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Laws of the Multiversal Empire (MSEO)

Laws of the Multiversal Empire (MSEO)

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Aug-12-2017 7:44 AM


These are the rules of the RP, not one can be broken. The act of breaking these rules would result in two things depending on how severe. The first would be making whatever was done un-canon and the second would be a ban requested, once again, depending on how severe.


1. No excessive cursing, and no racial slurs.

2. No excessive violence.

3. No sexual attacks in any way, whatsoever.

4. Killing off characters OTHER than yourself must be discussed with me, Emperor GorillaGodzilla. Further more it is immediately canon if your character is killed by me or Lord Tyrannos, as we are the rulers of the MSE. HOWEVER, character deaths are only allowed if said character is abusing his freedom within the Empire and going around destroying things (definition Ghetto Hobbit). These assassinations by the Emperor and Tyrannos cannot be denied once taking place, even though they will only take place when a character has committed severe defamation against the Empire. In ADDITION, for normal users to kill other characters they must own consent from said user of the character, and from me, the Emperor.

5. Actions are expressed through * and *. Normal talking would be written like this, but an action like attacking or flipping would be like this example: *He leaped into the air with two front flips*.

6. Villains on a Multiverse scale can NOT be random. Must have a Primal Evil backstory, not connected to Calamity Dragmire Anguis (Main villain of the RP). If it is to be connected must be loosely. If you do not want to go the Primal Evil route vast amounts of training may pass. Multiverse scale villains must also be discussed thoroughly with me, and I must approve of them being canon.

7. Drug usage is strictly prohibited

8. Sub-characters can be made at will by any one user, but they must have a main character that they control. Power levels also can increase proportionally to the character at any time. Keyword, proportionally.

9. No one user can have more than ten controlled characters living in the MSEO.

10. Certain characters have unique abilities, copying those abilities unless your character is a copycat type is strictly illegal.

11. The maximum of 10 Universes in the current RP Multiverse must be maintained. The 7 known Universe names are: Regius, Oblitus, Redi, Gladio, Clypeus, Inclina, and Tyrannus (Main story takes place in Tyrannus). There can be no breaking of canon, and the Universe must stay grounded in its current state (ruled by the ME Multiversal Empire).

12. The RP Multiverse has aspects from most fictional universes. Certain fanfiction-esque parts of the MSEO are worked around at times to be more original. Fictional universes used in the story by the Emperor are canon, but others that are used sparingly by other members from certain series that are too mainstream or not mainstream enough may be deemed un-canon--despite their continued existence in the Empire.

13. It is mandatory that you use all known equipment relegated to the category, "Tyrannus Universe:" etc.

14. Invulnerability is not allowed. Every character can be affected in some way by some-thing, and power levels can not reach omnipotent naturally. This does not always apply to me, the Emperor.

15. Whoever currently holds dominion over an RP plot can dictate when the RP is active, or inactive. When there is no active plot, the RP continues without end.

16. Zeren the Barbarian must be referred to as, "Zeren the Barbarian". If you do not do as such bad things will befall your character.

17. Whoever holds dominion over an active MSEO plot has say over the characters. If he declares that a certain character is injured severely, that character is injured severely. This law only applies if the applied damage makes sense to the character's proportional strength and defense levels.

18. The addition of more characters to the MSEO's main event team is currently prohibited. 8-to-9 members is the absolute maximum. A team beyond 8 would become hectic for stories and making sure every character gets attention will become a mere dream.

19. Do not disrespect the Empire.

20. Sub-characters that are not villains should not expect to be treated like main characters, and or expect to be responded to in anyway.

21. Putting characters in the MSEO that are directly from works of fiction or video-games is currently prohibited without discussion with the Emperor. This is in place as not to interfere with potential MSEO events, among other reasons.

22. The RP's official name is the Multiversal Scified Empire Odyssey, MSEO for short. Try to use MSEO instead of RP, PLEASE.

23. Respecting our flag, the Shooting Star, is crucial for all partnerships, allies, and occupied states of the Empire to be recognized as 'Canon'.

