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Ichthyovenator V.S. Allosaurus

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Mar-06-2019 10:39 PM



Size: 24.5-30 feet (7.5-9 meters) long

Diet: Mainly fish, but occasionally would have scavenged and even hunted small Dinosaurs

A smaller sized Spinosaurid (compared to its relatives), it would have eaten fish and spent most of its day in the water, so it had to be a strong swimmer to support this lifestyle. However, it still possessed weapons that were effective on land. It had strong arms that ended with large claws for slashing, and it had conical teeth perfect for holding prey in place, giving it an iron grip. However, it had a weak bite and it's 2 humps could be a potential weakness, especially if it were to fall onto its back.


Size: 27-32 feet (8.5-9.7 meters) long

Diet: Other Dinosaurs, such as Ornithopods like Camptosaurus and Stegosaurs like, well, Stegosaurus! Also would have eaten smaller Theropods and juvenile Sauropods. 

A mid to large sized predator of the Late Jurassic period, it possessed 2 brow ridges above its eyes that have no certain purpose, though they may have been used for display, species identification, and/or even as sun shades! It had fairly powerful arms and could open its jaws wider than most Theropods, however due to this it had a weak bite, around as powerful as a leapord's, which would have been incredibly weak for other Theropods of its size. It had great depth perception when its prey was directly in front of it, however if it were to move outside its 20 degree "cone of vision", it would have very bad depth perception and would most likely miss any attacks it tried to make. It had multiple ways it could have used its weapons to hunt, such as using its arms to hold its prey while it bit the neck to try and sever arteries and veins. Another possible hunting strategy is that it used its head like a hatchet, opening its mouth wide and slamming it down onto its prey, a few of these and the prey would collapse and eventually die. Lastly, it may have used that wide bite to take strips of flesh from prey, doing this so that it could walk away and wait for the prey to bleed out. 

Final Battle: FIGHT!!!!!! (Please tell me you get the reference).

A large predator is moving through the flowing water. The cool water sliding past his blue scales as he elegantly glides through the water, in search of prey. This is a normal day for Ian. However, he and his family have not had food in a week, and he is beginning to worry that they may need to move even further upstream to catch fish, into Sarcosuchus territory. Ian swims on, in desperate search of fish, until he finally finds a massive Mawsonia. He dives underneath the giant, avoiding detection thanks to the depth of the river and there not being much visibility, and quickly shoots up, mouth agape. He hits the unsuspecting fish right on its underside, with all 29 feet of him propelling the poor fish into the air. Stunned, it can do nothing as the much larger Ichthyovenator drags it onto shore. Ian holds onto it with his teeth as well as his claws to make sure it can't get away and upon reaching the shore he begins to swipe at the fish until the sand is coated with blood his dinner stops struggling. Ian begins to call for his mate and children, when he hears something crashing through the forest towards him......

A large predator is traveling through the forest, the sun glittering off his scales, showing the many beautiful reds and yellows that coated his body. Alex is starving. He can't even remember the last time he has eaten something (which isn't really saying something). He knows that his territory usually has prey in abundance, but recently after a tsunami (which he had barely survived) they have all left the now flooded area. He traveled for days, following a river Southward from the treeline in hopes of finding a meal. However, he has found no prey as he went up the stream, he saw a family of Ichthyovenator a day ago, but even a 30-foot Allosaurus such as him would not dare to mess with a whole family of them. Alex is growing desperate. He's even beginning to consider trying to catch a fish. However, he sees something has already had done it for him. He sees a male Ichthyovenator, the sun and water reflecting the blues of his scales and the vivid reds of his crest. His claws covered in the blood of a very recent kill, which lied before him, waiting for Alex to take it. However, the Ichthyovenator is nearly as large as he is, and is calling for the rest of his family to come eat. If he is to take the meal, he must act now. The Allosaurus is desperate, and is willing to fight this Fish Hunter. He emerges from the treeline, standing more upright to make himself appear larger in hopes of scaring off the Ichthyovenator....

Ian sees a massive Allosaurus towering over him. He's never seen one so huge! He's terrified to his core, but unwilling to give up his kill. He bellows right back, and charges. Alex does not expect this and gets rammed right into his stomach, and falls onto his back. From this position, Ian realizes that the Different Lizard os only slightly larger than him, but he still has to be wary of his jaws. Alex gets up quickly and rushes Ian, dodging his swipes and uses the hunting technique unique to his kind, the hatchet attack. He opens his jaws as wide as he can and swings his jaws down right between Ian's 2 humps. Ian roars in pain and stumbles back, feeling pain similar to when another creature bit him very long ago in the same area. Infuriated, he rushes Alex and before he can bite him again, he quickly sidesteps to the left of the Allosaurus. Alex misses his target entirely, as Ian went out of his cone of depth perception. Ian quickly bites Alex on the neck, holds him tight, and slashes at his face with his left arm and his shoulder with his right. Alex roars in pain and after an agonizing minute of this he finally breaks free. His left arm is mangled beyond use, it's a wonder it's still attached to the rest of him. He is lucky to even be able to see out of his left eye, thankfully his crest took most of the damage for it. I can't say the same for the rest of his face though. It's nearly impossible to tell his scales apart from his wounds, and the little amount of scales he had left were hidden under his own blood. Furious, he charges the Ichthyovenator and rams him in the side, knocking him onto his side so hard he slides partly into the river. Alex chases Ian into the river and bites him on the neck while trying to slash him with his arms, but he loses grip because he was partly in the water and he is being slashed by Ian's huge claws again. Ian takes this opportunity to retreat further into the river. He quickly glides further into the river, swimming his own body length further into the stream. Alex, not realizing the danger, follows him as fast as he can when suddenly his feet don't feel the sand beneath him anymore. This is such a surprise to him that he sinks into the water for a few seconds until he realizes he followed Ian over a drop off. Ian quickly turns towards Alex and grips his neck, hard. He slashes at Alex with his claws and using his superior swimming ability and his own strength to keep Alex under the surface. Alex struggles as hard as he can, attempting to reach back with his claws and to bite him. He shakes himself as hard as he can, but the Ichthyovenator won't let go. Alex is in Ian's domain now; he rules the waters. Although Alex is heavier and physically stronger, he can't free himself from Ian's death grip or the fast-flowing river. In a few minutes, it is over. Ian uses all his strength to drag the Allosaur's mangled corpse partly onto the shore, near where he left his fish, which was already being eaten by a Bambiraptor. Ian bellows a mighty roar, scaring the tiny scavenger away. With no more interruptions, he resumes calling for his family. Within a few minutes, he sees them gliding up the river, roaring back as if to greet him. Ian and his family enjoy the feast, only the bones of the fish remain, and are swept up by the river. As for Alex, his left leg is almost completely gone and his mangled arm is now in the stomach of Ian's eldest. As the sun sets, Ian rests his injuries and eventually sleeps, surrounded by his mate and his children. 



If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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Mar-06-2019 10:43 PM

Sorry the Allosaurus description is so long! Please let me know if you enjoyed it

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

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