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Alien Covenant and what comes after to tie into trilogy

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May-21-2017 7:26 PM

I don't know why people are complaining about aliens covenant it's a prequel, it is leading up to tie into the originalien aliens that we love. Have patience, I have confidence Scott will deliver! The prequels are more about telling the story then anything else. I think it is doing a pretty good job and covenant gave us a little taste of what's to come, the terror, the gore and the horror that is aliens. The next movie or two will hopefully answer our questions about the engineers because I'm pretty sure David didn't kill the engineer planet but a humanoid planet like earth. Would could possibly see a war between the xenomorphs (David creates a few with the colonists) and the engineer in the next one. I think the biggest thing is how Ripley gets introduced. I believe Daniel's is her mother and Ellen ripley is on the covenant as a coloniest roughly at the age of 12. I also believe Walter is alive and will follow david to lv 223 where David will harvest more black goo and create more xenomorphs using some of the colonists. Walter will save Daniel's and young ripley. Tennessee will most likely die saving them aswell. The engineers will pop up to possibly start a war on David and the xenomorphs. Daniel's either escapes with young ripley or sends her in a pod in to space and she gets picked up and grows up on a station and that ties us into the original aliens and the mission to lv 426. 426 is oregae6. David possibly survives the war on lv223 escapes on a engineer ship in a engineer suit and crashes on lv 426 and thus ties into the original aliens. As for the chest buster in the original aliens with the space jockey. People say david engineered himself with organics parts to upgrade himself thus making him vulnerable to facehuggers. (He is the space jockey) Daniele/Tennessee or Walter could given David a taste of his own medicine. I think lv 223 becomes the xenomorphs home planet.

I also think sir ridley Scott should continue aliens from aliens two and totally disregard aliens 3 and 4. This will leave him with different directions to go in, possibly later introducing Amanda ripley, Colonial wars and even predators.

So what do you guys think?

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May-23-2017 4:07 AM

u can't be more.............wrong

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