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The Tyrant Thunderstorm

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Chapter 1: The Tyrant Thunderstorm

65 million years ago, the Golden Land. The sun rose, shining on the head of a great, old bull Tyrannosaurus Rex. The tyrant lifted his head, opening his eyes. He gestured for his sister to wake up, which she did. The male, named Thunderstorm, was the first to stand up, then, his sister, Earthquake. They walked, remembering their lives.

28 years earlier

Deep inside the Golden Land, an egg was hatching. A pair of Tyrannosaurus Rex on the island, had another set of eggs. A pack of Dakotaraptors had taken all but two, because the parents had arrived to save them. Fearful, the T.Rexes had taken the eggs to a safe area.

Now, the T.Rex hatched, looking nothing like his parents. He had a black and blue coat, an electric blue stripe running down each side of his body. He let out a chirp as his 9 ton parents arrived, a dead Raptor in his father's jaws. He dropped it, and used one of his teeth to tear it open. The son, named Thunderstorm, began to eat. Later, he slept as his parents stayed alert. Then, the second egg began to hatch. Thunderstorm anxiously waited as his sister was born. Her name was Earthquake. She was brown and white.

A month later

The family heard a loud growling. Looking out, they saw a large body move past, followed by another. The parents gestured for Thunderstorm and Earthquake to hide, so they hid in a bush.

A pair of Giganotosaurus stormed into the area, bellowing. The T.Rex father roared, charging at the male Giga, whose name was Tornado. They engaged in a headbutting contest, the father managing to shove his opponent back. Now, they were on a cliffside. The others were there, too.

The females grabbed each other in a jawlock, the T.Rex gaining the upper hand. She tore her bottom jaw clean off, the Giga collapsing, lifeless. Tornado saw this and rammed the female Tyrannosaur full force, sending her over the edge. The father T.Rex charged, but Tornado grabbed his throat. He threw the father down, impaling his neck on a jagged rock and killing him.

Thunderstorm and Earthquake left, learning to survive.  For twenty years, they lived in the shadows of larger predators.  For twenty years, they killed anything they could.  For twenty years, they plotted...revenge.

Chapter 2: First Hunt

Twenty years after that tragic day, Thunderstorm and Earthquake were thriving in a new territory. They were fully grown. Thunderstorm had topped out at 16.8 meters long and 5.5 meters tall, while his sister was 15 meters long and 5.5 meters tall. One day, they were taking a drink when they felt the ground beginning to shake.

Looking up, the two Tyrannosaurs watched as a herd of Parasaurolophus entered the area, bellowing. The herbivores didn't notice the carnivores.

The two Tyrannosaurs were worried, this was their first hunt. They had survived before by scavenging. They were inexperienced.

Adrenaline filled his body as Thunderstorm thundered forward, grabbing the injured Parasaur by the throat. Thrashing wildly, he snapped her neck as all went silent. He grunted for Earthquake to come, for they had a meal.


The two began to eat, gorging themselves. After laying down to rest, they saw another predator coming their way...


Chapter 3: A Prehistoric Rivalry

The predator was another T.Rex who was 16.2 meters long and 5.5 meters tall. His name was Emerald, and he had a deep green coat.

But he wasn't alone. His sister, Nightblade, stepped out of the shadows. She was jet black in colour, and was 15 meters long and 5.5 meters tall.

It was mating season, so Thunderstorm joined with Nightblade while his sister mated with Emerald. The four ate the hadrosaurid.

Later, their stomachs were growling, so they departed. The four came across the downward slope of a hill, spotting a herd of Triceratops. They charged, roaring. The herd scattered, sent into rage and panic.

Thunderstorm did battle with the alpha male, latching onto his frill. He wriggled, snapping part of it off. The Trike bellowed in agony, charging.

The Tyrannosaurus had anticipated his move, sidestepping. He clamped down on his neck, pressing hard. The Trike wrenched himself free, bucking. His right horn went into Thunderstorm's knee, cutting down his leg. The T.Rex bellowed, unleashing his fury as he fell.

