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The Vengeful Rex II Part 7

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I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPNov-30-2017 12:54 PM

A late birthday present to GG. Happy birthday.


Listen while reading:


Part 7: End of a Rivalry

Gigannos landed on his side, rolling over onto his belly as he stood up. A large indentation was on the muddy slope of the ravine, and it had run over something--the remains of his father, Tornado. Gigannos cooed to the skeleton, vowing to avenge him. There was also the bones of Thunderstorm, facing those of Tornado--as if the age-old rivals were snarling at each-other. All was silent, not a creak nor a crumble - yet he sensed that something was coming at him - and fast.

Gigannos could do nothing, as he was lifted up and slammed to the ground. He looked in horror, as a new beast stood before him, one that was seemingly invincible. The bloody Tyrannosaurus rex, who was already powerful to begin with, had acquired a new level of power and destruction. The Giganotosaurus stood up, only for the Rex to run at him again. As he charged Gigannos, it became clear; gone was the young Rex - arisen, has the Tyrant Knight.

Gigannos was unable to respond, as he was rammed by a swing of Tyrannos' skull, and grabbed by the snout. The Giga staggered back in pain, roaring at the Vengeful Rex, who responded with an even louder bellow of fury. Each felt the presence of their fathers, as they stood in front of their respective skeletons. The spirits of Thunderstorm and Tornado appeared to look on, as their sons roared at each-other. This was it - the end of a rivalry.

The battle began with a swift lock of the jaws, the two theropods twisting and turning their massive neck muscles, which anchored their skulls. Using his larger mass, Tyrannos shoved Gigannos back, before latching onto his upper-jaw. He drove his skull downward, driving the Giga into the dirt ground. Gigannos sprung to his feet and rammed his skull into Tyrannos' chest, only for the Rex to slash at his face with the claws on his left arm. This continued as the Giganotosaurus pushed the Tyrannosaurus back, as the cuts on the former's face grew in size.

Eventually, Tyrannos lowered his head and clamped down on Gigannos' back, releasing a howl of agony from the Giga. He moved his skull to the side using his powerful neck muscles, smashing the son of Tornado into the rocky wall. However, the Giga was far from finished, as he began to exert every bit of rage he felt into his bites, landing some good clamps onto the neck and shoulders of the Rex.

However, Tyrannos was a tank, and absorbed nearly every bite Gigannos inflicted on him, as well as dishing out the damage he took. The two enemies engaged in a headbutting contest, which the Rex easily won due to his more robust skull and larger mass. He shoved the Giga back before crunching down on his shoulder blade, completely snapping it in two. Gigannos roared in unbearable pain, as his right arm fell limp, barely scratching against the lower jaw of Tyrannos.

The T.rex then snapped his jaws shut around the useless forelimb of the Giga, completely crushing it to bits as he yanked his skull back, pieces of blood, tissue, bone, and flesh dropping to the ground. Gigannos bellowed in anger, before grabbing Tyrannos and biting him on the head, forcing him to his knees. However, the Rex was back on his feet as quickly as he was knocked down, and he forced Gigannos back, before having his foe slash at him. The Tyrannosaurus squeezed his eye shut, as the claws of the Giganotosaurus scraped over his eyelid, giving him a scar running down his right eye and the right side of his face.

Tyrannos then rammed his head into Gigannos' torso, charging him into the ravine wall. The slope of this section of the gorge was a part of the mountain, and the Rex had charged the Giga into it with enough force to shake it. Tyrannas looked down into the ravine from the summit, knowing that her mate, and his destined enemy, were both down there, fighting to the death. Small pebbles clattered down into the ravine, and Gigannos roared as four of his ribs were completely shattered with ease from the Tyrant Knight.

He then was bitten on his neck, and tossed aside as he landed on his broken ribs. The Tyrant Knight roared, blood dripping down his face as he stared down Gigannos with vengeance in his eyes. The Giga slowly struggled to his feet, before being headbutted in the face, dazing him. His vision blurred as Tyrannos repeatedly smashed his skull into that of Gigannos. Tyrannos' head was supported by robust bones, allowing him to headbutt his foe without injuring himself.

The Rex then clamped down around the upper-jaw of the Giga, before swinging his massive skull down, bringing Gigannos to his knees as he fell forward. He then rolled over the carnosaur onto his side, stomping on his ribs as he began stabbing his toe-talons into the torso of the Giganotosaurus. Tyrannos appeared to have Gigannos at his mercy, but something rose in the son of Tornado--an emotion, anger.

His eyes were closed, his jaws agape, as in his mind, he saw his father. Tornado roared at his son, ordering him to finish what he had started, and end the lineage of the Tyrant Thunderstorm. All of a sudden, Gigannos' eyes opened--bloodshot with rage. He let out a deathly roar, that intimidated even the Vengeful Rex--before abruptly rising to his feet as he snarled with menace.

