moments earlier roars at Travis, following his footsteps 3 other Utahraptors who are closer to Travis begin to hiss and roar at the young king. Rick begins to roar as loud as he can to try to scare off the tyrant. 4 other Utahraptors begin to roar as well, though the last, green feathered Utahraptor looks unconvinced about whether they can win. After a few moments, her hunger and determination win over her intelligence and instinct as she finally begins to roar at the tyrant as well. Travis is shocked by this display. First a group of 10 Utahraptors, and then they start to challenge him for the carcass?!! Travis is actually slightly intimidated, but not very. Travis has had enough of this, and roars a kingly bellow towards the raptors. This doesn't phase the union of raptors as they keep roaring at Travis. Travis starts to mock charge the raptors, but they still aren't intimidated. First the raptor to Rick's left charges, then the nervous looking raptor begins to run towards Travis as well, then followed by Rick. Soon after the other 7 Utahraptors leap onto the side of Travis as well, kicking as fast as they can, stabbing their sickle shaped claws into Travis' hide. Travis is completely shocked by this, but one he starts to feel a little pain from the kicks he fights back, shaking as hard as he can and trying to snap up any that fall or run towards him in his jaws. Utahraptors are fast, but not as fast or have as high an endurance as some of their smaller relatives and are ambush predators, but are much bulkier and more powerful. Rick doesn't leap onto his side, but rather leaps towards near his chest or the base of his neck. Travis misses his bite towards Rick. Damn! Travis is beyond enraged, and continues to shake off the raptors. The raptor who had earlier attacked Travis falls off, and as he quickly gets back up has his upper body ripped off by Travis' jaws. Some others jump off and run around trees, Travis' low maneuverability and large size preventing him from catching them while they recuperate and attack again. It's an endless onslaught against Travis, who is bleeding from multiple wounds on his body, which look like flesh-colored-jelly from the amount of kicks he has sustained. He is in substantial pain, but has felt worse, and his muscle is too thick for the raptors to reach anything vital on his body. However, from one fight he had along time ago, Rick knows the best way to attack a large predator is on the neck, like prey. The rest of the body is too thick to do too much damage, but the neck is quite a bit thinner and there are many vital areas in there. He climbs from his original latching point, barely holding on, as he slowly progresses towards the sweet spot on the neck, not too close to Travis' head but also not so far away he can turn around and bite him. Rick keeps his stiff tail as far away as possible from Travis' head as he kicks with all his speed and might into his neck. Travis was so preoccupied with the raptors he was chasing that he didn't notice Rick climbing to his neck until now. He feels a sharp pain in his neck, as he is repeatedly stabbed by Rick's sickle claw in the neck. He roars in pain, and thrashes as hard as he can, but Rick is still holding on, barely. Rick is kicking so fast that Travis' neck is already beginning to look like mangled jelly. The other raptors, seeing that Travis is distracted with attacking Rick, resume attacking the enormous beast on his sides. One raptor gets Rick's idea and leaps onto the other side of his neck, mimicking Rick's tactic. However, he is keeping his tail too far away from Travis' neck, and is bitten by his tail by Travis' enormous, bone crushing jaws. His tail is broken as he falls to the ground before being stepped on by the feet supporting Travis' 6 tonne mass. He never stood a chance. Travis is starting to feel weary, he isn't going to die but is in serious pain from all the wounds from these annoying raptors. However, he finally realizes he can smash the Utahraptors against the redwoods using his body. He quickly smashes his right side into a redwood, crushing 2 more Utahraptors, turning the wood truly red. Rick notices this and realizes that Travis is going to do the same to him. Travis sees the effectiveness and the tries to smash his neck against a tree, however Rick narrowly avoids being crushed by quickly climbing over Travis' neck and begins kicking on the other side, starting from scratch. Rick is getting exhausted, Utahraptors were never meant to kick for this long. Soon he will have to leap down and rest. Travis is furious, and tries it again, but with the same result, and now Rick is back to where he was originally. Rick knows his claw was getting close to Travis' veins and arteries, as the arch of his claw barely touched the ventral of Travis' neck vertebrae. With renewed vigor, he kicks as hard and fast as he possibly can, nearing Travis' vital blood vessels. He could almost feel a smaller one at the tip of his claw. Travis has had enough, he quickly shifts forward, causing Rick to lose some balance and shift in the same direction. At the same moment he shifts to the left, causing Rick to shift up and to the left, with one leg off of Travis, one barely holding on, and his tail swinging freely. Travis turns his head back as fast as he can, aiming for Rick's tail so he can finally be rid of this possibly life threatening nuisance. Time slows down. Rick knows he is about to be bitten by the mighty jaws of this beast. He knows this. He accepts this. He closes his eyes waiting for his death at the jaws of this mighty tyrant. As Travis' jaws were about to close on his tail, he remembers his life, all his hardships, previous battles, everything he had been through in life. Rick's eyes flare open. He has been through too much to just give up now. He moves his tail out of the way, narrowly avoiding the death that came in the form of Travis' jaws. Rick kicks his free leg out at the same time, and leaping towards wherever it was going. It lands a direct hit into Travis' eye. He quickly latches onto the top of his head, and continues kicking. Travis doesn't register what happened for a second. When he does, he's in immense pain and starts thrashing his skull and bellowing in agony. The force of this sends Rick flying off into the Edmontosaurus carcass, killing him. Travis is still thrashing in pain, bellowing all throughout, sending other Utahraptors off of him and onto the floor, one unfortunate, light green feathered raptor crashes into a redwood, breaking her leg and many ribs. She quickly limps away and rests by where Rick died. The nervous raptor from earlier is sent flying into a thorn bush, and she leaves with multiple cuts and a thorn that was embedded right next to her eye, though she retreats to the carcass with minor injuries. The one who is worst off is a red individual who is flung into a redwood tree. After he hits the tree and falls, he is stepped on accidentally by Travis in his immense pain. The poor raptor never stood a chance. Travis doesn't notice all this, due to being blind in one eye and being in unimaginable pain. He calms down, fighting the pain and focuses on killing the rest of these damn raptors. There are only 4 left, and from what he could tell he broke one of their legs, so he really only needed to worry about 3. He can kill the last at his leisure. He charges, and tries to bite the raptors, but his accuracy is off due to losing his eye and misses them all. They resume attacking his body and back, but are only angering him and not doing anything vital. Suddenly, a fifth raptor enters the fray and leaps back onto Travis. It is Rick, he survived the fall, albeit with many broken ribs, and resumes his assault on Travis. Travis is too enraged to put into words. He roars aloud, essentially the Tyrannosaurus equivalent of "THESE ****ING RAPTORS!!!!! AND THEN THERE'S THIS MOTHER****ER!!!!! HOW IS IT STILL ALIVE?!!!!" in a single roar. Rick climbs back to where he spent most of this fight, and resumes kicking. After a few moments of barely hanging on and constant kicking, he finally severs an artery! Rick knows that he and the other raptors don't have enough energy to wait for Travis to bleed out, and although it was large to Rick, it was a minor artery. He keeps kicking, and since most of the blood vessels are close together, he severs a vein or artery every 3 or 4 kicks, until he finally severs the jugular. Throughout this onslaught, Travis is quickly dying. How could such a giant lose to such tiny, insignificant beings? With one final bellow, the king collapses, narrowly missing the Utahraptor with a broken leg. All the Utahraptors leap off before they get crushed by Travis. Travis whimpers as he releases his blood from the mangled mess that used to be his neck and stops breathing. The Utahraptors screech in victory. They all look at each other, many lost mates and/or were severely injured and exhausted. They all decide not to fight each other, as there's ample food to go between 5 Utahraptors. They all feast on the Edmontosaurus and their most recent kill. They have just barely survived the encounter. After Rick finishes his feast, he walks over to the Utahraptor who broke her leg and rested near where she ate, but giving her ample space so as to not irritate her. The light-green female, named Ridley, finishes her feast and looks towards Rick, inspecting him. He begins to stand and does a little display, showing his most vividly red feathers, on his wings and on his tail fan as he does a little courtship dance, as well as trying to make himself appear larger. Ridley continues to inspect him, and although he has some serious injuries, like her, she deems him a suitable mate, as she does recall him being the one who stabbed the rex in the eye and being the one who finished it off. Ridley limps over and rests near Rick, cooing to him, showing that she accepted him as her mate. They coo toward each other for nearly an hour, and began to sleep, as did the other Utahraptors who helped kill the beast. 