24. In battles within the MSEO, actions that users whom are naturally more powerful than whoever they are fighting make, go through without question. If say User 1, is highly more powerful than User 2, then User 1's actions will injure and or kill User 2 without debate; User 2 will be forced to survive the duel, and react accordingly to how User 1 reacts, but they cannot surpass User 1 unless said User allows them to. If the Emperor were to say, *Force Chokes "name here" and crushes skull with the Force", the action would go through and be recognized as official because the Emperor is the strongest character. Character deaths, of course, have to be made official by the Emperor before recognized as legitimate--nonetheless. Power level leaps and bounds also are only allowed proportionally to the select character, no one user can surpass another without a carefully analyzed reason.

25. If you have committed treason against the Empire and are officially on our Black List, be mindful, if the Emperor or his Apprentice does not deem you worthy of being killed by their hand--an Imperial Enforcer will be sent out to kill you. These Imperial Knights are anonymous, you will never know their true names, and they are trained by the Emperor himself. Hunts from an Imperial Enforcer only occur if the target has broken multiple of the rules of the MSEO, and is committing defamation against the Empire equally. If one has killed you in the RP Chat, there is no denying of the event taking place, pleas for revival will not be heard, and said character is dead for good.

26. Villains must be destroyed by the end of their respective stories. Equally, villains can not win their events. If they were to win their stories, it would be recognized as a true attack against the Empire--and exceed the boundaries of a story--to which the enemy would be hunted down and obliterated without second-thought, posthaste.

27. No non-villain characters besides Lord Tyrannos and the Emperor can reach power levels at multiversal, and for the latter beyond multiversal. The power-cap for villains also is multiversal.

28. Use of Imperial Troops is strictly permitted to only the Emperor and Tyrannos unless stated otherwise. Use of these troops by anyone else is prohibited, and could result in a ban from the MSEO.

29. As the character-per-user cap is 10, if two RP characters wish to become a couple--and in-turn get married, this must be discussed with both users--and in some cases actualized by the Emperor depending on who the characters are. Equally, if those users wish to have children--each child counts for .5 of a character to BOTH users, meaning two children would be an entire character. Make sure not to overstep the ten character limit, if so one of your characters will have to be eliminated or be taken out of action.

30. Character children HAVE to be discussed with both users before becoming official. None can declare that they are having a child with another user, whilst that other user has not agreed to it. If that were to ever be the case, said user has all capacity to not acknowledge the child character--and all users can ignore the child character, as it is not canon.

31. Calling other planets, people and cultures by the terms, 'Empire, Emperor, and Empress', is strictly prohibited. Committing this treasonous act can be actualized as true defamation against the MSE, and could result in your planet being destroyed and people moved to various nondescript imperial planets where they will be forced to assimilate with the greater MSE by anonymity.

32. Nothing can be stated as happening prior to the beginning of the Dimension 1 Multiverse, 20 billion years ago. The events that are canon to the MSEO's lore and backstory will transpire in the story Destiny, everything besides that introduced may be deemed canon or un-canon depending on how it ties in.

33. It is preferable for villains to be individuals, and not tied to other user's villains. But it is equally preferable for villains to acknowledge the core of all evil and original evil of the Dimension 1 Multiverse--Dragmire Anguis.

34. Story villains will be judged as characters during their respective events, but if a villain creates a gigantic death-count in the Empire--they will break the boundaries of a story and reach True Imperial Enemy status; for True Imperial Enemies', the fun acting portion of a story will be out the window--to which genuine Imperial troops, Lord Tyrannos, and at the very rarest the Emperor Himself will be sent to destroy said villain--permanently. Once that event transpires, said villain will be killed for good, indisputable.

35. Talking to users directly via parentheses is allowed at all times. However, when a user declares during their story that breaking the 4th wall is prohibited--it can not be neglected. Certain scenes in stories require user focus and careful text, ignoring this could result in a kick from the current session.

36. Excessive unneeded humor in important situations is a high offense during RP sessions, especially if the scene at hand is important to the user. Battles must be respected to some degree, and annoying behavior is not allowed excessively.

37. Assume on all planets destroyed that the people of said planet have been moved to a safe location before destruction, unless stated otherwise. All Planetary Necrosis by MSE forces is done to instill respect in disrespectful planetary leaders--but the people are not targeted, nor the wildlife of said planet--all of which being moved to separate Imperial planets that will take them.

