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Bio-Scan of the Most Powerful and Evil Creature in History: Anguis

Bio-Scan of the Most Powerful and Evil Creature in History: Anguis

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Nov-06-2017 5:02 PM

*Eternal strength, kill-able by only one being.*


Form: The pure malice essence of Anguis. While not externally powerful, he cannot be destroyed--only sealed. The first form taken by the demon during his resurrection.

Power list: Not stronger or weaker than any beings.


Calamity Anguis

Form: The Space matter of Reality 2.5 is unbearable to the true form of Anguis, so he manifested an exterior shell--taking on the appearance of a snake and the name, Calamity Anguis. All creatures in the 1st Multiverse only know the demon by this form.

Power: Multiverse destruction, possession, scales are only susceptible to the Master Sword at full power.

Power list: Stronger than any other physical being except Emperor Isaac GG.



Form: The reincarnation of Calamity after his first true destruction at the hands of the Hero in the year AV 2. Born on the planet Gerudont, he awoke already a fully grown man within the rivers of the ancient canyon planet. He had already the knowledge of his destiny, to take the Tenebris Crystal and activate his maximum power, the spirit of Anguis. With ease he conquered Gerudont, and made his mission come true, before falling at the hands of Isaac and his teammates.

Power: Universal destruction. Considerably weaker than his previous form, but noticeably more adaptable. Capable of absorbing near infinite amounts of energy.

Power list: More powerful than all beings except Draconus Tyrannus, and the Emperor.


Calamity Dragmire Anguis

Form: The complete form of Calamity. His reincarnated form, Dragmire, fused with his primal essence, Anguis. The two created a near indestructible ensemble, becoming one being, Dragmire Anguis. He conquered the Multiverse and defeated the Emperor and his teammates for a long time, before eventually being defeated inside a tear in Space-Time by Emperor Isaac.

Power List: Only rivaled by the Emperor.


Calamity Dragmire Anguis' Robot

Form: In an effort to restore his reincarnated body after its destruction at the hands of Isaac, Calamity fled to a realm that cannot be entered by any means except tears in time, Subspace. He encountered a depressed king of the washed out yellow Subspace dimension, Tiberius Malik, and with ease turned the entire realm into a worship ground for himself. He gave Malik unimaginable power, with the sole requirement being that he drown all of existence in Subspace, and then infuse the energy into Calamity--restoring his body.

Power list: Can be injured by most things inside the metal shell, but highly dangerous. Can only be destroyed by damaging the Subspace Spider energy source of the body of armor, and destroying the goop that was the remains of Anguis.



Lord Rex

Form: Anguis fruit of changing the timeline and turning part of the Hero into an accursed warrior from Hell. Calamity possessed the wandering spirit of Rex, and gave him guidance, informing him of his eternal purpose and that his existence meant nothing as the real Emperor had already abandoned the Dark-side. Anguis damaged form then proceeded to use Rex as a puppet, a mask, while he regenerated and built up an army with the power of the Emperor. They were successful in their mission, opening up the portal to Calamity's home, the Gap Between Dimensions--and although Calamity longed to maintain possession of Rex, the spirit was defeated by Isaac and his comrades, and recombined with the Emperor.

Power list: Most powerful character in all of fiction for a brief time, only barely rivaled by Isaac--but succeeded by him in their final fight.



Form: The true form of the most evil creature in history. This form is the most that mortal eyes can perceive, as Calamity still holds true as a parasitic demon from the confines of Hell. His body, fused with a core of pure malice from the Gap Between Dimensions, has turned him into a near immortal invincible being. His outer gelatinous shell was impenetrable or destructible by anything, as it was fueled by pure malice--but an overload of malice from the Emperor's Chisen suit and body was enough to overload Anguis and explode his outer shell. His body, even with the outer shell destroyed, was still indestructible by anything short of one thing--an Infinite Mass Punch, only capable of being produced by Emperor Isaac GG. The ensuing explosion of Anguis body destroyed all of existence, and forced the Emperor to surrender his soul in exchange for the restoration of existence--his final memories the knowledge that Isaac fulfilled his destiny.

Power list: Immortal, invincible, indestructible. No basic deity, or legendary mortal could even hope to annoy his shell. Not even the Emperor could, only an overload of his own malice could destroy the shell. From that point, his core was even more indestructible, an Infinite Mass Punch from the beginning of time to the present by Isaac being the only thing that finally ended the demon. His eruption of energy caused the destruction of everything, and Anguis went out with a cataclysmic existence destroying explosion. His soul has faded from heaven or hell, and he is gone--eternally.

Good grief.

5 Responses to Bio-Scan of the Most Powerful and Evil Creature in History: Anguis

The Hooded Figure

Nov-06-2017 5:12 PM

Amazing topic. I enjoyed reading this. As an aside, it is good to finally see what the forms of Dragmire, Calamity Dragmire Anguis (personal favorite design), and Calamity Dragmire Anguis Robot looked like.


Nov-06-2017 5:14 PM

Glad you enjoyed, I've been wanting to get pictures and descriptions down for each form. My personal favorite is his true form.

Good grief.


Nov-06-2017 5:14 PM

Very cool, GG.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

I Meme Everything

Nov-06-2017 5:33 PM

All the designs are awesome. My favourite is either Dragmire, Calamity Dragmire Anguis, or Rex.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

Something Real

Nov-08-2017 7:57 AM

GORILLAGODZILLA - This was exceedingly neat and informative! I very much enjoyed the images you provided to help illustrate the visual aspects of Anguis's many forms! Thank you ever so much for taking the time to create this and share it with us! :)

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