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The Emperor's Equipment

The Emperor's Equipment

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Sep-25-2017 2:19 PM

*An Out of Time data briefing.*


Golden Gauntlets (Aids strength in-case Force powers are gone, can lift planets):

The Hero's Tunic (Sewn in a simple home 5 million years ago, this legendary garb has been blessed countless times throughout the ages. Impervious to all attacks except etherial. Can switch between green, red, or blue depending on environment, giving defense against the elements of each.)

The Force's Tunic (Current Hero's Tunic, imbued with pure Force energy. The strongest it has ever been.)

Chisen Hero Armor: (Forged from an unknown metal, this is the single strongest set of steel known. Capable of using thrusters to allow the Emperor to flip infinitely in the air, and can use power cells flowing with Isaac's Force levels to create an indestructible devastating energy shield. Though rustic in appearance, the interior displays a HUD for the Hero that shows his lifelines, Force levels, and power-cells. Impervious to all attacks, would take omni-celestial levels of force to penetrate. Capable of storing excess Force energy into the power-cells and firing it via the back-side thrusters, but can be overloaded. Overloads of energy could result in the suit changing form of some sort, in order to adapt. Built for maximum mobility in zero-gravity, terrestrial, distorted, and marine environments.)

Malice Corrupted Chisen Armor: (Upon the Emperor's re-fusion with his darker half, Lord Rex, his body returned to its composite form--but the Chisen Armor, built entirely around the Emperor's light-side, was not prepared for this change. However, as it is the most adaptable suit in history, the suit evolved and accounted for the influx of Malice now flowing through the Emperor's Force-stream. The adaptation gave Isaac extreme amounts of power, nearly double his already celestial levels of strength. Arm-cannon not a part of suit.)

Hyper-mode Chisen Suit: (At the end of all things, the Emperor had one route left to save his teammates and preserve the future--absorb Anguis malice into his body and release it at the demon all at once. The combination of Anguis pure malice and Isaac's Chisen suit created a devastating bond that, at the cost of Isaac's body, exploded the demon's gelatinous shell--paving the way for the Infinite Mass Punch that would kill the core of all evil.)

Inactive Darth Rex Armor: (Made from Malanium and Magnolin. Was indestructible, but no longer used as the Dark side no longer runs through Isaac GG.)

Weaponry and Defense:

The Master Sword (Era Tyrannus Universe. Sword of Evil's Bane on an intergalactic scale. Strongest single weapon in the space-time continuum. Works as a standard holy sword against basic creatures, but becomes celestial against Dark-side users. Form morphs between standard blue and white, and green and gold accordingly. Current form green and gold.)

Nailyh Shield: (Forged 5 million years ago by Virtus, and Sapientia, the dragon's of wisdom and courage for the past Hero. Reflects all forms of projectiles and weaponry. The mirror aspect of the shield copies whatever is attacking it and doubles its defense by the item's attack, so it can never be destroyed.)

Energy-diffusion bow: (Capable of dispersing all energy-based matter. Can shapeshift between a bow and a gun. Limited on arrows in bow form and requires cartridges stored with photons in gun form)

Force Forged Lightsaber: The Emperor's personal lightsaber, telepathically constructed by him in the center of the Force cave. Its natural color is purple due to a Force Kyber crystal being used for the saber, it also symbolically represents Isaac's balance between light and dark. The hilt is forged from Torite, and Etherinium, metals that are highly Force attuned; these metals, plus the already super charged Force crystal, and Isaac's identity as the Hero and the most powerful Force user and being in history, make this lightsaber a weapon stronger than the Master Sword in terms of raw strength. It can destroy other lightsabers with two medium power strikes from the Emperor, and I reckon that doesn't bode well for the user. This blade also, due to it being bound to Isaac, will change color depending on how severely one-sided his emotions are. If he is extremely upset, the saber will change black from purple--if he is enraged, it will turn a fiery dark red. This is only in dire situations however.

General Equipment:

Marinade potions: (Made from the Marinade plant on Maridia, a mostly aquatic planet, Marinade potions boost blood-flow to damaged areas of a body by helping the heart to function stronger when injured. If there is no significant damage dealt, Marinade potions can raise blood pressure and should not be used.)

Redux type-1: (needles carrying redux type-1, a liquid metal that closes wounds instantly and injects a mound of malleable gelatinous metal into the wound's location for 24 hours to boost defense.)

Crimsolite Blue: (A rare herb that is both red and blue. The Emperor carries this in one of his pouches. It can be mound up and eaten for health and to restore lost blood quickly. Post consumption consumers develop a light red aura around them.)

Flavonia Green (A rare herb from an offshoot family of Crimsolite Blue. This yellow and green plant boosts the body with a wave of energy post-consumption, and is non-addictive. The Emperor carries this alongside Crimsolite Blue in one of his pouches. Post consumption consumers develop a light yellow aura around them.)

Grapple-Shot: (A long-ranged plasma powered forearm device that fires a photon rope. Used to rappel up or down.)


Infinite Speed: (The Chisen Armor stores the Emperor's constant Force energy within the power cells, and utilizes it via the back-mounted thrusters. The potency of Isaac GG's Force energy, plus his native skill, allows this combination of thrusters and man to create a wave of Infinite Speed. This allows the Emperor to run, phase, and propel himself at whatever speed he needs at any time. Capable of ramming through Draconium, phasing through bodies and walls, and theoretically traveling through time.)

Infinite Momentum: (The Chisen Armor utilizes stored Force energy to allow the Emperor to move as fast he needs to even without the Force. Capable of phasing through walls, creating after-images, and in-conjunction with the Force Jump (infinite flipping) can be used to create a constant aerial-diverse energy disc that is capable of destroying any metal.


The Odyssey 2.0: (Re-master of a classic from Bonneton on the Earth, this ship is built solely for traveling through gorgeous and exotic planets, but mostly through Space on intellectual and vacation pursuits. Not a battle ship, the Odyssey however is highly adaptable, being powered by crystallized energy rocketed trillions of miles from the center of reality 2.5.)

Good grief.

10 Responses to The Emperor's Equipment

The Hooded Figure

Sep-25-2017 2:24 PM

Certainly is a lot of equipment.

Something Real

Sep-25-2017 2:25 PM

GORILLAGODZILLA - This is so very neat! I very much like the Energy Diffusion Bow; it looks much like a weapon the Athakiri and Sentients would use. Thank you ever so much for sharing this information with us! It greatly helps to detail and flesh-out Isaac! :)


Sep-25-2017 2:27 PM

Thank you guys, I've been wanting to do this for awhile and I'm glad you all enjoyed.

Good grief.


Sep-25-2017 2:41 PM

Very cool, GG. You know I might do something similar for Zan someday.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

I Meme Everything

Oct-01-2017 2:11 PM

Nice, it seems I've started a trend with my armoury topic xD

"Part of the journey is the end..."

The Hooded Figure

Oct-06-2017 6:40 PM

Powerful armor your character has. Wonder how well it will hold up in the final battle.


Oct-06-2017 6:52 PM

Yes, we will see how it holds up.

Good grief.


Oct-08-2017 12:13 PM


Good grief.


Oct-12-2017 8:15 AM

Cool equipments there

"he is the only one who survived the flames"-shamarsh

I Meme Everything

Oct-22-2017 2:09 PM


"Part of the journey is the end..."

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