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Writing Contest Entry: The Hunt (Giganotosaurus vs. Andesaurus)

Writing Contest Entry: The Hunt (Giganotosaurus vs. Andesaurus)

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The Hooded Figure

Jul-25-2017 1:15 PM

He was...all alone now. Separated from the rest of his herd as he attempts to run with great fear in his heart. He was moving as fast as he could with great speed. Large chunks of flesh torn away from the back sides of his legs - blood dripping down rapidly as with every step he took against the hot, rough, flat open plains, it made it every much harder him to keep going. He was begin to tire...beginning to lose strength...beginning to lose hope, but above all else...he was beginning to want to give up now. He wants too give up...he wants to; feeling that he doesn't have to endure the pain any longer if he does so.

He looked all around in all directions, desperately trying to find any means of hiding places or escape, but nothing came up for its the open plains all around. He begins to slow down in speed, slowing all the way to where he is now walking - the back legs having endured enough from the pain as he must rest, but time...time is a luxury he cannot have. He looks to the skies, seeing the sun is almost setting; giving way for the night time to take over, but fear only sets within him more. The lone Andesaurus turns its head around from the direction he was running from - looking into the far distance of the plains as his vision blurs; seeing three large figures far away, but approaching with great speed. Though blurred out, he knows what comes for him...he knows its his end now...he knows...he is truly...all alone now.

The Andesaurus veers his eyes away from the far, but not to distant three large figures coming for him. He lowers his head down with much sadness and fear; terrified for his life as he than continues on about attempting to escape, but all of a sudden though, he stops. He makes soft, low coos to himself - attempting to reassure himself that everything will be alright as he begins to feel the heavy footsteps closing in. He looks up again to the sky, watching the peaceful sunlight rays shining all over the plains as continues to coo to himself; the heavy footsteps beginning to shake the ground as it approaches more closer.

No clouds in the sky to cover the bright, warming, and sunsetting lights that shine upon his massive body...wind gently blowing against his body, cooling him down from the exhaustion he has...his feet gently rubbing against the short, grassy plains; taking in the comfortable & soothing relaxation it provides. He closes his eyes as he still looks the sky, attempting to find courage within him, letting out all fear within his mind & heart...but sadly though, fear once again, takes over. He opens his eyes slowly, still watching the sun's rays shine over the horizon as he continues to feel the heavy footsteps approaching. The Andesaurus looks down once again - veering his eyes towards a small, but not quite so large pond that sits basking in the peaceful flatlands; the water rippling softly across the pond as the faint, but yet increasing thumping of footsteps increase. His heart begins to increase in beating...his back legs begins to shake...he begins to inhale & exhale much more, but he knows that there's nothing he can do against a pack of three large theropods: a pack of Giganotosaurus.

The Andesaurus turns his body around, facing the large theropods direction; standing his ground as the three Giganotosaurus stop approaching. The Andesaurus continues to remain where he's at, watching the three theropods where they're at until two of the Giganotosaurus slowly walk forward to the lone Andesaurus. The two Giganotosaurus keep a distance from each other, but remain walking; surrounding the Andesaurus in a somewhat circle formation. He watches the two Giganotosaurus surround him, growling with hunger and anger as they look on to him; waiting for the right time to strike. The Andesaurus moves his body, making certain to that he's not flanked by either of the two completely. His tail swings back and forth with heavy movements, the footsteps he places on each ground causing a slight rumble due to his extreme large size, but none of this intimidates the two Giganotosaurus. The Andesaurus, knowing he has nowhere to go, attempts to slowly back away as he watches the two large theropods facing him - blood still dripping down from his back side legs with flesh revealed from upon the attacks struck on him from the three Giganotosaurus that are hunting him.

He looks all around once again, looking to vastness of open plains that surround all over the entirety of the area - desperately wishing there was some form of escape, yet though, it's a fight he must face between the three theropods; whether he loses or not, he won't allow himself to go down so easily. He continues to back up slowly; his heavy, lumbering body shaking the ground as he towers over the theropods, making certain he keeps an eye on the two circling him. After brief moments of moving back, the Andesaurus turns his head, distracted for the moment as the heavy weight of his body pushes down on the ground, causing two of his legs to sink in halfway. Large amounts of brown, thick smoke accompanied by a slight, but shaking rumble ensues as the Andesaurus's body tumbles down with great force.

