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The Vengeful Rex II Part 4-6

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I Meme Everything

Nov-12-2017 6:31 PM

The Vengeful Rex II

A Story by Tyrannos


Part 4: A Meeting Between Tyrants

Miles away from the mountain, a lone T.rex was overlooking the landscape. He was far away from his home, and much closer to a different mountain--the towering peak of Taghia-Sakhra. However, this put him in grave danger, for he was within the territory of the most powerful animal of all time--Tyrance. The nomadic Rex was feasting on a dead Trike, when suddenly, he saw something, no, someone--approaching. He knew the identity of the incoming predator based on pure instinct alone--his first cousin once removed, the Tyrant Lord himself.

Tyrance was a massive animal, measuring fifty-two feet in length, and towering eighteen feet above the ground. His leathery scales were beige in colour, much like that of the nomad. The Tyrant Lord's feathers were reddish-brown in colour, and he weighed ten tons. In comparison, the nomad had brown and white feathers, like that of a bald eagle. He stood at the same height as Tyrance, but was two feet shorter in length. In addition, he was five tons heavier.

The scent of the nomad reminded Tyrance of an old ally, compelling him to release an assertive growl--demanding the identity of this intruder. However, the other T.rex snarled, refusing to tell the Tyrant Lord. The two strongest Tyrannosaurus rex alive at this time faced each-other, preparing for an earth-shaking battle.

The duel began with a jaw-lock that lasted for about sixty seconds, before the lone Rex, using his greater mass, pushed back the Tyrant Lord. However, the latter was unphased, only to be bitten on the throat, with a crushing bite-force--a trait which both of them shared. The unidentified Tyrannosaur then released his grip and pushed Tyrance into a rock with his massive skull, before clamping down on the tyrant's leg. The ruler of the Golden-Land hissed in pain, and easily slipped free with his smaller mass. He then noticed huge tooth marks in the right shin of his opponent. Tyrance's cunning intelligence told him that his right-leg was injured, and, using this, he made his next attack.

The Tyrant Lord anticipated another bite from the Rex, before lowering his body and biting down upon the leg of his opponent. This released a scream of pure agony from the opposing Tyrannosaurus, and gave the Lord of All Predators the advantage, as he headbutted him in the ribs, before forcing him to the ground. He kept him down by pressing his foot down on the defeated animal's pelvis, and looked his fallen foe straight in the eyes, of which were filled with vengeance.


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Tyrance released another growl, asking his question again--"who are you?" The other Rex's instinct told him to get up and fight, but knew that in his current state, he would be no match. He told him that he was the son of the Lightning Rex--filling Tyrance's mind with old memories. He remembered, when he met Thunderstorm on the slope of Taghia-Sakhra. He remembered, when the great tyrant, who was the largest theropod of all time, helped liberate his home from the tyrannical rule of his brother, Tyrantic.

Tyrance took his foot off his opponent's pelvis, allowing him to stand as he asked where Thunderstorm was now. There was nothing but sorrow in the other T.rex's eyes, as he replied that he was dead. The nomad watched as his first cousin once removed clucked, asking why he hadn't taken up his throne. The lone Rex stated that he was emotionally broken, but Tyrance replied that it was his destiny. The nomad snorted before turning to leave, feeling some motivation to return home--but not enough.

He walked over to a stream to drink, looking at his reflection in the water. His sapphire-blue eyes, were identical to those of his father. Without any signal, he was unwittingly taken into a halluncination. Barely anything changed--except he saw lightning in the sky, as clouds began to come together. Thunder roared, but it sounded like a Tyrannosaurus--like his father. The nomadic Rex lifted his head into the sky, as he saw his father among the stars. He was shocked and amazed at the same time, as his father opened his mouth. Thunderstorm locked eyes with his son, as he released a low coo, telling him that he was the heir to the throne, and that he must fulfill his long-awaited destiny. His son bellowed that he couldn't go back. However, the Lightning Rex said that he was meant to return home, and that his family was in danger. The Rex of Vengeance began to bellow in anguish as his father disappeared, and his halluncination ended.

The Vengeful Rex stopped roaring, and looked up sadly as his father vanished from sight. He was even more broken, when suddenly, something began to rise within him. He felt empowered, and strengthened, as if something that was once missing had returned to him. Yes, it was his family--his job to take their throne. He realised this as he closed his eyes, inhaling a breath of fresh, night air. Tyrance was watching in the shadows, and he joyfully observed as the Rex began to travel back home as fast as he could, ignoring the throbbing pain in his leg. His mate, Tyria, joined him in watching the Rex return to his destiny.


