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Nequit Dominum vs Maledictus Dominum

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Apr-29-2017 12:59 PM

Maledictus Dominum:

Height: 23 feet while upright, 17 while in a theropod stance.

Abilities: Mentally broken, sentient, ability to expel a highly flammable gas through his gills, the strength of a freight train, 8,000 pounds of bite-force, a Dominum.


Nequit Dominum:

Height: 20 feet upright, 15 feet in a theropod stance.

Abilities: Demonic brain, sentient, cunning, extreme durability and physical strength, 14,000 pounds of bite-force.

Location: Hell Creek Plateau

Corpses litter the grassland, blood staining the once shining plateau. A demon, stand the culprit of this heinous act. His name, as legend speaks, is Nequit Dominum. The Unstoppable Lord feasted upon one of the dozens of carcasses, tearing out whole bone and eating it whole--and guzzling down blood. His pale-white maw was coated in what once gave life to the animals he killed.

The sun was setting, casting the land into an eerie purplish-red glow. Dominum's unrivaled sense of smell waded through the fumes of death, and latched on to something coming from a nearby Fern-Forest. He stood upright, a trait unique to his demonic form, and dropped the carcass he was eating. From the distance, a rock rolled--landing next to one of Dominum's victims.

The Unstoppable Lord was smart, and recognized this as a fake-out. From behind the Demon, another pale-white beast appeared. He turned around just in time, and roared down the beast--his neck contorting underneath the sheer might of his bellow. The beast he stared down was known other than his own lineage, Maledictus Dominum--the Cursed Lord.

On his own blood lust, the Cursed Lord twitched and fidgeted like he was rabid, seeing Nequit as nothing more than prey. Maledictus charged Nequit, beginning this battle. The Cursed Lord charged the Unstoppable Lord with his four-fingered claws, but Nequit Dominum was cunning. He placed his right foot to his left, and side-stepped the claw--using his ape-like upper body to grab onto Maledictus's tail.

The Unstoppable Lord twirled Maledictus aside, before hurling him down to the ground--a loud roar silencing the land. Maledictus clambered to his feet as Nequit gloated triumphantly. The Cursed Lord took Nequit by surprise, and tackled him--ramming his frame into the corpse of a Trike. Nequit snarled in rage; he grabbed Maledictus by the throat and lifted him up into the air.

It was an incredible sight, as Nequit Dominum held up 20,000 pounds with one arm. Maledictus clawed his face, but in meant nothing to the Unstoppable Lord, who smashed him ferociously over and over again into the ground. One of Maledictus' scutes shattered and broke, as Nequit non-stop smashed him into the ground.

The Cursed Lord finally kicked Dominum off, and clambered away. Maledictus stood up, enraged, and bleeding profusely. Nequit snarled almost with a smirk at Maledictus, encircling him like a Dakotaraptor would. Maledictus Dominum was done playing around with this creature. He began to glow a molten red, much to the shock of Nequit--who staggered back confused. Maledictus's gills opened, and a black mist flowed out, coating the entire colossal plateau in seconds.

Nequit was unphased by the noxious gas, but not for long. A loud scraping sound could be heard, coming from Maledictus's throat. In a blur, the entire Plateau set ablaze. The heat..Was unbearable--unimaginable. Maledictus cackled and cooed as the fire incinerating the corpses and the grass--but most importantly Nequit Dominum.

The Unstoppable Lord bellowed and strained in pain as his flesh nearly seared off. His stubborn brain prevented him from escaping, and he endured the pain--stomping over to Maledictus, who just spewed out more flame. Nequit reached out for Maledictus, but it was too late--and he collapsed, unconscious. The Cursed Lord, seeing his enemy had fallen--stopped his flamethrower, and rested.

He was bleeding profusely, and his gills still hadn't adapted to the kind of power he was expelling. A heavy downpour began suddenly, eventually clearing out the fire. Maledictus looked up, blood gushing from his back and neck; he turned around, and began to make his way outside of the Plateau. As he moved, however, his destination soon became nothing more than a memory.

He coughed, as a thick claw protruded out from his heart. The Cursed Lord could make no sounds as his body was hurled into the air and then smashed into the ground. The Unstoppable Lord grabbed Maledictus by the throat, and lifted his already defeated body up again. Nequit began to brutally punch the Cursed Lord, socking him left and right before grabbing his throat again with his left hand.

Nequit Dominum placed his hands on Maledictus's skull, and snapped it--dropping him to the ground, lifeless. The Unstoppable Lord was victorious, his death being merely a trick. He stomped away, off to kill more beasts of the land.

Good grief.

10 Responses to Nequit Dominum vs Maledictus Dominum

The Hood

Apr-29-2017 3:16 PM

Awesome fight! Nequit came out the winner, as I had expected!


Apr-29-2017 3:39 PM

Thank you! And stay tuned for Lost in the End.

Good grief.

I Meme Everything

Apr-29-2017 6:24 PM


"Part of the journey is the end..."

I Meme Everything

Apr-30-2017 6:47 AM


"Part of the journey is the end..."


May-01-2017 7:27 AM

^I did this so I could confirm that, although Maledictus is incredibly powerful--he isn't Nequit.

Good grief.

I Meme Everything

May-02-2017 12:28 PM

^You can never beat the original

"Part of the journey is the end..."

I Meme Everything

May-03-2017 12:44 PM

But the entire dominum lineage is Tyrance's b!tch xD

"Part of the journey is the end..."


May-03-2017 12:48 PM


Good grief.

I Meme Everything

Aug-13-2017 8:07 AM


"Part of the journey is the end..."

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