38. Every character has a power level by number. The highest a power level can reach for most is 1 billion. However, past that limit enters a select set of tiers: Above (Trillion+. Universal+), Transcended (Quadrillion+. Tri-universal+), Apex (Decillion+. Multiversal+), Ascended Mortal (Duodecillion+. Multi-dimensional+), Ascended Being (Quindecillion+. Reality destruction+), Deity (Sexdecillion+. Reality destruction plus branching beyond the physical realm), Angel (Octodecillion+. Destruction of the afterlife and reality, control over both), and Zenith (Centillion+. Unknown power, branching beyond infinity, unimaginable--unfathomable). No one is known with a power level past Ascended Being, that one person in class being the Emperor--who's power level can increase indefinitely. For example, Lord Tyrannos' power level tier is Apex--as he boasts 687 decillion Alminites, the way one can connect to the Force and the way one can draw their own energy from within. The Emperor as stated prior lies somewhere above Ascended Being, with a power level far above 100 quindecillion. The Emperor's power however is separate from this list, as he is also equally as strong with Ki and bodily energy as he is with the Force--able to utilize the same unfathomable power with his own internal Ki as he can with the Force.

39. Characters killed by the Emperor are PERMA-KILLED. This statement, perma-killed, means that they cannot return to life if the Emperor has truly executed them. This applies to characters, side-characters, villains and side-villains. The perma-kill is a result of the Emperor's energy being too much for normal souls to handle, resulting in their erasure from existence--and departure to nothingness.

40. Characters cannot appear randomly at any place for no reason. Teleportations are only allowed for characters of a 2 million power-level or higher, but this is null-and-avoid when dealing with boundary areas--such as just for example, even though they do not exist, alternate timelines. Along with alternate timelines, one cannot teleport to any of the 20 dimensions--as they are inaccessible, any of the other realities, the Emperor's Palace as a Force barrier guards it, Tyrannos' Palace as a Force barrier also guards it, most Imperial planets because Force Shields around the celestial bodies guard against most teleportation levels--this doesn't apply to the Emperor or Tyrannos. If the Emperor or Tyrannos appears next to you, be mindful for it isn't a good sign--as we do not like teleporting to specific users.

41. In association with Law 24, if the Emperor proclaims an action against one of your characters--it is immediately official. It cannot be disputed, ignored or denied. This law goes into effect to keep balance in the instance that someone would seek to continuously break these laws and ignore their warning--to which death and beyond would be the only answer.

42. Alternate timelines are in 99% of cases prohibited throughout the Empire, only once have they been allowed for an event. Stories with alternate timelines are not deemed 100% canon, as the forces that be of the Empire diligently work to eradicate alternate timelines--they never would actually exist, but only do occasionally to further a user's event. Please refrain from using alternate timelines in stories the best you can, because it is almost 100% un-canon past this point for alternate timelines to exist. Create something new and original please.

43. There is not a set time-limit for stories, but most stories should be wrapped up within 1-2 months maximum. Going beyond that is unnecessary and delays other people's stories. Be a team-leader and round everybody up for your events.

44. Actions such as thinking, or talking to someone telepathically must be written via ; and ;. ;I don't know what to do here...; ;If only there was a way;. Adhere to this rule please.

45. The list of power-levels required for specific feats is as follows:

      Teleportation: 2 million Alminites, equivalent to the power to destroy a planet. Teleporting is limited to within a solar system for that level, the higher the Alminite-count the farther and faster you can teleport.

      Advanced Movement, ability to fight and move at speeds faster than light: 765 million Alminites, ability to destroy a galaxy.

      Precognition: 2 billion Alminites, the power to destroy galaxies--paired with a tight connection to the all-encompassing energy can grant this ability.

      Perfect Copy: 80 billion Alminites, the ability to destroy superclusters is enough to grant the power to make a temporary speed entity of yourself.

      Stable Ki Beams and Waves: 20 million Alminites at the lowest, power to destroy many planets. Higher the Alminite level the stronger the energy attack.

      Revelatory Strikes, attacks that can knock an opponent unconscious: 100 million Alminites to affect opponents in this way, equal to multi-solar system level destruction being able to be accomplished by you.