The Trike took advantage, trying to run away, but Thunderstorm had different ideas. He grabbed him by the tail, pulling the herbivore towards himself. He gripped the Trike's left horn, snapping it off. By now, the rest of the herd had left and the other T.Rexes were pursuing them.

Thunderstorm spat the horn out, lunging again. The Trike dodged, then scraped his right side with his horn. The T.Rex bellowed in pain.

He grabbed the herbivore's other horn, impaling him through the neck with it. Thunderstorm roared, declaring himself leader of the pack. They began to eat, but saw Tornado approaching with three other Gigas; he had assembled his siblings. Tornado had a large amount of scars, showing his experience and prowess as a fighter.

Thunderstorm and Earthquake remembered when he killed their parents. They knew they weren't ready, and left, vowing to kill them another day.

Thunderstorm, emotionally unstable, transformed that day. He killed anything that got in his way, and every predator in the valley feared him.

Chapter 4: Hell Creek

Knowing they wouldn't be safe in the Golden Land, Thunderstorm and his pack fled, escaping the rule of Tornado. They ran for an hour, finally exhausted. At least they were out of Tornado's territory.

A while later, they were hungry and thirsty. Thunderstorm led his pack on a hunt, leading them through the new area. They caught the scent of something and followed. What they saw was massive.

A herd of Alamosaurus walked through the forest, towering above the already large Tyrannosaurs. One member, an old male, trailed behind the rest. The tyrants' eyes followed this herbivore.

Once he was a safe distance away from his herd, the pack began their assault. Emerald jumped through the air, roaring psychotically. He landed on the sauropod's side, kicking. His toe claws caused blood to drip down the herbivore's flesh.

Nightblade lunged for the Alamosaurus's tail, but the herbivore was prepared. He swung his tail, hitting Nightblade in the chest. She wheezed, flying back. But the T.Rex was back on her feet as fast as she fell down.

As the three Tyrannosaurs ferociously mauled the herbivore, Thunderstorm began his attack. He jumped up, clamping down on the sauropod's neck. He shook it like a rag doll, snapping it. The Alamosaurus dropped to the ground, dead.

However, the smell of the dead sauropod's blood attracted carnivores. And I mean a lot of carnivores. First, a trio of Allosaurs. The T.Rexes snapped at them, but they stood their ground. Then, a pack of four Mapusaurs. Next, a lone Saurophaganax. And finally, the dominating predators of Hell Creek, four Acrocanthosaurs.

The Allosaurs lunged at the Mapusaurs, they were the smallest predators other than themselves. However, one of them was grabbed by the significantly larger Saurophaganax. The larger carnivore, using his long arms, slashed the Allosaurus, who happened to be the leader, in the face.

Without their leader, the two other Allosaurs were torn to shreds by the Mapusaurs in a matter of seconds. But then, a new set of jaws grabbed the alpha Mapusaurus by the throat. He turned to see Thunderstorm, who threw him back. The tyrant king then was assaulted by another Mapusaur, who grabbed his tail. Earthquake headbutted this Mapusaur, then smashed her into a rock.

The Acros, wanting to save their strength, waited for the winner to attack them.

The Saurophaganax grabbed the Allosaurus's arm, then pulled, tearing it off. The Allo unhinged his jaws, slamming them into the Sauro's neck. The latter stumbled back, but came again. He went for the Allo's neck, thrashing. A sickening crunch was heard, then the Allosaurus dropped dead.

The Sauro fought the alpha male Mapusaurus, ramming him. The Mapu fell off a ledge, but not before taking the Sauro with him. They landed on another ledge. The Sauro slapped the Mapu in the face. The latter, engraged, clamped down on his arm, snapping it. The Sauro slashed him with his free arm, causing him to release his grip, but not before tearing his foe's arm off. Enraged, the one armed predator grabbed his skull, when a corpse hit them from the side.

It was the female Mapusaur that Earthquake attacked. She had snapped her neck, then thrown her over the ledge. The alpha Mapusaurus mourned, allowing the Sauro to bite his neck, throwing him into a rock wall. He kicked his ribs, making the Mapu roar in agony.

