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A Tale of a Kingdom Long Past

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Apr-15-2017 9:20 AM

Five million years ago, before the Empire, there was a kingdom. That kingdom prospered, and existed for hundreds of years, thriving off of their benevolent ruler and powerful weaponry. There was a King, and Queen, and a Princess--all of which did their best to preserve their Kingdom. The Kingdom was a Universe, and had all the seeds to last an eternity.

This, was not to be so. From beneath the ground, deep below, a great evil, newly born from the malice of all that live--festered. It grew in power, building an army of pieces of itself--as legend states. Having been banished years prior to the depths of the Universe, its pure unbridled hatred for the Kingdom allowed it to adopt its form of malice.

After a millennia of building strength, the colossal demon finally revealed itself, attacking amidst a parade of peace. It scourged the Kingdom with its eight Stewards, and an armada of millions of its snake-like minions, cutting down hundreds of thousands of the Kingdom's soldiers. At the last second, when all was lost, and the Great King and Queen had surrendered, legend foretells that amidst a bolt of light, the Calamity cowered.

From the ashes of the Kingdom, a Hero stood tall, bearing a blue and white sword. He used the blade to cut back the Calamity, dismembering its limbs and sealing away its mist. With ease he drew it back to its cavern, obliterating all of the soldiers, and restoring peace. The Calamity, dubbed, Anguis, faded its snake form into the shadows of the Universe--gone, for now.

That Hero was regarded as one for all eternity, although his name has faded into legend, just like that of the Kingdom itself. Hundreds of years passed, long after the arrival of the courageous soul--the Kingdom did not know, that the Calamity was far from finished on his conquest. He struck again, decimating them once again, but this time--there was no Hero to stop him. His demonic dream fulfilled, he killed the reigning King, and all that stood to oppose him.

Turning the domain of the Kingdom into a petrified wasteland, the ancient people were forced to seal away the Universe in a perpetual cover of mist. The Blade that ended him was taken back to its eternal resting place. What happened to the Kingdom? None know. Legend speaks that the one who slayed the Calamity Anguis will appear again, and legend speaks that the Calamity--will adopt a purer form, in a last attempt to dominate the Multiverse.


Good grief.

2 Responses to A Tale of a Kingdom Long Past

I Meme Everything

Apr-15-2017 10:43 AM


"Part of the journey is the end..."


Apr-15-2017 11:04 AM


Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

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