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Suggestions for my ultimate predator showdown before I make it?

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Dec-21-2016 11:33 AM

Making an ultimate predator showdown. Comment on here if you would like your supermassive real carnivorous dinosaur on here. I am using T. rex, Titanovenator, Acrocanthosaurus atokensis, Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, Spinosaurus morrocanus, Carcharodontosaurus saharicus, Carcharodontosaurus iguidensis, Giganotosaurus carolinii, and Saurophaganax maximus. Let me know if there are any others I should include. I will be making the battle two weeks from now so be quick about it if you want to see your favorite large carnivorous dinosaur duke it out with other biggies.

9 Responses to Suggestions for my ultimate predator showdown before I make it?


Dec-21-2016 2:56 PM

How about a pack of Mapusaurus?


Dec-21-2016 7:14 PM

That'd make things interesting as Mapusaurus rosae is extremely large and if they hunted in groups that'd make them really dangerous.

I Meme Everything

Jan-06-2017 11:54 AM

Concur with the addition of Mapusaurus

"Part of the journey is the end..."


May-15-2017 9:11 AM

I also have recently found out about a new species of Tyrannosaurus.  It has been dubbed Tyrannosaurus imperator.  With this only having a 16 year old to represent the species it is really large.  Being 13 feet tall, 51 feet long and weighing a whopping 13 tons he may have a great advantage here.  Should I add it?


May-15-2017 6:38 PM

It was not 13ft tall 51ft long or 13 tons in weight; T.imperator is synonymous with T.rex.


May-16-2017 5:03 AM

I looked into it and it is a distinct species.  The differences in the skull make it more like an over sized Tarbosaurus than a T. Rex.

I Meme Everything

Aug-11-2017 10:29 AM

^No, the specimen to which you are referring is UCMP 118742, aka the Peck's Rex. The reason it used to be estimated at fifty-one feet long was because they were stupid and used the bones of a f*cking sauropod. So now it's downsized to 12.2 meters.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

I Meme Everything

Aug-11-2017 10:50 AM

Also, it's debatable whether S.morrocanus is the same genus as S.aegyptiacus or if it's an entirely new genus--Sigilmassasaurus brevicollis.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

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