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Check out this early Predator helmet concept design!

Check out this early Predator helmet concept design!

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Jul-30-2016 9:48 AM

Before the Predator looked the way we've always known it, the creature had undergone quite a few design modifications. From the overall biology to the technology it wore, everything underwent multiple redesigns before the current design was selected.

Below is a scan from an article detailing a very early concept for the Predator's helmet, created by Alan Munro. This early design mimicked more conventional space-age wear, with a transparent visor, instead of the non-transparent eye slots the final design featured. Check it out:


We also can't forget about the Predator's early full body designs, which looked more serpent-like:

I'm glad they decided on the design that they did. It's hard to imagine what the Predator would've become had it looked this way.

Thanks to Michael Falzarano on Facebook for the scan!

6 Responses to Check out this early Predator helmet concept design!

David 7

Jul-30-2016 10:34 AM

And to Stan Winston for bringing the Predator to life.


Jul-30-2016 12:07 PM

I'm glad they decided on the now familiar concept, but it's always very interesting to learn more about the evolution of a design.

Spooky.....the Pred inside that helmet looks rather like an angry Giger Space Jockey!


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


Jul-31-2016 2:58 AM

I would love to see an in-depth documentary about the pre-production on Predator.  In the same style as the Alien Quadrilogy/Anthology.  Predator 1 & 2 are my second favorite films.

Look at this one:

Picture from Predator concept art gallery.


Jul-31-2016 3:37 AM

Great stuff Xeno_Alpha, thanks for that link!

and I like the Predator with a top-knot...


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


Jul-31-2016 7:17 AM

Hey you forgot the concept arts of the female predators

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