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A New Era Address From Your Emperor

A New Era Address From Your Emperor

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Dec-21-2017 11:54 AM

*The Emperor, speaking to the entirety of Scified and the 7th Universe now from the Imperial Palace Balcony*

*Zeren the Barbarian steps out to the balcony.*

"Citizens of the Empire, the Emperor."

*I step out, in a familiar uniform--walking out to the balcony.*

*Zeren the Barbarian stands to the side, as I walk to the edge of the balcony--gripping the railing with my gauntlets.*

*I press a button on my mask, de-pressurizing it with a wave of steam, and dropping it to the ground.*

Sorry I took so long. *I look down at the crowds beneath the 120 foot railing of the Palace.*

But, the rumors are true--I'm back. The Empire, has been in turmoil, I see, but I can assure all of my people--those dark times are finished. It's time to usher in a new age of Universal prosperity and non-existence of villainous threats to our systems. *The crowds quiet at the rememberance of Anguis and the trouble it caused the Universe* There will never be another Calamity.

Calamity Dragmire Anguis is dead, he is no longer a threat to us. But Calamity's death does not mean the end of all evil. Evil rises from places where good does not bare a strong enough hold; alas, we cannot ever truly destroy all evil in reality--as much as I'd like to. But...We can lessen its chances to rise. For too long have we paid the price for evil springing outside of our Outer Rim.

Calamity Anguis rose in the now defunct 1st Universe--the one that he destroyed. That is why I am announcing my first official act as restored Emperor; the Universal Scified Empire will be expanding outside our much adored Tyrannus Universe, and conquering the Multiverse.

Regius, Oblitus, Redi, Gladio, Clypeus, Inclina, and Tyrannus--will all be under the USE, soon to be MSE's, power. We will cleanse the Malice from the 1st Universe, purify the 2nd, and provide protection to the entirety of the Multiverse.

Gone are the days of a single universe, henceforth, we Will be known, as the Multiversal Scified Empire.

The Multiversal Empire will rule for far longer than the Universal Empire--providing a safe, and secure, society. *I clench my hand into a fist, raising it up high as I yell* Long Live the USE! A Place of Power for Many, a Place of Hope For Most!! *The crowd reverberates back the same statement, it echoes throughout all of Imperion.*

Thank you, and it is good to be back. Our year is ANE 2, A New Era 2. Thank you my people!

Good grief.

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