Above them, the Tyrannosaurs had subdued the two other Mapusaurs. The four turned to face the Acros.

Meanwhile, the Sauro and Mapu still fought. The Sauro was slashing the Mapu's face, taking out his left eye. Blood was everywhere. The Mapusaurus thought about his dead pack members, then threw the Saurophaganax back. Enraged and surprised, the Sauro let out a beastly bellow as the Mapu got to his feet. The two circled each other, snarling. The Mapu charged, but the Sauro sidestepped and grabbed his throat. There was another ledge, and the Sauro was pushing his opponent towards it. The Mapu slipped free, headbutting his attacker. The Sauro stood on the edge of the ledge, which crumbled beneath his feet. As he fell, he growled, "If I'm going down, you're coming with me!"

His jaws snapped shut around the Mapu's throat, dragging him over the edge. As the beasts fell, they bit and slashed each other. The Sauro was higher, and had the Mapu's throat in his mouth. They fell in lava, forever lost to the Earth.

Up above, the T.Rexes and Acros stepped back, their moves synchronised. They charged at each other like knights.


Chapter 5: The Battle of Hell Creek

All eight apex predators smashed into each other, only Thunderstorm and the alpha Acro still on their feet. They jawlocked, wriggling. After a few minutes, the two separated, ivory and blood flying everywhere.

The faster Acro managed to grab Thunderstorm's jaws, digging deep into his skull. There would be a scar there forever. This only enraged the tyrant, who shook free, then bit his foe's jaws, disabling him from opening his mouth.

The Acro grunted in frustration, and reached up, slashing the left side of Thunderstorm's face. He hit the T.Rex just below the eye, not causing any severe damage, but increasing his rage. Thunderstorm began to press harder, but the Acro slashed his neck, forcing him to let go. The rage fueled his hatred, which fueled his power. Thunderstorm kicked, bit, and even clawed the Acro with all his fury.

By now, the others were on their feet. Nightblade clashed with the alpha Acro's mate, latching onto her arm. She snapped it, making her bellow in agony and slash her snout. The tyrant jerked back, tearing the limb off. The two looked each other dead in the eye, blood dripping from their wounds. The Acro aimed for her neck, but swung her head down, clamping down on her ankle. One of her teeth punctured a major artery, making her bellow in pain. The Acro's spine was in Nightblade's biting range, and she clamped down on it, jerking her head up. She tore several vertebrae out of the carnivore, then rammed it. The Acro lost her grip as the Tyrannosaurus ended her with a stomp to the skull, using her bad leg.

Panting, Nightblade wasn't able to move out of the way as another Acro headbutted her side. She hit the ground hard, breaking her ribs. Thunderstorm, who was bashing the alpha's head into a redwood tree, saw his mate being mauled and charged at her attacker. Both predators crashed in a 14 ton collision of snapping, hissing, and mauling. The two rolled around, nipping at each other. Thunderstorm was able to get up faster, roaring. He grabbed the Acro by the leg, exerting all the jaw power he could summon. The Acro stumbled as Thunderstorm repeated the process with his other leg, disabling his ability to walk. The tyrant king dragged him over to Nightblade, allowing her to finish his attacker by crushing his skull into the Earth.

Now, there were only two Acros left, compared to the four Tyrannosaurs. One was the alpha, the other his sister, the beta of the pack. They nodded, then charged, engaging in a final fight. They knew they wouldn't be able to kill all four of them, but they thought they could kill some of them. Plus, they weren't going down without a fight.

Nightblade was still unable to fight, and watched from a safe distance. Her brother and Earthquake tag-teamed the beta, viciously attacking her.

Emerald grabbed their enemy by the throat, but she slashed his, dragging her claws across his chin and lower jaw. He let go, and the Acro bit down on his neck, slamming him into the ground. She slashed his face and neck, blood coating him. The beta then cut his side with her toe claws, making him groan in pain. He was too exhausted to keep fighting. Earthquake rammed her out of the way, saving her mate.

