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Mapusaurus vs Tarbosaurus

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I Meme Everything

Jun-28-2017 3:17 PM


Species: Mapusaurus rosae

Length: 40 ft

Height: 16 ft

Strengths: size, speed, strength, jaws, claws, determination



Species: Tarbosaurus bataar

Length: 38 ft

Height: 14 ft

Strengths: size, speed, strength, binocular vision, jaws



In a clearing in a forest, a pack of four Mapusaurus were resting. They had recently assisted in the killing of a demon, and were more than ready to have a period of peace. Their alpha, Earth, watched as his pack-mates fell asleep. However, a panging scent filled his olfactory bulbs; he stood to his feet, leaving his pack as he left to find it.


The alpha-Mapusaurus hiked through the forest, his senses on high alert--before he saw a lone Tarbosaurus take down a Shantungosaurus. Earth himself was feeling hungry, and remained unnoticed by the Tyrannosaur, hiding in the bushes.




The Tarbo, named Alarm, ripped off a big piece of flesh and threw his head back, swallowing it whole. He had lost his pack to the one known as Ultimus Dominum, the Ultimate Lord. Alarm himself was the only survivor, and he tore off a large hunk of meat as he continued to eat.


Suddenly, an impact rammed into his flank, knocking him over as he rolled across the forest floor. Alarm stood up, to see an alpha-Mapusaurus hissing at him. Earth, knowing the danger of fighting a Tyrannosaur, kept his guard up as he glared at his foe. Alarm bellowed, before charging.


Earth sidestepped before biting onto the Tarbo's hip, his blade-like teeth slicing his skin with ease. Alarm reached around and snapped his jaws shut around the Mapu's shin, releasing a moan of agony from the alpha. Earth ripped his leg free, as blood dripped down his ankles. He knew the danger of a Tyrannosaur's jaws, and knew he had to be wary.


The Tarbo roared, as the Mapu bellowed back, before the two charged. Alarm clamped his jaws shut around Earth's shoulder, who broke the grip and swung his head low, closing his jaws around the Tyrannosaur's small right-arm. Alarm stumbled back from the pain and shock, as Earth threw the limb into his face, momentarily distracting him.


This gave the Mapusaurus the upper-hand, and he rammed Alarm in the chest before clamping down on his back and using his large size so smash him into a tree. The Tarbosaurus then bit onto his opponent's neck, before hurling him into a boulder, which broke two of the Mapusaurus's ribs.


Earth shook his head before tossing his skull up, ramming it into Alarm's lower-jaw. The Tarbo staggered back, before the Mapu bit down on his skull, shooting blood in all directions. The red liquid covered the tip of his snout and a few of his teeth. However, Alarm wasn't going down that easily, and, using his powerful neck-muscles, swung his head upwards, chipping and knocking out some of Earth's teeth.


The Mapusaurus shook his head as the impact knocked him back. He tripped on the tail of the dead Shant, sending him to the ground. The Tarbosaurus walked over to him and grabbed him by the throat, lifting his head up and slamming it into the ground.


Earth's jaw nearly broke from the impact, and he couldn't even release any trills of pain as Alarm dragged him around, tossing him through a jagged boulder. The nearly-dead Mapu released a faint coo of agony as he lay in a puddle of his own blood. The Tarbo walked in, preparing to finish him once and for all.


As he opened his jaws, Earth closed his eyes. He thought of the members of his pack who had died to Ultimus Dominum, while Alarm lowered his skull. The alpha-Mapusaurus thought of his pack-mates who had survived; he had to live for them. As the Tarbosaurus prepared to finish the Mapusaurus off, Earth, with no warning, threw his skull upwards, clambering to his feet. The impact nearly snapped Alarm's spinal cord, for his skull had been positioned at a vertical angle. The Mapu grabbed the Tarbo by the neck, dragging him around, and knocking down a tree. He slashed at Alarm's hide with his arm-claws, before kicking him in the gut.


Earth walked over to a cliff, and, giving Alarm one last look, threw him over the edge. He watched the Tarbosaurus fall before returning to the corpse, and dragging it back to his pack, all of whom were now wide-awake. His mate, Gaia, released a series of chirps and trills as she gazed upon his injuries, asking what had happened. Dropping the Shantungosaurus, Earth cooed that he would tell her while they ate. The four Mapusaurus began to eat the dead Hadrosaur.


The Tarbosaurus roared in tremendous agony as he hit several jagged rocks, slicing his flesh. His ribcage shattered, as did his back, before he crashed to the ground, in a pool of blood. A rock shaped like a spire had gone through his neck, and his vision hazed, as the last thing he saw was the open jaws of an alpha-Carnotaurus leaning in to take a bite out of him.


Winner: Earth the Mapusaurus!

Say what you want about the Tyrannosaur losing, Earth's determination to protect his family kept him going. What are you going to do, sue me for having the Tarbosaurus lose?


Next Fight: Carnotaurus vs Yutyrannus!

"Part of the journey is the end..."

7 Responses to Mapusaurus vs Tarbosaurus

Something Real

Jun-28-2017 3:42 PM

DRACONUS - This was an extremely neat battle! I very much enjoyed the way in which the animals came into conflict! Excellent work! As an aside, why are placing sentences such as "What are you going to do, sue me for having the Tarbosaurus lose?" within your work? You know I and the others with which you speak are not going to be angry with the outcomes of your writing. Regardless, this was very fun to read. Thank you ever so much for sharing this with us. :)

I Meme Everything

Jun-28-2017 3:57 PM

SR I put that sentence at the end because Tyrannosaurs are like the most popular dinosaur family xD

"Part of the journey is the end..."

I Meme Everything

Jun-28-2017 6:25 PM

Alarm is a terrible name for a Tarbosaurus xD but the name means alarming lizard

"Part of the journey is the end..."


Jul-27-2017 6:26 PM

I would rather tarbosaurus win, but cool fight!!!


Feb-04-2019 12:16 PM

Would have guessed that, given your name

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.


Feb-28-2019 6:07 AM

Considering you pitted the second largest Theropod against an 5 metric ton Theropod, it’s obvious who won. Fun fight nonetheless.

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