Gigannos delivered a bite to Tyrannos' face that deepened his facial scars, before clamping down on his neck and swinging his head to the side, slamming the Tyrannosaur into a wall. He then rammed his skull into the side of the Rex before knocking him to the ground. From there, he stomped on Tyrannos' ribs, breaking four of them and forcing a roar of pain from the Tyrant Knight.

The tyrant stood up and tried to grab the giant by the throat, but he dodged and bit down on the Rex's shoulder, before slashing at his stomach with the claws of his one remaining arm. Tyrannos bellowed before Gigannos used his upper-jaw like a hatchet and slammed it into the Rex's spine above his shoulders. His teeth cut so deep that they scraped against his spinal cord, and blood gushed out of the Tyrannosaurus in large quantities.

Tyrannos gasped for breath as blood trickled down his torso, before Gigannos bit down on his lower jaw and dislocated it with a swing of his head. He then rammed his skull into the Rex's broken ribs, before being bitten on the back. The Giga yelped as his spine and ribs were being impaled by twelve-inch fangs. Tyrannos tried to swing Gigannos to the floor, but as this happened, the Giga's teeth dug into his side, running down his stomach.

The son of Tornado then bit down on the neck of the son of Thunderstorm, and, using all thirteen tons of his weight, forced him to the ground. He stomped on Tyrannos' robust skull, causing his vision to become blurry. Gigannos believed that he had won, for his nemesis lay in a puddle of his own blood. He placed one foot on the right side of the Tyrannosaur's torso, and roared.

Tyrannos' eyes were shut, and he felt guilt for all the deaths he had caused. The four Albertosaurus, Tyra, and Trix. He thought of his cousin, Sue, who he had barely even met and he had nearly caused her to die. Tyrannos thought about his mate, whose death he had almost caused simply by being absent. Above all, the Tyrant Knight thought of his parents' death--something he will never get over, as he reverted back to his younger self.

However, his eyes were closed, but they felt open, as he looked at the remains of Thunderstorm. He felt like they were slowly being covered in his father's skin and tissue, before the Lightning Rex stood before him. Thunderstorm cooed to his son, telling him to fulfill his destiny. Tyrannos, the Vengeful Rex, could not deny it anymore--he was the heir to the throne. With this, he reclaimed his ascension to the title of the Tyrant Knight - permanently.

His ascension caused him to surge to his feet, nearly knocking over Gigannos. Tyrannos unleashed a world-shaking bellow that lasted for twenty seconds, ringing the eardrums of the Giganotosaurus. The pain was so great that he couldn't even process or register what happened next. Tyrannos charged towards him, his jaws stretched to the absolute maximum--before he slammed them shut around the throat of Gigannos. He had ran at him with such force that the impact of the Rex clamping down on the Giga's neck knocked the latter to the ground and shattering all the ribs on his left side.

Tyrannos filled his mind with all the family he had lost. It was as if their souls empowered him, for his bite-force rose with each fallen theropod he thought of. Albus, Alba, Alborax, and Cocoa increased his bite to 20,000 pounds. Trix and Tyra raised it to 30,000, exceeding his previous maximum bite-force. Gigannos raised his one remaining arm, impaling his claws into the neck of Tyrannos.

The Rex winced in pain, but held on, as he thought of his mother, Earthquake--increasing his bite to 32,000 pounds. Gigannos slashed at his neck, hoping to sever his jugular vein--but the Tyrant Knight held on, as one final being appeared in his head - Thunderstorm. He knew he had to honour his father's legacy, and with this, his bite-force shot up to 35,000 pounds of pure, raw, unbridled, unrelenting, fury, rage, anguish, strength, force, and vengeance.

He had crushed with so much force that his teeth went straight through Gigannos' neck, decapitating him. His lifeless head rolled to the ground, as Tyrannos threw the remains of his body to the ground. The T.rex, filled with rage, picked up the head of the Giganotosaurus, and hurled it into the ravine wall with as much force as he possibly could. The Vengeful Rex looked at his nemesis' remains, as he placed one foot on the side of his enemy. He threw his head up, as his jaws opened wide - releasing a roar of victorious triumph, that all in the area heard. All knew of his ascension, to the title of the Tyrant Knight.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

5 Responses to The Vengeful Rex II Part 7


2KStaff3811 XPNov-30-2017 6:36 PM

Fantastic fight, legendary. The best you have done.

Good grief.

Something Real

LegendMember5639 XPNov-30-2017 7:02 PM

TYRANNOS - That was a very brutal battle! I liked the way in which you described the ferocity of the combatants and how they moved during the engagement! :)


2KStaff3811 XPDec-01-2017 8:20 AM

I thought about it, 40,000 is a bit much. I mean you have made him as strong as the Tyrant Lord--which is the highest ascension for a Tyrannosaurus. You should make it 35,000.

Good grief.

The Hooded Figure

ContributorMember854 XPDec-01-2017 5:18 PM


I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPDec-02-2017 5:39 PM

GG I edited it.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

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