Thunderstorm and Earthquake stood side by side, and the two Acros did the same. Both pairs let out impressive roars, the Tyrannosaurs preparing for the final battle for Hell Creek.


Chapter 6: Victory

The two pairs circled each other, waiting for the other to charge. They kept making mock lunges, but no one fell for it. It was a standoff.

Thunderstorm got sick of it and charged, his jaws open. However, he closed on nothing as the Acros stepped back. Earthquake went in, grabbing the beta. She pushed him into the alpha, both falling. They got up, each of them biting Earthquake. Thunderstorm grabbed the beta by the throat, throwing her across the forest floor. He picked her up and threw her again, this time into Earthquake's jaws.

The female T.Rex shook her like a rag doll, but she refused to die, struggling to her feet. Earthquake still had the Acro in her jaws, so she couldn't escape.

The alpha Acro shoved Thunderstorm into a tree, then a rock. The T.Rex fell over, not moving.

The two Acros tag teamed Earthquake, biting and slashing her. The beta grabbed her snout, clawing at her face. Then, her brother clamped down on her leg while slashing her thigh. Earthquake moaned as he pushed her to the ground, trying to crush her skull with his foot.

However, the T.Rex had anticipated his move, catching the alpha's foot in her jaws. She pushed him back, standing up. The beta rammed into her, and the T.Rex rolled over, before the alpha latched onto her neck. He threw her back, then clawed her, making her bleed.

Earthquake was panting, and the two Acros looked at each other, each ramming into one of the T.Rex's sides. Her ribs shattered, and she toppled to the floor, unconscious.

Thunderstorm clambered to his feet and charged, putting himself between his sister and the two Acros. He snarled in pure hatred when he saw what they had done.

The T.Rex grabbed the beta, smashing her into everything he saw; trees, rocks, and the ground. He put his foot on her shoulder, tearing her neck and head off. He threw her remains into the alpha, pinning him down. Thunderstorm walked over to stomp on his skull, but he caught his leg in his mouth, making him scream in excruciating agony. The alpha threw Thunderstorm back, shaking wildly to get the corpse off him.

Thunderstorm was lying on the ground, he was in too much pain. The alpha Acro then mauled him everywhere, slashing, kicking, and biting him.

Three hours later, Thunderstorm was almost dead, his throat in the Acro's jaws. He was too weakened to get to his feet. The Acro prepared to snap his neck, but Thunderstorm stepped to the side, smashing his attacker through a line of trees, making him let go. Adrenaline filled his body as Thunderstorm crushed his skull and throat.

His packmates were up now, and they watched him carry the alpha Acro over. He dropped it, and they roared into the dawn sky, asserting their dominance as the rulers of Hell Creek. A new era had begun, the era of the Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Chapter 7: Raptors

A herd of Anatosaurus Annectens grazed in the forest, their massive size protecting them from small predators such as Dakotaraptor and Nanotyrannus. They even towered over T.Rex! In fact, they were the second largest herbivores in the area (ah, I got you there, didn't I? Nothing in the area is larger than Alamosaurus), and the largest hadrosaurids.

But suddenly, they scattered; their leader had picked up the scent of the mightiest terrestrial predator the world had ever seen: Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Emerald leaped out of the bushes, sending the herd into a state of panic. He picked out a target, guiding it to an area of his choosing. Suddenly, Nightblade sprang out of the shadows, separating the Anato from the rest of the herd. She honked as the two T.Rexes snapped at her flanks, blood coating their jaws.

A third T.Rex attacked, Earthquake. She grabbed the front right leg of the Anato, but she bucked, forcing her to release. The three chased her, nipping at her. They went into a ditch, when a massive T.Rex jumped down. He crashed down on the Anato's neck, but she kept running. As he recovered, the three others pinned the hadrosaurid down. The fourth one went over, snapping his jaws shut around the herbivore's neck. He lifted his head up, tearing her head off. The four ate their fresh kill, gorging themselves.