His back legs buried deep into the ground, unable to move around as he watches the heavy, thick smoke all around him surround him temporarily that of which will hide him from the theropods. Deciding to use it to his advantage, he attempts to make his pull himself out of the fallen hole he's in, but the third Giganotosaurus: the Alpha that remained where it was at, slowly begins his approach to the smoke; knowing that the Andesaurus will try to use the cover for escape. The Alpha Giganotosaurus grunts to the other two Giganotosaurus, warning them to keep back as he will make the kill. The Andesaurus, hearing the growling and grunts coming from the theropods, still attempts to lift itself out of the ground - his massive body struggling to even take one leg out, but he doesn't stop for he only has a small amount of time before the smoke clears. Pieces of the ground begins to break apart; the rocks, dirt, and grass rolling down from his body as he steadily rises up from the ground. He continues to struggle - desperately trying to free himself, but after many attempts, he succeeds in doing so; sadly though, his heavy footsteps give him away of what he's trying to do.

The two Giganotosaurus, feeling the heavy footsteps of the Andesaurus heading off somewhere else, decide to ignore their Alpha's warnings and begin to charge blindly through the smoke after the sauropod. They come charging from two different directions, hoping they to ram into their prey, but only to foolishly fall into the large hole created by the Andesaurus. The Andesaurus turns around to see the two Giganotosaurus moving around wildly, kicking and biting at each other as they attempt to regain footing again. He turns back around, moving as fast as he can despite the injuries he's sustained from both the attacks and the fall - walking with heavy footsteps as usual, alerting the Alpha Giganotosaurus of the situation going on. More blood to pour from the Andesaurus's back side legs; a trail of blood left exposed in the open, bare dirt of the plains as his vision begins to blur while attempting to escape. Hearing the two Giganotosaurus's still in the hole, the Andesaurus still rushes to make escape; every heavy footstep he makes fills the air with loud booms - the Alpha Giganotosaurus soon to follow. The Alpha looms out of the smoke - giving many growls as the smoke clears away from behind him as he runs towards the now limping Andesaurus.

The Andesaurus looks back - seeing the massive Alpha Giganotosaurus charging towards him with full speed; not stopping for nothing as to which the Andesaurus keeps on moving foward as fast as he can. The Alpha continues running with all his might, getting closer with every footstep as he kicks up the dirt from the ground; breathing crazily as he finally nears the large sauropod. The Andesaurus still attempts to make its escape, but only for the Alpha to finally arrive; using its jaws to tear out huge chunks of flesh away from the back left leg. The Alpha rips it away with much ease, causing the Andesaurus to experience much more pain. He looks back to the Alpha, swinging his tail at the Alpha with full force - tackling down the Alpha with extreme force; injuring the Alpha severely. The Andesaurus quickly than turns around and makes another attempt to escape, but only for the Alpha to slowly rise up again and make his way after the sauropod again. While the Alpha makes his way after the Andesaurus, the other two Giganotosaurus in the hole, after much struggling in trying to get out, finally free themselves and make their way towards the Andesaurus.

The two Giganotosaurus were running with great speed, shaking the ground with their heavy footsteps as they headed towards the Andesaurus with only one thing on their mind: to kill. The Alpha stayed running after the Andesaurus, but limping in the process as well; only for the two Giganotosaurus to immediately pass up the Alpha, shoving him aside as he collapsed to the ground hard, causing him to be injured more. The Alpha looks on as the other two chase after the Andesaurus, growling in pain as he attempts to stand, but can only watch on. Knowing he cannot outrun the two theropods chasing after him, the Andesaurus stops where he's at - turning his massive body around as the blood from his back left leg pours out large amounts of blood onto the dirt, his other legs exhausted from all the attempted running he has been doing for the day from the predators after him. He looks to the two Giganotosaurus coming towards him; seeing them with their teeth baring at him. The Andesaurus's tail sways back and forth, waiting for the two Giganotosaurus to come - taking a few steps forward; lowering his neck down to ground level, waiting for the right moment to strike.