Part 5: Battle for the Mountain

At last, Gigannos and his pack arrived at the mountain of Tyrannas. The area's population was down to only five--all of whom were T.rex. Gigannos smelled this, and anger swelled in his mind, for he hated the species for what Thunderstorm had done to his father. The alpha-Giga barked to the rest of his pack, and they scaled the towering mountain, alerting the alpha-female Rex. Tyrannas turned to see the pack of twelve Giganotosaurus facing her, and she roared in anger, as did her two siblings, Tyrus and Tyra, and Sue and Trix.


Mako, Sahara, and Fang, all of whom had been following Gigannos' pack, arrived at the foot of Tyrannas' mountain. The two parties hissed at each-other, before Mako charged Fang, biting him on the neck. The Spino bellowed before smacking him in the face, dazing him. He looked at the two Cars with anger before heading up the slope. After a few minutes, the two Carcharodontosaurus followed suit.

They arrived at the summit, to see the stand-off between the pack of Rex, and the pack of Gigas. There were five Tyrannosaurus, compared to the twelve Giganotosaurus. The two packs turned to see three more theropods, who all joined the Rex, since they all had a reason to kill Gigannos. The battle began as Tyrannas and Gigannos charged each-other.

The alpha-Rex landed the first blow, as their respective packs engaged in combat. Tyrannas fought with every surge of adrenaline-fueled rage that coursed through her veins, for she smelled the blood of the Albertosaurus pack on his jaws. In addition, she knew that she was fighting Tornado's son, and was determined to kill the son of her grandfather in-law's murderer.

Tyra and Trix fought a pair of Gigannos' Gigas, using their jaws and skulls as their primary weapons. However, Gigannas intervened in the fight, and, using her larger size, overwhelmed the two Rex, slicing their jugular veins with her blade-like teeth.

Sue saw this, and anger filled her body as she saw her sister fall in battle. She charged Gigannas, striking at her with all her rage. The T.rex threw her to the ground and stomped upon her skull, dazing her. Before she could finish off the alpha-female Giga, however, Gigannas bellowed, summoning a Giganotosaurus to her aid, which tackled Sue out of the way. The two fought the Tyrannosaurus together, but even then, they were losing.

Mako and Fang were slashing at Gigas, who used hit-and-run tactics. They would charge at the two behemoth theropods, take a bite, then flee and come back later. This strategy enraged the titans of Africa, as the Savage One brutally slammed a massive, clawed arm into the face of one of his assailants, cutting through the Giga's eye and leaving massive gashes on his face. Mako then used his front teeth like blades, slashing them against the skull of the other carnosaur, nearly taking out his other eye.


The Tyrannosaurus rex, who had fought the Lord of the Theropods, arrived at the foot of the mountain. He heard his bretherin roaring in pain, and began to charge up the hill.


The battle continued on for hours, as Sahara and Tyrus fended off waves of Gigas. However, eventually, the South American theropods' use of hit-and-run tactics slowly whittled away at their strength and energy. Even Sue, who had bested Tyrannas in a duel, began to tire. Without Trix and Tyra, they were outnumbered more than ever.

Gigannos bit a heavily-bleeding Tyrannas on the snout, forcing her to bellow in agony as he pushed her to the ground, before stomping on her right shoulder-blade, causing her arm to fall limp. He looked her in the eye and snarled. Gigannos then stretched his jaws wide-open, preparing to deliver the killing blow. However, something picked him up by his back and slammed him into a tree. Only one could recount this site - Tyrannas.


Part 6: Return of the King

Gigannos stood to his feet, to see his nightmare standing before him. A bestial Tyrannosaurus rex, fifteen tons of sheer terror. The massive animal measured fifty feet in length, eighteen feet in height, and had beige scales and brown and white feathers. He was covered in scars, from which some blood still dripped--but this only made him appear even more fearsome and intimidating. This, was no ordinary Tyrannosaur. This, was the son of the Tyrant Thunderstorm, the Vengeful Rex - Tyrannos.

He opened his jaws to release an ear-splitting roar of anger, fury, and above all, vengeance. Tyrannos then moved to grab the Giga who was pinning down Sue, crushing his skull in an instant, as he threw the corpse into another charging Giga. Now, the pack was down to eleven Giganotosaurus--versus one Tyrannosaurus. At once, Gigannos, Gigannas, and their bretherin charged.