The one who delivered the killing blow was none other than Thunderstorm, king of Hell Creek. It was three years since the epic battle between his pack and the Acrocanthosaurus pack, and a lot had changed since then. Everything between his legs and neck was covered in scars, due to fights with other lesser predators.

As they ate, they heard the cries of dromaeosaurids. They turned to see a pack of sixteen Dakotaraptors snarling at them. Thunderstorm sensed something odd about them, he searched his mind, going back to when he was nothing more than an unhatched egg. In the egg, he had heard the snarls of Raptors and his parents. And now, he realised, this was the same pack that ate his unborn siblings. He let out a thunderous roar, and the battle began.

The Raptors sprang down, breaking out into sets of four. Each set attacked one of the four T.Rexes, the highest and most prestigous attacking Thunderstorm.

Nightblade dealed with the weakest four, easily dispatching the one aiming for her head. Another was dangling from the tip of her tail. She turned to the max, managing to grab him by his own tail. She threw him into the air, catching him and killing him instantly.

The remaining two attacked her flanks, and she simply crashed into the wall of the ditch, crushing them.

With the pests attacking her dead, Nightblade helped her brother fight the ones attacking him. Emerald caught one in his mouth, but another held onto his arm, kicking and slashing his chest and shoulders.

Nightblade swooped down and grabbed this one, killing her instantly. Another was shredding Emerald's leg, he reached down and killed him.

The remaining two attacked his snout, their tails dangling dangerously close to his mouth. He shook them off and crushed them under his feet.

Earthquake had slaughtered the ones attacking her, their corpses lying at her feet. However, her right eye had rolled back into her head, and only white was seen.

The ones attacking Thunderstorm were using hit and run tactics. He had managed to kill the weakest one, but that was it. The second weakest tried to attack his snout. Big mistake. Thunderstorm caught him in his massive jaws, killing him. Now, only the pack's alpha couple remained. The female attacked his tail. The male took advantage of his distraction to slash him, going down his eyelid to his chin. His right eye had been squeezed shut during this attack, and when he opened his eye, his piercing, yellow eye had rolled back into his skull, showing only white. He smashed himself into a rock, killing the female. The alpha male was the one who had eaten the eggs, killed his brothers and sisters.

As the alpha male jumped up, Thunderstorm caught him, tearing him to shreds. The pack resumed their meal, Thunderstorm and Earthquake satisfied at finally avenging their siblings.


Chapter 9: Return to the Golden Land

Three years later, a heatwave struck hell Creek. Unfortunately, Thunderstorm and his pack were in the area stricken hardest by it. They felt the urge to leave, and did so.

As they walked, Emerald asked where they were going. Thunderstorm told them that they were returning to the Golden Land, and that he had a score to settle.

The four walked through forests and swamps before finally reaching their destination. However, it didn't look like the Golden Land they knew growing up.

They gasped in horror when they saw what the Golden Land had become. It was all the doing of the false king, Tyrantic. Looking up at the colossal, towering mountain of Taghia Sahkra, they snarled at said false king. The pack vowed to exact revenge on him for ruining the Golden Land.

They headed toward the mountain, but were stopped by Tornado, his pack by his side. They snarled menacingly, preparing for a war.

The four T.Rexes and four Gigas charged like two opposing armies. Thunderstorm made a beeline for Tornado, vowing to avenge his parents.

Earthquake fought Tornado's eldest sibling, already managing to disarm him, quite literally. She had torn off his right arm, but he had clamped down on her neck and was shoving her to the ground.

Earthquake sidestepped, slamming him into another one of Tornado's siblings, who was overpowering Emerald.

Emerald thanked his mate, and the two fought the Gigas. Earthquake grabbed one by the leg, twisting. She snapped the limb, then killed the Giga with a bite to the neck.

Emerald fought another, who had him in her jaws and smashed him into a tree. The branches cut his skin, enraging him. He shook vigorously, forcing her back. Now free from her jaws, he clamped down on her neck, sending her into a rock. She retaliated and slashed his face.

