Isla Nublar: Extinction Part 4

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I Meme Everything

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Part 4: Mainland

Claw was quickly losing blood, and she had a bullet buried inside her body. She was lying inside a truck with Zia Rodriguez taking care of her as Owen, Claire, and Franklin entered. Zia explained that they needed to give her blood from a closely-related dinosaur. She also created an incision in Claw's skin to remove the bullet.

The closest relative of the Dakotaraptor on the ship happened to be Tyrannosaurus rex. Owen and Claire opened the door to the truck trailer holding the tranquilised Tyria. As Claire struggled to insert the needle into her skin, Tyria moved her head, feeling a weird sensation on her neck and head. She was slightly stirred when Claire jammed the needle into her neck, becoming half-awake. Some mercenaries locked the door to the trailer, unaware that Claire and Owen were inside.

Tyria's eye shot open to see Owen right next to her. Her foot slammed against the wall, claws digging into the metal and creating a scraping sound. Claire climbed out of the trailer and opened the door from the outside. Owen tried to escape but Tyria's bellowing head was in the way. He somersaulted between her jaws, narrowly avoiding getting eaten. They shut the door, bringing the Rex blood back to Zia and Blue. Zia gave the Raptor her blood, nursing Claw back to health.

The boat reached California, with trucks transporting the dinosaurs to the Lockwood Estate. The theropods were lured into elevators with live goats, and they were brought down to cages below the mansion. They rammed their heads against the bars, snarling in frustration when they couldn't break out. The Rexes, Spino, Carno, and Mapusaurs all experienced this. However, Claw was caged in Henry Wu's lab to play the role as the mother of an improved version of the Indoraptor.

She stayed there for hours, hissing and struggling to get out. However, Franklin and Zia opened the door to her cage when two mercenaries arrived. Blue killed the first one, twirling and toppling the other with her tail. Their gunshots punctured two tanks, one of which contained flammable gas. She sprinted out of the area as it went up in flames, sending her crashing on a balcony above the dinosaurs' cages. Hydrogen cyanide spilled into the area containing the dinosaurs, causing them to bellow in irritation.

Claw eventually made her way to Maisie's bedroom, raising her arms as she growled at the Indoraptor, before jumping on it. The two wrestled and fought, with the Indoraptor mostly on top, shattering a window at one point. However, the Indoraptor left the fight in pursuit of Owen and Maisie on a glass rooftop. Claire soon arrived with the gun from the auction, pointing the red laser at Owen. The hybrid followed the laser as Claire pushed a button to trigger the acoustic signal. The Indoraptor leaped towards Owen, nearly falling into the room below. However, he pulled himself back up, unaware that Claw had taken the high ground behind him. Lightning flashed as Owen looked at the Raptor, with the Indoraptor following his gaze.

Claw screeched before tackling the Indoraptor, with both falling through the glass. They wrestled mid-air as they fell, with Claw on top when the Indoraptor landed on a Triceratops skull, getting impaled by the brow horns. She let out a triumphant trill as she jumped off and left.

The last dinosaurs on Earth were trapped in their cages until Claire released them, causing them to gather at the door as the gas continued to spread. She was about to free them until Owen warned her, "If you push that button, there is no going back."

Claire struggled before stepping back, tearfully watching as the dinosaurs seemingly met their fate. However, the door suddenly opened, and they fled. The Rex pack was separated during the ensuing stampede as Trikes, Stegos, Ankys, and more exited. In the control room, Claire and Owen looked at Maisie, who had released them She simply said, "I had to. They're like me; they're alive."


Eli Mills ducked under a car for cover as he saw countless dinosaurs fleeing the Lockwood Mansion. He had left the Indominus rex genetic sample out in the open, but none of the herbivores stepped on it. He crawled out from beneath the car and approached the sample as Destructo lurked in the background. Just as Mills was about to pick it up, Tyria grabbed him and shook him around as Destructo tore off his lower half. Tyria rammed her skull into him, knocking him over. The Carnotaurus, knowing not to mess with a Tyrannosaurus rex, stumbled to his feet and fled as Tyria scarfed down what was left of Mills. Knocking over a floodlight, she threw her head back and released a triumphant roar before leaving, crushing the Indominus sample under her foot.

Claw was the last dinosaur to leave, as Owen attempted to convince her to stay with him. He placed his hand on her snout, promising to take her to a safe place. Claw looked at a nearby cage and turned around, stopping one last time to look at Owen before fleeing into the wilderness.


In time, the herbivorous dinosaurs formed a massive herd, made up of Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Gallimimus, Parasaurolophus, Apatosaurus, and Sinoceratops. Carnivores like Baryonyx, Allosaurus, Carnotaurus, Mapusaurus, Dakotaraptor, Spinosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus rex followed them. The Rex pack was still scattered across the state of California.


The Mosasaurus found her way to the shores of California, attacking some surfers who were there. She devoured many, except those who did flee.


Tyria stumbled across a zoo, knocking over the fence to the Lion enclosure. Crushing it beneath her feet, she roared at the alpha-male Lion, who responded with a roar of his own. He summoned the entire pride, with two Lionesses leaping at the ancient predator. The Tyrant Lady crushed one in her jaws, swallowing her and snapping the second's neck with a swing of the head. One Lioness jumped on her, slashing at her with her paws. Tyria shook her body, causing the cat to fall off. She dwindled the pride down to five individuals, who fled. The Rex ate the remains of the dead Lionesses, filling her belly as she continued east, following the herd of Nublar's dinosaurs.


The evening of that day, Claw stood on the edge of a cliff, overlooking a suburban town. She called out, staring at the new world before her.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

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2KModerator3811 XPJul-06-2018 7:12 PM

Really enjoying this, #DESTRUCTOFOREVER

Good grief.

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPJul-06-2018 7:13 PM

^We'll see if he makes it.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

Grand Almur General Shiro

NoobMember14 XPJul-07-2018 10:48 PM

TOAST! Anyways, was nice. Sorry for the late response by the way.

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