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New seiries awakend once more: The New King

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Ultra Predator

Jun-12-2017 5:54 AM

Awakened Once More the New king


It has been a simple time for Donovan for 18 years he has been the commissioner of an international monster hunting and peace keeping organization. There main job is to hunt down and exterminate any hostile unnatural threats and keep peace between the 8 races humans,orcs,elves,gods,demons,angels,fallen angels, and dragon kind. The people don't even know that Donovan exists and all of them don't know what he is the people in the organization classify him as a god, and every race seem to be almost entirely female and they want to know who has been running the organization the Claymore and Shield. Today they are holding a press conference to show the world who has been keeping them safe.

Donovan walked out of his office dressed in his ultra marine armor today was the day the world found out about who ran his organization CSK he walked up to the shield he was escorted by 4 armed guards he said “I do not need an escort team it's just a simple press conferences.” the caption of the guard said “Sorry commissioner but rules are rule even for you.” he sigh very few people knew his face even as he always wore his helmet to keep the mystery. Donovan walked out to the podium and said “Good evening ladies and gentlemen you all are here today to see who run CSK and here I am Commissioner Fireborn I am here to answer your questions.” The first question was said by the reporter from CNN she said “Yes why are you wearing a mask during a press conference?” Donovan quickly answered with sarcasm “ Because if I was not wearing this you all would be turned to stone.” he stopped and looked at them all and said “I am just kidding I just prefer to wear it the mask keep me anonymous so that people won't hurt my family or friends.” the next report said She was dragonkin said “What race are you if you do not mind me asking?” Donovan replied “ I would not like to answer that it is somewhat offence.” an elf then asked “What gender are you that armor you wears does not gives us and ideas nor does your voice changed in your mask it seems.” Donovan said “Well this was unproductive I will answer this but it is my last one I am male.” he turned around and walked off everyone was shocked speechless even his guards could not speak as he made it back to his office.




Dont worry dinosaur are coming but i need to set the plot first.

( '_')=mm=('_' ) brofist

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