The next morning, Rick and Ridley awake to a familiar booming sound. As it becomes louder, the other Utahraptors awake, and they all realize in fear that there are multiple booming sounds. They all cower in fear as 4 Tyrannosaurus rex enter the area. They all bellow at the 5 Utahraptors. The Utahraptors take a final bite of the meals and run, going their separate ways, although Rick and Ridley just limp at a quick pace due to their injuries. The Tyrannosaurus can't care less how fast some Utahraptors leave, as long as they let them steal their kill. The family group comprises of an alpha male and female Tyrannosaurus, and their two offspring, their son and daughter. They have recently left their territory due to a lack of prey, and were happy to have found two carcasses within the redwood forest. As the alpha male and female approach the carcasses to begin feasting, they become shocked at recognizing the dead Tyrannosaurus. It is Travis, their son, who had recently left the pack. They can't believe that he had died to 5 Utahraptors, though as they scan the area they see the bodies of 5 mores Utahraptors in the area. They still can't believe that he was brought down by Utahraptors, no less. However, they do not dwell on this for very long, and begin to consume both carcasses. They have other, more obedient offspring waiting behind them for their fill. 


Thank you for reading this, if you made it this far! Please let me know what you thought of this.

"If people weren't lazy, we'd get nothing done," TheLazyFish, January 30, 2019.

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