Three of the nine infantry got a few hits in on the massive beast, with one biting his injured leg--only to receive a crushing bite that tore off her tail, before her head was crushed beneath his foot, which supported a mass of fifteen tons. Tyrannos then grabbed a Giga by the neck, snapping it, before slamming him into another Giga. He then flattened her skull with a foot to the face, as he continued to mercilessly slaughter the rest of the pack.

The next Giga roared in an attempt to scare the Vengeful Rex--but it meant nothing to him, as he reared his head back and bellowed even louder. He then swung his body down, clamping onto the beast's upper jaw, and ripping it off, as the body, which was bleeding like a waterfall from the skull, collapsed.

Another Giga bit Tyrannos on his right arm, and he released a faint hiss of pain--before yanking his limb free and using the claws to take out his attacker's eye before shattering his pelvis with a devastating bite. As the Rex advanced, he crushed the Giga's neck underfoot before engaging the remaining six.

The last four of the infantry all ran towards him at once, only to have one be decapitated, another have their neck snapped by an impact of his thrashing tail, and the third to be knocked off the mountain to her doom by his massive skull. There was only one of the infantry left, who tried to flee, but was grabbed by her arm. Tyrannos tore the weak limb off, before rolling her over onto her back and stomping on her chest, causing it to cave in as his foot crushed her heart and lungs. It was his injured leg, and he feigned it as he moved in on Gigannas and Gigannos.

The last two Giganotosaurus looked at each-other before splitting up as Tyrannos charged. Now, they were on either side of him, and bit down on his legs before heading down the slope of the mountain. The Vengeful Rex maneuvered his massive body to turn it around, as he charged after them. Gigannos was the first to reach the bottom as he looked around in a mad panic.

Meanwhile, Tyrannos gained on Gigannas, before crunching down on her throat. The momentum of her body caused her to jerk to the side, as the Vengeful Rex used his massive foot talons to rip open her stomach, before completely biting through her spinal cord, decapitating her.

Gigannos turned to see his mate's lifeless head roll to the ground, followed by her disemboweled body. He looked at the mountain in fear, as the son of his father's killer stomped down, to face the son of his father's nemesis. Both were injured and filled with adrenaline-fueled rage, as they roared before running towards each-other.

The two supersized theropods engaged in a brutal jaw-lock. Each theropod's teeth cut the gums, jaws, and teeth of the other before both reeled back, chipping and losing many teeth. Blood of both combatants stained their jaws.

Tyrannos was more exhausted, as Gigannos clamped onto his neck, before forcing him to the side. The Rex wheezed as he was abruptly rammed in his broad chest by his opponent's skull, before being bitten on the snout, releasing a yell of pain from him. Gigannos' razor-sharp fangs ripped open old scars, from Tyrannos' duel with his uncle, Hurricane.

Tyrannos headbutted Gigannos, pushing him to the edge of the ravine before the latter slammed his upper-jaw into the Rex's neck, blood staining his feathers as his knees gave in and he collapsed. The son of Tornado roared as he placed one foot on the skull of the son of Thunderstorm. As he lay on the ground, the Vengeful Rex thought of Alba, Cocoa, Alborax, and Albus, who had been killed by Gigannos. Guilt filled him as he realised that if he hadn't left his home, they would still be alive. However, Tyrannos was a fighter, and never gave up, as he stood up and charged forward, sending both of them tumbling, in separate directions, down the slope of the ravine.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

12 Responses to The Vengeful Rex II Part 4-6


Nov-12-2017 6:45 PM

Very good work, if you want, I can do an un-canon Tyrance vs Tyrannos.

Good grief.

I Meme Everything

Nov-12-2017 6:59 PM

^Yeah, sure.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

Something Real

Nov-15-2017 1:09 PM

TYRANNOS - This was exceedingly fun to read! I very much enjoy the fact that you have added music to your work. It adds another layer of immersion which I find to be most enjoyable! Thank you ever so much for taking the time to create this and share it with us! :)

I Meme Everything

Nov-18-2017 8:42 AM

Part 5 up.

"Part of the journey is the end..."


Nov-18-2017 9:41 AM

A little short, but pretty good.

Good grief.

I Meme Everything

Nov-18-2017 6:54 PM

Part 6 up. 7 will be its own topic.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

Something Real

Nov-19-2017 5:49 PM

TYRANNOS - This was a very driving chapter! I was extremely sad for the death of Gigannos' mate! :(

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