Emerald roared in anger and pain as the faster, more agile Giga clamped down on his leg. He grabbed her snout, ripping his leg out of her jaws. The angry T.Rex pressed harder and harder, but then the Giga freed herself.

She bit his tail, but he headbutted her leg, knocking her to the ground. Emerald took advantage and crushed her skull beneath his foot.

The last Giga besides Tornado attacked Earthquake, grabbing her throat and slashing her, pushing her back. She hit the ground hard, out cold.

The Giga snatched Emerald by surprise, bashing his head into a boulder several times. The T.Rex let out a weak moan before the Giga threw him down, snapping his jaws shut around his throat.

Nightblade screamed for her brother, lunging at the Giga. She shut her jaws on his lower jaw, but he clawed her face, making her release. The Carcharodontosaurid roared, ramming her with his skull. She fell down, and he grabbed her skull, thrashing ferociously.

He began slashing her neck and ribs, spilling a lot of her blood. Nighblade slumped to the ground, unconscious.

Thunderstorm was overpowering Tornado, but the other Giga chomped down on his tail. He released Tornado, bellowing in anguish. He saw his packmates lying on the ground. As he bellowed, the Earth shook with all of his fury and pain. Tornado took the opportunity to tear his right arm off and maul his ribs.

The T.Rex managed to wrench his tail free of the Giga's jaws, roaring. He faced him as lightning struck, causing a forest fire. Thunderstorm shoved Tornado out of the way, going for the other Giga. He pressed hard on his skull, one of his teeth going into his brain. This killed him, and he faced Tornado.

The two arch-enemies circled each other, roaring and snapping their jaws. Tornado grabbed Thunderstorm's neck, slashing his chest with his claws. The T.Rex kicked him in the chest, knocking him back. Thunderstorm snarled in pure hatred, he remembered his parents and didn't want to suffer the same fate. He and Tornado got into a headbutting contest, with Thunderstorm gaining the upper hand.

He smashed the Giga through a rock, breaking his ribs. Tornado groaned in pain, grabbing Thunderstorm and tossing him to the ground. The Giga rammed his stomach, pushing him to the edge of a cliff.

Tornado then shut his jaws around Thunderstorm's neck, smashing his skull into the Earth repeatedly. Thunderstorm began to feel his life slip from his body, but it never completely left because his will remained unbroken. Then, he began to experience visions.

First, Tornado killing Emerald. Then, Nightblade. The visions frightened him. But then, he saw...his sister. His sister was one of his closest friends, she had been with him through all those years, and if he failed, she would die! But then...nothing.


Chapter 10: Vengeance

The next morning, eight bodies lay on the ground. Only two of them woke up; Tornado and Thunderstorm. Thunderstorm roared, grabbing Tornado by the neck. He dragged him to the edge of the cliff, slamming his body down on a jagged rock. It went up his scrotum, causing him to howl in pure agony. Thunderstorm stood over him, but he bit his snout in a last ditch effort to defeat him. The T.Rex freed himself then grabbed Tornado's skull, crushing his olfactory bulbs. Thunderstorm then tore his head and neck clean off, finally avenging his parents.

Tornado's head hung lifelessly out of the right side of Thunderstorm's jaws. He threw the head down, it landed in front of his lifeless body. Thunderstorm let out a kingly bellow, waking his packmates up. He felt proud, he had avenged his parents.

Now, it was time to make Tyrantic pay for ruining the Golden Land. Thunderstorm woke up his packmates, telling them it was time to kill Tyrantic. They headed for Taghia Sakhra. Lightning struck in the background as they stumbled upon another pack of Tyrannosaurs, a pack of five. They were lead by a reddish-brown alpha male, Tyrance.

The alpha of the new pack asked Thunderstorm's name, to which he replied with said name. Tyrance told them that they had no harmful intentions, confusing his followers. His packmates then revealed their names, with Tyrance asking why they were there. Thunderstorm told him they were preparing to kill Tyrantic, but Tyrance cooed that he was already here to do that. Thunderstorm asked why, but the alpha didn't respond.

