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Bring on the FUTURE! Why it's a good idea to bring Spider-Man 2099 onto the Big Screen

Bring on the FUTURE! Why it's a good idea to bring Spider-Man 2099 onto the Big Screen

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Lupine Ronin

Apr-29-2018 3:37 PM

Not very many people are all that knowledgeable on the various characters within Marvel that have dawned the name Spider-Man, though, some names are more familiar than others. Some of the more common names have been seen in various comics, television and video-games. Names like Miles Morales or the Scarlet Spider and even Spider-Gwen. We know for sure that in December of this year we will see Miles Morales (and hopefully others) in the upcoming film "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse", directed by Peter Ramsey, Rodney Rothman and Robert Persichetti Jr.

This could very well open up a whole new window of opportunities to see other versions of the web-slinger that has yet to be portrayed on-screen. And one version in particular could bring on a truly unique and different feel from the traditional story we have all been accustomed to; Spider-Man of the year 2099.

For those unfamiliar with the character, this version of Spider-Man is very different from the familiar wall-crawler.

Miguel O'Hara was a genius and the head of genetics program in the Mega Corporation known as ALCHAMEX in the year 2099. His main focus was to create enhanced soldiers called 'corporate raiders' for ALCHAMEX. Miguel decided he wanted to implement similar powers from a superhero from the distant past; Spider-Man. However since there was no original DNA to dissect from, he had to replicate the closest idea from scratch using actual spiders. 

During human trials, a test subject dies and Miguel decides he no longer wants to continue in his endeavour. However, his boss instead tricks him into taking an extremely addictive drug called Rapture. In an attempt to cure himself, Miguel uses the gene altering machinery to change his DNA Back to normal and rid himself of the addiction. Unbeknownst to Miguel that a jealous coworker named Aaron Delgato sabotaged the machine and would then alter Miguel's DNA to be 50% Spider. 

Once it was over, Miguel had succeeded in being free of Rapture addiction, but now had unique spider-like abilities. As later events would present themselves, it would cause Miguel to take on the mantle of hero, and the name of Spider-Man. 

While both Peter Parker's Spider-Man and Miguel O' Hara's Spider-Man are similar when it comes to strength, speed, agility, healing and overall look, that's basically where the commonalities end. 

Unlike Parker's homemade web-shooters and webbing, Miguel has spinnerets in his forearms that creates organic and very strong spider silk.

While both can crawl up walls, Miguel does this with the use of his retractable talons on his fingers and toes.

He also uses these in combat when necessary. They have been known to tear flesh and even cut through metal Armour. 

Unlike Parker, Miguel doesn't have spider-sense. He does though have super-human senses like sight and hearing. However, his senses are so sensitive that he has to wear tinted glasses which he plays off as a side effect from Rapture. His new sight can have him see in complete blackness and zoom in on things from great distances away. His hearing is not as impressive as his sight but still greatly enhanced. These two senses make up for him not having a traditional "spidey-sense". 

A unique (and somewhat disturbing) ability Miguel inherited were prominently pointed canine teeth and venom glands. If he bites anyone, he releases a toxin that will render the victim temporarily paralyzed. 
Image result for spider man 2099 talons

While he has kept the tradition of red and blue, Miguel's Spider suit is very different from the original. Made from unstable molecule fabric or UMF. It gives him limited protection against energy weapons and won't tear from the use of his talons. His symbol gives off a bit more of a sinister feel, looking almost like a mash between Spider-Man and The Punisher. He has large forearm spikes used for combat and a web-like airfoil that helps him glide through the air; similar to Spider-Man's 'armpit webs'. 

It isn't just the abilities that separate the web-heads. Their take on their gifts was immensely different. While Peter Parker relished in his abilities and was more than happy to take up being Spider-Man, Miguel was the polar opposite. He saw himself as a freak; a monster. Most of his time beginning to be Spider-Man was him looking for ways to turn himself back to normal. It was much later that he saw the good he did and the importance of his role. It was there he truly became a hero. He truly became SPIDER-MAN. 

This future universe would be really interesting for fans not only for it's new style and feel, but for all of the connections and homage to the original. All through Miguel's career as Spider-Man, he has come across brand new foes that we have never seen before, such as Flipside, Silvermane and The CEO. He has tangled with ones that we should all know (with a 2099 twist). Characters such as Hobgoblin 2099, Scorpion 2099 and even Venom 2099.

With the way Marvel movies/shows are going, especially grittier pieces like Logan and Deadpool, this idea would make for a great fit. Expanding the universe to the future could give multiple possibilities for both Spider-Man and Marvel. It could provide a whole new take on a story so many fans love and give die hard fans and new brand new fans something they wouldn't expect to see. Watching a Spider-Man who at first detests being Spider-Man in a devastating future we would all hate to see come to pass. It could provide a fresh and thrilling new 'spin of the web' that we typically know and receive from Spider-Man, while still seeing the attributes and homage we love from a Spider-Man film.

I guess we will have to see how 'Into the Spider-Verse' does before there are any considerations for other Spider-Men. Though, perhaps one day we may just make the jump. 

Perhaps even as far, as 2099. 

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