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T.rex vs Spinosaurus needs to end!

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I Meme Everything

Jul-07-2017 3:00 PM

Whelp, we all know one of the most commonly-used hypothetical dinosaur fights; Tyrannosaurus rex versus Spinosaurus aegyptiacus. This heated debate was sparked in Jurassic Park III, when a Spinosaurus killed a subadult Tyrannosaurus. And look what it has done to people; fanboy wars on Topix. Arguments on YouTube. Threads full of cursing on Reddit. I for one, am sick of it. Here is my argument on why the debates need to end.


1. They wouldn't fight realistically

What's that? The fanboys screaming "The fight is HYPOTHETICAL!" Well, realistically, even if they did meet, the two animals would just ignore each-other. They occupied different environments and would most likely avoid a potential fight. So what's the point in arguing about this if they wouldn't fight even if they did encounter each-other?


2. It's been 16 years

This debate is sixteen years old. Anyone else shaking their head at the fanboys still arguing about this?


3. Look what it does to people!

I mean, look at all the threads online. People are not civil towards each-other, calling others names and cursing other users out. Not to mention that the damn fanboys hate the other animal; Rex fanboys hate Spinosaurus, and Spino fanboys hate Tyrannosaurus.


4. Neither animal deserves hate

Like I said, the fanboys who take sides in Rex vs Spino hate the other animal. Most notably, Rex fanboys hate S.aegyptiacus for killing the tyrant lizard in JPIII, and Spino fanboys hate T.rex for...being popular...? Ok well my point is they say that Tyrannosaurus steals attention from other dinosaurs and I'm like "...Bruh...?" For one, it's not like it's the ONLY famous dinosaur. I mean, TriceratopsVelociraptorStegosaurus, and Allosaurus are almost as famous as Tyrannosaurus. Plus, it's so famous because it was one of the first large theropods discovered, and you can't really blame an extinct animal for that. As for Rex fanboys hating Spino, it's not the dinosaur's fault. Jack Horner is the one who was like "Hey, it's everyone's precious little T.rex! Let's take a dinosaur that we know almost nothing about and have it kill the big-headed, dinky-armed scavenger!" It's not like Spinosaurus went to Joe Johnston and asked "PUT ME IN THE MOVIE SO I CAN PISS EVERYONE OFF!!" So neither animal is at fault, and instead of vainly blaming them, we should appreciate both Spinosaurus aegyptiacus and Tyrannosaurus rex for what they are; amazing and beautiful animals that once roamed our world.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

4 Responses to T.rex vs Spinosaurus needs to end!

Something Real

Jul-07-2017 3:06 PM

DRACONUS - I agree with your assessment of the situation. Indeed; the constant arguments and childish bickering over animals which have been extinct for eons has grown thin to many indviduals whom enjoy dinosaurs simply for their mystery and wonder. We should all simply come together as a group which enjoys paleontology and the animals upon which that field centers in order to enrich our minds and understanding of the ancient world. :)

I Meme Everything

Jul-07-2017 3:07 PM

^Damn straight SR

"Part of the journey is the end..."


Jul-07-2017 7:22 PM

I feel the same way as you, DT.

Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.


Jul-08-2017 2:08 PM

This issue has been dead for 3-4 years.  Reddit and Youtube are the places to post this.  We've already dealt with this problem, and put it behind us.

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