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Can anyone identify this skull?

Can anyone identify this skull?

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Dec-28-2016 8:36 AM

I got this (awesome) gift for Christmas but it didn't come with any documentation. Can anyone identify what dinosaur it may be from? It seems like a cast of a skull so may be life size? Or it may be smaller than real life. I don't have much to go on. Seems reminiscent of T-Rex but there are a few differences. 


Any help is greatly appreciated! 

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Dec-28-2016 1:38 PM

I’d say it is a T Rex given the size and shape of the teeth which are all conical. T Rex teeth do tend to vary in length, The orientation and number of them does’nt so my best guess would be that it is a little bit below average size, given tooth size, but the rest of the skull seems to be pretty much to scale. This looks like it was copied taken from a reconstruction model / sculpture, and appears smaller than an actual real skull.

 As I am only going off a photograph, the main detail I’ve been trying to evaluate is the way the lower jaw bone is connected to the skull. On humans this is called the TMJ ( TemporoMandibular Joint) if you wish to look it up. From the picture, the detail definition suggests a reconstructed sculpture. But I’m not totally sure. Hope this is of some help anyhow.


Dec-28-2016 9:11 PM

It looks like a mid-adolescent T.rex, but if it isn't, my next guess would be a Daspletosaurus.


Apr-21-2017 1:55 PM

Id say T-rex, seems the most similar.

~Clever Girl~

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