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Carnotaurus VS Chenanisaurus

Carnotaurus VS Chenanisaurus

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NoobMember13 XPMay-11-2018 11:10 PM

This is a discussion of a battle between Carnotaurus and Chenanisaurus.

Carnotaurus: 25-30 feet (7.5-9 meters) long and 1.35 metric tons in weight. This carnivore had long legs and extremely powerful tail muscles, allowing it to go up to 30-35 miles (48-56 kilometers) per hour. However, due to its strong tail muscles, its tail was not flexible, which hindered its steering ability and unable to make sharp turns. It had a weak bite force and short skull, but because of this it had an extremely fast bite and could move its skull bones, like a snake, around its prey to swallow it whole, or at least large chunks of it. It mainly hunted smaller prey. Carnotaurus could have brought its head down extremely fast, possibly to be used like a hatchet or club in tandem with its fast bite. It had 2 horns on its head, but these could not be used in battle and were most likely for display or light head shoving between male Carnotaurus. Had extremely short arms that were most likely to help with steering and/or display, the steering to make it slightly more agile. 

Chenanisaurus: 23-26 feet (7-8 meters) longhand is only known from a lower jaw fossil. It had a weak bite force, like Carnotaurus. Like other Abelisaurids, it was most likely fast for a theropod, like its relative, Carnotaurus, but not quite as fast as its competitor. Most likely if Chenanisaurus did not have the same adaptations for speed as Carnotaurus, it was slower, but more agile. Its front teeth were more robust and thick as compared to its side and back teeth which were gracile and thin. The teeth raised the theory that Chenanisaurus would have hunted Titanosaurs by ramming into their sides at high speeds and taking out a chunk of flesh. Chenanisaurus most likely had arms just as short as Carnotaurus'. 

Carnotaurus advantages: 

Slightly larger

Much faster in running and bite speed

Carnotaurus Disadvantages:

Less agile

Less bulky

Weaker bite/ram

Not as well adapted for taking on large prey; mainly suited for hunting prey it could swallow whole or prey it could swallow in a few bites.

Chenanisaurus Advantages: 


More agile

Stronger bite

Has a ram

More adapted for taking large prey

Chenanisaurus Disadvantages:

Slower running and bite speed

Slightly smaller

The two predators were separated by time and location, but even if they met, they most likely would not have fought due to having different niches. In this scenario of them meeting (which as stated before was impossible), the Carnotaurus is starving and sees no small prey in sight, so it has to try to hunt larger prey, or even other carnivores. The Chenanisaurus has not seen any Titanosaurs in weeks, and is also starving, so it is willing to hunt anything it can. The two see each other and have no choice but to try to kill each other or starve. The winner is up to you guys in the discussion section. In my opinion though, the Chenanisaurus would more likely win as it was more agile, also fast (just not as fast), had more bulk, stronger, and more suited to taking large prey. Carnotaurus, on the other hand, was only faster and was slightly larger length wise, and it mainly hunted prey it could swallow whole, not creatures larger or as large as itself. However, it is not infeasible that the Carnotaurus could use its size and speed to its advantage and somehow get a quick bit into the Chenanisaurus' neck and puncturing an artery, but it would be extremely hard for it to maneuver into a position where it could get such a bite in the first place. 

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I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPMay-27-2018 7:07 AM

As much as I love Carnotaurus, I think Chenanisaurus would win.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

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