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Top 10 Favorite Suits in Spider-Man PS4

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I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPOct-13-2018 12:30 PM

10. Secret War Suit

This suit is kind of a mixed bag. I do like the black with the red webbing but I'm not a fan of the lack of webbing on the front of the torso.



9. Spider-Armor Mark IV

This suit is another one I have mixed feelings about. It looks sleek and shiny, being essentially an armored version of the classic suit. Its Suit Power is broken and helps a lot. However, I don't like the green tint and shape of the spider logo on the chest. It also brings back bad memories of ANAD Marvel, which made me hate Spider-Man until he joined the MCU.



8. Anti-Ock Suit

Yet another mixed bag, this suit looks alright, but it's the Suit Power that makes it stand out. It refills your current gadget slot, which helps if you've depleted your Web Bombs or Trip Mines.



7. Spider-Man 2099 Black Suit

Now we get to the actually good suits. This one is badass, and it's one of my favorites from the comics. But its Suit Power isn't the greatest.



6. Spider-Man 2099 White Suit

This is easily one of the best designs in the game, with armor-plating that looks great. Its Suit Power is decent, not the best, but definitely better than the black suit.



5. Iron Spider

Cracking the top five is the best armored suit in the game. The Iron Spider looks gorgeous, and I'm so glad its Suit Power is the four iron arms. They do so much damage and can get through enemies with shields or melee weapons.



4. Advanced Suit

Image result for spider man ps4

Considering this is the main suit, it's a shame this isn't higher. The Advanced Suit looks great in the loading screen and in cutscenes, but in-game, the red looks too orange. It really ruins what is otherwise a badass design with one of the best Suit Powers.



3. Stark Suit

The MCU Spider-Man costume is the best out of any of the movies, and it actually looks better here than in the MCU. Let that sink in. This suit looks so damn good, and the Spider-Bro is one of the best Suit Powers.



2. Classic Suit

It's classic Spider-Man. What more do you need?



1. Vintage Comic Book Suit

This is the most eye-popping costume. It looks so damn good and the amount of detail put into this skin is amazing. It's cell-shaded, there's still shadows, and Hell, it even looks three-dimensional despite being obviously comic book esque.


"Part of the journey is the end..."

2 Responses to Top 10 Favorite Suits in Spider-Man PS4


2KStaff3811 XPOct-13-2018 12:35 PM

Still wonder why you rate the anti-ock suit so low.

Good grief.

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPOct-13-2018 1:59 PM

^I just like the others more.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

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