      Black Hole Manifestation, the ability to create any-sized black holes and use them in combat: Quadrillion+ Alminite level, Transcended being tier, power to destroy 3 universes. This attack is extremely powerful, as the black holes with their nigh-limitless gravity can be amplified to become ever stronger and more indestructible by their creator.

       Reality Warping, the power to alter reality with attacks and movement: Decillion+, Apex tier, the power to destroy the Multiverse and beyond. Reality is the fundamental realm that we all exist within. The ability to distort and change the fundamental basis of existence is a feat only two currently are capable of achieving, the Emperor and Tyrannos, the former able to destroy reality entirely.

       Space-Time Distortion: Trillion+ Alminite level, power to destroy a universe. Distortion portends the ability to alter Space-Time, the flow of existence. This ability does not include damaging Space-Time, only alteration by very powerful attacks and movement.

       Space-Time Destruction: Duo-decillion+, the ability to destroy dimensions containing multiverses. Only the Emperor has this power. This is an ability that exists within the power-grouping of Reality Destruction. Damaging Space-Time is equivalent to melting the flow of all existence, destroying Mortal Time itself, which alone would eradicate reality. The Emperor can destroy Space-Time using a solid sum of power, as could Dragmire Anguis, however doing this feat would result in reality collapsing in upon itself--and destroying the entirety of Reality 2.5 without even blowing it up. Lord Tyrannos can damage and affect Space-Time as-well using close to his maximum.

      Infinite Mass Punch: Incalculable amount of Alminites, the power to destroy Reality+. This is an attack exclusive to the Emperor, historic as it was the only thing capable of destroying Anguis in the final battle within the Gap Between Dimensions. Isaac pushed his power beyond his own limits, reaching into his limitless potential to exact a punch of unlimited strength--disintegrating Anguis into erasure, and taking the Gap Between Dimensions and Multiverse with it--although both of those were brought back.

46. The current power-limit for non-villain characters that are not the Emperor or Tyrannos is quad-universal, the ability to destroy 4 universes at absolute maximum power.

47. Cloning characters other than yourself is not allowed under any circumstances, creating temporary speed/power clones is always allowed, but making identical copies of certain people other than yourself is illegal. Copies made of yourself are subject to be disintegrated by the Emperor and like.

48. Distance teleported is equal to battle power. If you can blow up a planet at maximum power, you can travel the distance from one planet to another in its own solar system by teleportation. If you have the power to destroy two-universes at maximum you can travel between universes at maximum teleportation distance. No one can travel by teleportation to a distance greater than their power level, ships and other forms of transportation must be used to reach the greater distances.

49. Assigned power-levels MUST be maintained. Anyone beneath the power threshold of multiversal, ability to destroy the multiverse, can not reach beyond their strength--four universes as previously stated being the limit. Read your designated power-level, which is assigned to the main/most powerful character said user has--down below.




The leaders of the RP in order of highest rank, power, and management are as follows:

1. Emperor GorillaGodzilla

2. Tyrannos

If any of these two are inactive the MSEO property and control does NOT go to ANYONE ELSE. The MSEO remains with these rules in the event the Emperor, and Tyrannos are not online. At any time, one of these users could assume control. If Emperor GorillaGodzilla re-assumes control, he supersedes Tyrannos instantly no questions asked or discussion.


The current most powerful users in the MSEO are as follows just for a headstart:

∞. Emperor GG (Capable of destroying existence.)


~ Dragmire Anguis (Darkside incarnate. Existence destruction at absolute maximum power.)


2. Emperor's Apprentice Tyrannos (Capable of multi-universal destruction/ Capable of Universal manipulation)

3. Zeren the Barbarian (Zeren the Barbarian)


Good grief.

29 Responses to Laws of the Multiversal Empire (MSEO)

I Meme Everything

Aug-12-2017 7:55 AM

Reasonable rules, though I would also ban any kind of invulnerability/immunity to attacks. *cough cough* Abel *cough cough*

"Part of the journey is the end..."


Aug-12-2017 8:01 AM




Good grief.

The Hooded Figure

Aug-12-2017 9:19 AM

Reasonable rules I can follow.


Aug-12-2017 9:38 AM

I agree with these rules.