Feeling humiliated, Thunderstorm charged at Tyrance, but the latter merely glared at him, stopping him in his tracks. The two packs went their separate ways.

However, later, Thunderstorm's pack encountered not only Tyrance's pack, but four berserker Tyrannosaurs as well. Our T.Rex bellowed for Tyrance to take care of Tyrantic, and that he would hold off the berserkers. Tyrance bellowed back in agreeance as one of the berserkers charged him. Tyrance simply smashed his face into the beast's lower jaw, breaking it. He and his pack then scaled the mountain.

Thunderstorm easily crushed one of the berserker's necks with his massive jaws. This wasn't even a fight, as the berserkers were quickly overwelmed by Thunderstorm and his pack. Their leader looked up at the mountain, roaring. He told Tyrance that the blood was all his now, but he sadly never heard it.

Hours later, Thunderstorm and his pack cooed to Tyrance's mate, Tyria, that they would be heading for a new land until the Golden Land would be restored to its former glory. The pack then departed, a new feeling of pride in them. They were happy to have helped in the battle of Taghia Sakhra.

One year later, after The End

Thunderstorm's memories of his past faded. He and Earthquake continued walking. They thought about their packmates, who had perished from the meteor. They were the only two of their pack left, they had survived the meteor. However, they now were seemingly about to die, as two T.Rexes approached them from afar. They came closer, and our two recognised them as Tyrance and Tyria. The two parties saluted each other, showing honour, they had survived. The four walked through their home atop Taghia Sakhra. At dusk, they departed for the last time. Thunderstorm and Earthquake lay down to rest. Their eyes closed, for the last time. Two mosquitoes approached their bodies. Each one sucked some blood out of each Tyrannosaurus, then landed on a tree. Suddenly, they were covered in sap, preserving them for 65 million years.

They had died at peace. However, nature has taught us that life finds away. 65 million years later, Tyria would be revived by InGen as Jurassic Park's T.Rex, Rexy. Earthquake would be brought back as the juvenile Tyrannosaur, also cloned by InGen. Tyrance would come back too, as would Tyrantic, as the Volcano Rex. But Thunderstorm, the biggest and baddest of all, would be back, as...the Lightning Rex.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

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"Part of the journey is the end..."


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"Part of the journey is the end..."

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"Part of the journey is the end..."


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I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPAug-11-2016 3:11 AM

Talking like Yoda you are

"Part of the journey is the end..."

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPAug-13-2016 6:24 AM

chapter 9 up!

"Part of the journey is the end..."

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPAug-13-2016 7:22 AM

^Thanks, but it's long because it's 9 chapters so far

"Part of the journey is the end..."


2KStaff3811 XPAug-13-2016 7:52 AM

Very good chapter.

Good grief.

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPAug-13-2016 8:13 AM


"Part of the journey is the end..."

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPAug-25-2016 6:08 AM

Final chapter is up

"Part of the journey is the end..."


2KStaff3811 XPAug-25-2016 6:40 AM

Great ending. Although Tyrance and Tyria have not officially died yet. That was actually pretty emotional to see Thunderstorm die.

Good grief.

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPAug-25-2016 1:27 PM

I'm working on a new story.  It's called The Tyrant Thunderstorm: Lightning Rex.  Just gonna leave it here

"Part of the journey is the end..."


2KStaff3811 XPAug-25-2016 2:35 PM

Looking forward.

Good grief.


ConversationalistMember1067 XPAug-26-2016 4:48 AM

How exactly do Tyrance, Tyrantic and the others come back??? Or do we have to wait and see???

Remember that chap, I forget his name, he climbed Everest without any oxygen, came down nearly dead. They asked him, they said "Why did you go up there to die?" He said I didn't, "I went up there to live".

I Meme Everything

2KMember4115 XPAug-26-2016 5:03 AM

^They get bitten by mosquitoes and InGen finds the amber.  It's JP logic.

"Part of the journey is the end..."

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