The two Giganotosaurus finally arrive to where the Andesaurus is, ramming into the large sauropod's front body, causing him to stumble back a few feet. One of the Giganotosaurus places its jaws on the Andesaurus's front right leg, ripping away more flesh from the sauropod, but only for the Andesaurus to immediately use its large neck to slam it against the theropod's body; causing it to completely shatter its ribs as it fell to the ground. While the Andesaurus looked to the fallen Giganotosaurus, the other one quickly placed its jaws on the back right leg of it and tore off more flesh, bringing the Andesaurus to lose its footing, causing it to almost collapse onto the ground. The Giganotosaurus again takes another bite out of the same leg; blood pouring out at a massive rate as the Andesaurus yells out in pain, believing it to be the end of him. Despite being injured, the second Giganotosaurus that was knocked down looks to the Andesaurus with a painful expression - seeing that its other member is slowly wounding the Andesaurus, close to bringing it down as he than gets back up and attempts to go after the sauropod. Things seem to be going two Giganotosaurus way as the second one slowly limps his way to the sauropod, but only for him to hear the sounds of heavy footsteps rushing towards him; striking fear into his heart as he turns his head to see his Alpha coming after him.

Angered by what his members did to him, the Alpha grabbed the Giganotosaurus by the neck, biting down hard with much pressure as the Giganotosaurus roared and whines in pain, begging the Alpha to release. The other Giganotosaurus not aware of what was happening, continues to tear away more flesh from the Andesaurus, ripping away huge chunks until the very bones could be seen from within the legs. The Andesaurus looks up to the sky once again, believing now to be the end of his life. He sees the last of the sun's sunlight rays shining upon the open plains, no longer providing a safe haven for anything as the night begins to take over. Though believing that he should die now, he slowly turns his head; looking at the Giganotosaurus that attacks him - swinging his massive tail with every strength he can muster and tackles it against the Giganotosaurus on the head, fracturing the skull of the theropod. The Giganotosaurus crashes to the ground, its body beginning to move in a wild manner as from being hit in the head, not able to control itself. The Andesaurus, not able to stand up no longer, looks to the Giganotosaurus it tackled down, seeing that its death is only moments away as he than lays the rest of his body on the ground; relaxing his head as he breathes in the calm, cool, peaceful air that the open plains provide.

As he lays on the ground relaxing, the Alpha continues to have its jaws placed on the other Giganotosaurus neck, not attempting to kill just yet, but rather to strike fear first into his member. He squeezes harder - the teeth sinking into the neck ever so deeply with ease as which the Alpha, with a tight grip, rips away the almost entirety of the neck off from the Giganotosaurus, ending the member's life.

The Andesaurus, laying on the ground raises his head up slightly to look up at the setting sun that is almost to disappear. Blood continues to pour out from his legs at a fast rate, but for moment, he cannot feel any pain within his body; not even the feeling of his lower half body now anymore as he ignores it all. The daylight and nighttime blend together, allowing him to barely able to see what lies beyond the Earth's atmosphere; seeing the many shiny objects of light, being stars, that range in the amount of there are. As he continues to watch, the wind blows gently on him, cooling his body, the blood pouring out of his legs stops, his vision beginning to slightly blur, but most of all, he no longer feels fear, but peace and calmness. But yet, as he looks around all around him, he is....all alone.

He sets down his head head ground, relaxing himself; feeling peace within him as he still looks to the almost nightly, star-filled sky. He breathes calmly, rubbing the lower jaws against the soft grass as means of soothing himself, but though, even if he at peace with himself, it won't matter to another being. The Alpha Giganotosaurus, watching the Andesaurus from within a few yards, resumes back his hunt; realizing that he longer has to try to attempt to bring down his prey as he slowly walks toward the downed and injured sauropod. His footsteps are calm and quiet, approaching the Andesaurus from the side of his face direction. As the Andesaurus slowly turns his head to the side, he sees the Alpha Giganotosaurus standing over him, seeing the hunger, rage, and savagery within the eyes of the predator. The Andesaurus looks the other way in sadness and fear once again - looking up to the sky as, searching for any means to try to find some peace within his life...

...but all there nothing as the Alpha opens his jaws, biting onto the upper neck area of the Andesaurus, tearing it away completely from the rest of the body, ending the Andesaurus's life forever as the Alpha than feasts upon the dead body; not ever having to worry about being alone in his life.

4 Responses to Writing Contest Entry: The Hunt (Giganotosaurus vs. Andesaurus)

I Meme Everything

Jul-25-2017 1:54 PM




"Part of the journey is the end..."


Jul-26-2017 7:58 PM

"Small, but large hole"?  Which is it?

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