PS. You would be correct about Zan's power level.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

Sci-Fi King25

Aug-13-2017 11:49 AM

Those are some pretty nice rules, but I have a few questions:

1. I'm planning a story where quite a lot of Xenomorphs get killed. What would be the limit with violence there?

2. I'm kind of confused about the power level list. How does the City/Country/Galaxy Level work? (Also I'm wondering where my character would be.) 

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


Aug-13-2017 5:55 PM

Unless you're writing that the Xenmorph's bowels are exploding or something extremely disgusting, it should be fine.

Galaxy level means the character could destroy a galaxy. Country and city work the same.

Good grief.

Sci-Fi King25

Aug-13-2017 6:21 PM

^Thanks for clarifying. In that case I'd place my character around Country level, although maybe Planetary at full potential.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

I Meme Everything

Aug-15-2017 6:22 PM

I'd change Draconus Tyrannus to his transcended form, Draconus Deus.

"Part of the journey is the end..."


Aug-19-2017 7:55 AM

Included names for the seven known universes.

Good grief.


Sep-06-2017 4:04 PM

I'm fine with these new rules.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

The Hooded Figure

Sep-06-2017 4:26 PM

*Wonders what would happen to Jax if he does not say Zeren the Barbarian's full name*

Something Real

Sep-06-2017 4:29 PM

GORILLAGODZILLA - I very much enjoy these new rules! I and my sister shall do our very best to adhere to them! :)


Sep-06-2017 4:34 PM

Awesome SR.

KotM, otherworldly destruction from beings unknown.

Good grief.


Nov-02-2017 5:09 PM

I'm fine with this new rule.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

I Meme Everything

Nov-03-2017 6:43 PM

SR stated that Wriss is the strongest of her, Oracle, Ney, and Tal.

"Part of the journey is the end..."


Jan-22-2018 3:33 PM

Now, updated.

Good grief.

The Hooded Figure

Feb-21-2018 8:36 AM

So far, Jax is galaxy-level, the Kronos is nearing Multiverse-level, the Dark-Hooded Figure is Multiverse-level, and Draegar is universal-level.


Feb-21-2018 8:42 AM

I await the final battle with the Kronos.

Good grief.

I Meme Everything

Mar-12-2018 11:33 AM

Was waiting for these rules to be added.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

Something Real

Mar-12-2018 12:16 PM

GORILLAGODZILLA - Rules 28, 29, 30 and 31 are quite acceptable rules, my friend! They shall be observed and honored. :)


Mar-12-2018 12:30 PM

I will respect the new rules.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

I Meme Everything

Mar-28-2018 1:11 PM

Thank God for adding a rule on humour. Sometimes the RP Chat makes me cringe in horror.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

The Hooded Figure

Mar-29-2018 1:55 PM

Wriss is more powerful than Jax to which he is galaxy-level, and Wriss being a multi-solar system power level does not seem right. I would agree with the original notion of Wriss being a multi-supercluster power level, or slightly higher.


Mar-30-2018 8:26 AM

Jax has never displayed feats up to galaxy destruction. Jax delivered a city-busting punch once, but he doesn't use energy nor anything of the like--so I can't justify galaxy level. If you say he is, his power needs to be showcased more before I can make it official.

As for Wriss she as-well has never displayed feats up to galaxy or supercluster. Her orbs of time-distortion are feats anyone can use with a power level above 5 million, and they aren't very effective at that. Her dragon form I could see as galaxy level potentially, but even then it gets thrown around by villains of weak caliber--and Wriss has been stabbed before by ordinary weapons and injured badly.

I see no reason to change.

Good grief.

I Meme Everything

Apr-28-2018 10:31 AM

I like the new rule. It'll help prevent our attacks from turning into a clusterf*ck.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

Something Real

May-01-2018 8:30 PM

GORILLAGODZILLA - Rules 46 and 47 are quite acceptable. :)

The Hooded Figure

May-01-2018 8:30 PM

Draegar is right below the limit set forth.

Something Real

May-08-2018 10:26 AM

GORILLAGODZILLA - I very much like the way in which you have implemented Power Level into Teleportation efficacy - it is an elegant and excellent solution! :)

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