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My Script So Far Please Give Feedback and Fight Suggestions

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NoobMember23 XPNov-19-2017 10:34 AM

Scene 1: Something Isn’t Right

Zooms in on Wayne Manor at noon as birds fly across the sky.

Batman wakes up from a deep sleep as he yawns. Bruce turns out the bed as Alfred knocks on the door

Alfred: It’s cold out there Master Wayne…

Bruce: Sure….come sit.

Alfred walks over to a chair in the corner as he looks at Bruce.

Alfred: You look exhausted Master Wayne….looks like you need more sleep I will send Grayson to patrol the city if you’d like.

Bruce looks out the window

Bruce: Gotham needs me Alfred…..I’ve been doing research the whole day.

Alfred: On what?

Bruce looks over at Alfred

Bruce: This breach that happened at Star Labs last month.

Alfred: Barry and Victor is at the Lab right….ask them.

Bruce: I believe it’s best to keep this as a secret to the team.

Alfred: It is no longer a secret if you share with one person Bruce.

Bruce: Well Alfred this is our secret.

Alfred: If you don’t tell the team about this then you will not figure out what is happening.

Bruce: Alfred nothing is happening I just want to check if things on the Earth are different than before.

Alfred: I think I could shine some light on this project Master Wayne...follow me.

Bruce got up and followed Alfred to the Batcave.

Alfred walked towards a computer in the cave as he got the ratings of crime.

Alfred: This is the rating of crime around our Earth since last month’s breach. As you can see the ratings are low the only city that has the same crime ratings are Metropolis, Gotham, Central City, Star City and National City are the same.

Bruce: That means other cities like New York aren’t experiencing any crime…...something isn’t right about this.

Alfred: Okay, Master Wayne you have to go…..I’ll do more research and tell you if I find anything interesting.

Bruce walked over to his tactical batsuit as he jumped in the Batmobile and drove out.  

Scene 2: Your’e the Flash

In Central City, Barry Allen arrived  home with dinner. Barry knocked on the door.

Joe answers the door.

Joe: Barry you made it home.

Barry: Hey Joe, how was your day at the job you know today was my day off.

Joe: Nothing usual we had two men fighting in the Central City Mall.

Barry: And the security wasn’t on their job?

Joe looked at Barry

Joe: Apparently not, that mall needs new security guards….while it’s on my mind.

Joe reaches in the refrigerator and grabs a wine bottle.

Joe: When is your next mission with the Justice League.

Barry: I don’t know Bruce said that he will call me if he needed some help otherwise I’m just the great protector of Central City. Where’s Iris?

Joe: She’s writing a newspaper at her job on the economic issues since that parademon attack.  

Barry sighed

Barry: I forgot your burrito at the restaurant. Where did I put the car keys?

Joe looked up at Barry as he smirked.

Joe: You don’t need no car keys Barry, you are the Flash.

Barry: Right

Barry ran out the house as his blue lightning wandered around the house.

Scene 3: Where Has The Superman Been

As the Sun risen upon Earth’s surface, citizens of Metropolis wandered where Superman has been.

Conner Kent was walking on his school campus as a group of bullies attacked him.

Bully 1: Come here Kent

The bully pushed Kent down as another bully took Kent’s belongings and threw them aside as his books flew out.

Bully 1: Fight me Kent….Come on FIGHT ME!

Supergirl landed as she looked at them. The other bullies walked away laughing.

Supergirl walked towards Conner

Supergirl: Are you okay Conner

Conner got up as he began putting his books and notes back in his book-sack.

Conner: I’m fine.

Supergirl brushed Conner off

Supergirl: Where’s your dad?

Conner: I don’t know I don’t care he left without telling us he was going away for a while.

Supergirl: Don’t be like that Conner.

The clouds started to turn green as Supergirl and Conner started coughing.

Supergirl: Conner get to cover.

Conner: What’s happening?

Supergirl turned over as she started coughing. Conner gasped for air as he crawled

behind a car. Supergirl struggled to stand as cars exploded and green smoke floated ahead of her. Out of the smoke came a 9 foot tall green and silver robot.

Supergirl: Metallo?

Metallo shot a green blast of kryptonite at Supergirl as she flew back. Supergirl grunted in pain as Metallo shot police cars and proceeded to walk towards her. Metallo shot a kryptonite blade out of his arm as he lifted it up. Supergirl grabbed his arm as she struggled to keep it up. Metallo grunted as he punched Supergirl in the ribs. Metallo grabbed Supergirl by the cape and slammed her into the concrete ground. Supergirl crawled as she saw Metallo putting his blade back up. Supergirl got up soon as she got far away from the kryptonite.Supergirl picked up a car and threw it at Metallo. Metallo flew back. Conner peeked around the corner of the school as he saw Supergirl fly back towards Metallo. Metallo hit Supergirl in the back of her head causing her to fall face first into the ground. Metallo fixed his kryptonite sword and placed it by her neck. Conner came from behind the car he was hiding behind.

Conner: Leave her alone!

Students and Teachers looked at Conner as they gasped in fear.

Students and Teachers(ALL): Go back

Bully 1: You’re stupid Kent, you will get yourself killed.

Conner looked at the bully as he looked back at Metallo. Metallo walked towards Conner as Supergirl looked at both of them.

Supergirl: Conner! No!

Conner flew towards Metallo as the crowd behind him was in awe. Conner punched Metallo twice. Conner swung one more time as Metallo caught his arm and slammed him into the ground. Metallo shot at Conner as he fell down. Conner got back up and flew back towards Metallo. Metallo caught Conner by his neck and flew up. Supergirl flew up after them. Metallo shot Supergirl back down through the building. Metallo tackled Conner through the building as he brought him back out. Metallo hung Conner by his shirt as he got ready to use his blade on him. Suddenly, the clouds in the sky cracked open. Metallo looked up.

Metallo: Welcome back

Metallo dropped Conner as he rolled on the ground. A red cape shined in the distance.

Metallo: Now you decide to show your face Superman?

Superman: Kon get back.

Metallo ran towards Superman as Superman shot up in the sky and dove down. Superman picked Metallo up as he took him through buildings. Superman punched Metallo. Metallo grabbed Superman by the neck as he flew scraping him against the ground. Metallo continuously punched Superman. Superman grabbed Metallo and punched him into Metropolis Museum of Art. Metallo got up as he flew away. Superman flew back to the school as he checked on Conner and Kara. Superman landed as he walked towards Conner and Kara. Conner walked away as he shot up through the sky. Superman stopped as he looked down.


This story is about Marvel Vs DC of course, I did not introduce Marvel into the story yet. The tone I am trying to set for this script is that dark and light tone. Plot twist type story. Please give me feedback on what I should fix.

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