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Saurian: Story of the Specimens Part 5

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I Meme Everything

Aug-25-2017 10:39 PM

Saurian: Story of the Specimens

A Story by TVR


Part 5: The Pharaoh, the Lord, and the King

Sue and Trix regained confidence within themselves, believing that Stan had been avenged. They were close to the Golden-Land, where they would finally achieve peace. The two sisters headed through the forest, hoping that Dhahabi'ard was close by.


A few hours later, they saw a Triceratops, being brutally murdered by Nequit Dominum. How could this be, they had seen their uncle hurl him into a ravine?! The demon killed the Trike, but didn't even eat it--he left it to rot. The two sisters weren't hungry, and they smelled another predator nearby, so they left.


As they walked away from the Trike, a familiar smell filled their nostrils--the alpha-Tyrannosaurus rex who had taken their cave. This only drove them away from the carcass further, as the sounds of a battle between the two theropods they smelled filled their ears. They continued away from the Triceratops, narrowly avoiding the radar of the pack of Mapusaurus they had seen fighting the demon.


However, their trek was interrupted by the sound of the ground shaking, as it split open next to Sue. Trix roared out of fear for her sister, who was on the edge of the newly-created cliffside. The two sidestepped away from the edge, to ensure that they wouldn't fall to their deaths.


Shaken by their near-death experience, Sue and Trix decided to lay down and rest. They slowly fell asleep next to each-other.


However, they did not sleep for long, nor did they sleep well, for the sounds of three animals filled their ears; the bellows of an unknown theropod, the psychotic screeching of Nequit Dominum, and the ferocious roars of a Tyrannosaurus rex. Sue nudged Trix awake, and the two Rex stood to their feet. They could tell that the three creatures were in the newly-created ravine, and saw the Mapusaurus pack on one side of the cliff, and the different Abelisaurus on the other.


Sue watched as she saw a creature, the likes of which she had never seen before, help the Rex fight the demon. The animal was not native to North America; he had migrated there from Africa, where he was known as the Spined Pharaoh. He had a tall sail rising out of his back, an elongated, crocodile-like snout, and long arms, ending in three clawed fingers.


Sue recognised the Tyrannosaurus from stories told by her pack; he had saved the Golden-Land from his own brother, and she was excited to finally see him in the flesh. The Rex had reddish-brown scales, and a coat of brown downy feathers. He measured fifty-two feet long, towered over the ground at eighteen feet tall, and weighed ten tons; a star specimen, worthy of his title - the Tyrant King.


The Spined Pharaoh and the Tyrant King charged at the Unstoppable Lord with their heads, but he held them back with his hands. Trix cooed to Sue, telling her that the Abelisaurus and alpha-Mapusaurus were assisting in the battle. The different theropod stomped his foot, sending sharp rocks into Nequit's back, and the theropod of Earth, longing to avenge the pack-mates he lost, rammed his shoulder into a boulder, sending it tumbling into the ravine onto the demon's foot, breaking it.


The pharaoh and the king rammed into the lord, who crawled over and healed his wounds, before continuing the fight and disorienting the Spino with a long nasal horn.


The Rex engaged Nequit, biting his neck before being charged by the demon, only for the Tyrant King to shatter his horn. The Rex managed to blind Dominum, who now relied on his sense of smell to locate his nemesis. He clawed the tyrant's head before picking up a jagged rock and aiming it like a spear.


But the Spined Pharaoh interfered, saving the Tyrant King, who lay on the ground, defeated. Nequit clamped onto the Spino's neck, ignoring his futile attempts to slash at him with his claws. Trix, Sue, and the Tyrant King, could do nothing, but watch in horror as the Unstoppable Lord snapped the neck of the Spined Pharaoh.


Enraged, the Tyrannosaurus grabbed Nequit and rammed him through one rock blockade after another, and after the last blockade, he smashed him into a spear-like rock, which impaled the demon's neck. Dominum simply regenerated his neck, before yanking the rock from it and swinging it at the Rex, who dodged every strike. The tyrant caught it in his jaws, and impaled the rock through the skull of the demon. The hearts of Trix and Sue leaped as they watched the Tyrant King grab the neck of the Unstoppable Lord, and completely shatter it, under 22,000 pounds of pure, adrenaline-fueled, rage-filled, merciless, unbridled, unrelenting force.


The Tyrannosaurus rex threw the lifeless body of Nequit Dominum to the ground, as the cliffside on which Sue and Trix stood began to crumble and destabilise. They watched the Tyrannosaurus show honour to the dead Spinosaurus before leaving, as the Tyrant King limped out of the cavern.


*A few days later, aftermath of The End*


Trix and Sue finally made it to the Golden-Land, gazing upon its lush forests and streams. They saw the Rex who had killed Nequit Dominum, and his mate. Sue let out a low trill to alert him to their presences, stating that they were the nieces of the Tyrant Thunderstorm. They then let out chirping sounds, thanking the Tyrant King for avenging their brother. The two parties then went their separate ways.


Sue and Trix found their uncle, Thunderstorm, who greeted them with welcoming nudges. Their aunt, Earthquake, did so as well, as did their other uncle, Hurricane--the orange and black Rex they had seen. Thunderstorm asked them to join him, but Sue chirped that she and Trix were ready for adult lives. They said their goodbyes before departing.


The two sisters walked over to the peak of a hill, nudging each-other. Sue let out a triumphant roar, as she and Trix overlooked their land, having finally achieved peace.




Stan, Sue, and Trix were not forgotten. Their specimens would be unearthed, sixty-five million years later. Their mother, Nightblade, would also be found, and dubbed the Black Beauty. Earthquake and Thunderstorm would pass away, but not before securing their legacy, with their son, who's story is not over yet - the Vengeful Rex.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

5 Responses to Saurian: Story of the Specimens Part 5

I Meme Everything

Aug-25-2017 10:49 PM

^In real life, they're actually the three most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons!

"Part of the journey is the end..."

Something Real

Aug-25-2017 10:49 PM

THE VENGEFUL REX - This was quite an excellent ending! I very much enjoyed the way in which you introduced Pharaoh and had him join forces against Nequit! :)

I Meme Everything

Aug-25-2017 10:50 PM

^Pharaoh is not his name XD, he is Egypt! And the Tyrant King is Tyrance.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

Emperor GorillaGodzilla

Aug-26-2017 6:41 AM

I like your take on the final battle, good job.

Whatever it takes.

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